"Patents & Patent Litigation – Claim Drafting in Light of PTAB," 13th Annual Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property & Technology Institute, May 2015.

For many years, patent law has been shifting. Patents have been under attack on many fronts as the so-called "Troll Wars" raged on. Now, as patent litigation has declined dramatically, new realities are emerging. The AIA and new USPTO procedures are shifting more controversy work to PTAB, handled by patent prosecutors. Old strategies and practices are no longer valid or no longer make sense. All patent practitioners are forced to reexamine how they advise their clients about protecting their innovations and vindicating their rights. The 2015 IP & Tech Law Institute will provide you with a practical guide to the new realities of patent practice:

  • 2015 Patent Law in Review
  • 2015 PTAB Update - NEW Annual Update!
  • The PTAB Speaks: Decisions, Initiatives and More
  • Statistical Review of Examiner's Work: What Does it Show?
  • New Claim Drafting Practices in Light of PTAB Developments
  • Town Hall Meeting with the USPTO

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