The Kilpatrick Townsend Tax Team presents its annual half-day program on issues facing in-house tax professionals and their advisors on December 4, 2014.

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M&A Developments
We will review a number of developments that we have seen over the past year, including interesting transaction structures, tax receivable agreements, and the continuing saga of inversion transactions.

2015 Legislative Outlook-Impact on Domestic and Multinational Businesses
Momentum is gathering in Congress for tax legislation to move in 2015. Our Washington insiders will discuss possible new provisions and their impact on your business.

Multistate Transfer Pricing
The Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) has announced a new Arm’s-Length Adjustment Service designed to enable states to conduct transfer pricing audits with support from specialist economist firms. Already, nine states, including Georgia, are investing in the MTC program, which is scheduled to begin next year. We will help prepare you for this new revenue-raising initiative.

Pitfalls in Dealing with Global Tax Audits
Multinational companies face scrutiny by taxing authorities around the world. In many instances the stakes are high as countries search for additional tax revenue. For example, taxing authorities often take opposing views on where the companies' profits are generated leading to possible double taxation of those profits. This discussion will address common pitfalls in dealing with global audits and strategies to prepare for future scrutiny.

Intercompany IP Planning - Living in a World with Both Tax Advisors and IP Professionals
A panel of tax and IP legal experts will address the pitfalls and opportunities that exist when IP and tax issues intersect in intercompany transactions, reorganizations, acquisitions, licensing, and the full range of IP transactions. Our experts will help identify where and how tax and IP professionals can work together to improve both tax and IP positions within a group structure and in transactional planning.


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