"Land Use & Climate Change Planning & Regulation, 20 Years After Lucas," Featured Speaker, Land Use Law Center's 13th Annual Land Use and Sustainable Development Conference, Pace Law School, White Plains, New York, December 2014.

Molly Stuart is a featured speaker at the Land Use Law Center’s 13th Annual Land Use and Sustainable Development Conference – Transitioning Communities and she will join other industry leaders in a session titled, “Land Use & Climate Change Planning & Regulation, 20 Years After Lucas.” This panel will discuss the evolution of climate change thinking and land use planning since the time of the Lucas case. It will cover a series of U.S. Supreme Court regulatory takings cases that greatly affect both the local development review and approval process and its substance. At issue are how these cases affect the ability of local legislatures and planning boards to impose conditions on private sector development without running afoul of the standards articulated in Penn Central, Lucas, Nollan, Dolan and Koontz cases. Panelists will discuss the extent to which, and the manner by which, local boards can impose on private development the costs incurred by the community as a direct result of that development. The cases to be discussed affect the extent to which development can be limited, the impact fees that can be imposed on it, and the negotiations that can take place during the local decision-making process.

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