"Inter Partes and Covered Business Method Reviews: A Reality Check," Silicon Valley Association of General Counsel Annual All Hands Meeting, Thursday, December 5, 2013. The All Hands Meeting is a large, all-day CLE event that is designed to help in-house counsel obtain CLE credits and that is largely facilitated and taught by lawyers in private practice. Click here for more information.


Inter Partes Review and Covered Business Method Reviews – A Reality Check

Wab Kadaba & Michael Pavento
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Now part of the patent landscape for more than a year, what lessons have we learned about Inter Partes Reviews and Covered Business Method reviews and how can these proceedings be effectively incorporated into your patent strategy? This panel will examine critical features of IPR and CBM reviews, assess current filing trends and discuss lessons learned and practical considerations for your business. We will also discuss the use of IPR and CMB reviews in conjunction with litigation and the impact of the new rules on patent litigation strategy.
Defending Against NPEs: Updates to Case Law and Strategies

Robert Artuz & James Isbester/Eric Hutchins
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP/Oracle Corporation

Despite growing attention from Congress, the President, and the FTC, Non Practicing Entities filed more than half of all patent infringement lawsuits in 2012. As it has previously done when other branches of government make noises about intervening in its jurisprudence, the Federal Circuit and district courts have issued decisions responding to the rise of NPE litigation. In this program we will share updates on the changing landscape of NPE litigation, including recent decisions impacting NPE suits in particular and strategic options if/when you are contacted by an NPE.
Employee Benefit Issues at 30,000 feet -- And How to Keep Them There

Sarah Lowe, Mark Stember
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

What in-house counsel really need to know about employee benefits to avoid and manage material risk to the company. A company’s benefit plans – particularly 401(k) and health plans – can lead to litigation, government enforcement, adverse publicity and diminished morale. Knowing both the key pressure points and the essential steps for reducing those risks enables in-house counsel to manage the company's benefits-related risk profile. This presentation will discuss "flight plans" for [in-house] counsel with respect to 401(k) and health plans - including the evolving Affordable Care Act – highlighting what's essential to know in order to avoid and manage risk.

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