"Crowdsourcing – Understanding the Risks," Association of Corporate Counsel Webinar, April 2012.

Partner Marc Lieberstein was a speaker for ACC’s Legal Quick Hit webinar titled “Crowdsourcing – Understanding the Risks.” The presentation discussed many aspects of crowdsourcing. Increasingly, large companies are now under pressure from high-level management or outside consultants to use third-party submissions to develop or design products, marketing materials, or other business-related programs. Crowdsourcing is now perceived as the method to relieve development pressures at significant cost savings. But are the cost savings worth the risks? What are the risks associated with using crowdsourced materials, and how do these risks compare to the risks associated with employee-developed materials or traditional agency-developed materials? What is the best way to maintain an open dialogue with consumers and ensure that you have the rights you need to use the crowdsourced materials you collect?


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