"The Impact of Social Media – Association Revenue Strategies," Bisnow Media, December 2011.

Social Media has become an essential and ubiquitous part of doing business today, impacting the bottom line in ways many associations and organizations have only just begun to realize.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr...the list goes on and on, but which of these media are important for associations to focus on?   How can associations capitalize on the potential offered through these services to market products, reach users, and drive revenue?  Join us for an exciting morning panel discussion that covers some of the following topics:

  • What social media strategies are influential organizations using to market their associations?

  • Which websites and services are most important to focus on (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, et. al.)?

  • Whose responsibility in the organization is it to work with social media (everyone vs limited number of people)?

  • What is the future of social media as it pertains to non-profits and associations?

Social Media will continue to grow and re-define the way business is done, and how products and organizations are marketed. Make sure you sign up and hear from our panel of social media experts.  Additionally, stick around afterwards for an awesome hour of holiday cheer and networking at Bisnow's Holiday Schmooze!

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