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07 December 2011
The Need for Tribal Procurement Laws to Maintain Effective TERO Regulation
16 November 2011
2011 North Carolina Legislature Update
08 November 2011
KT Breakfast Briefing - Insuring Cyber Risks: Practical Advice for Protecting Your Business From Electronic Losses
02 November 2011
Anti-Corruption Measures in Infrastructure Projects: Moving from Preaching to Practice
21 October 2011
Protein-ligand biosensing: dielectric spectroscopy and numerical simulation of molecular interactions
06 October 2011
When East Meets West: Navigating Antitrust in the US and Taiwan
10 September 2011
Detection of Molecular Interactions Using Impedance-Based Biosensors
01 September 2011
Illegal Gratuities, Kickbacks and Bribes: Which Activities Can Inadvertently Fall into These Categories, and Legal Protections for Whistleblowers
01 September 2011
Dielectric Spectroscopy of Molecular Interactions Based on the Avidin-Biotin Complex
24 August 2011
New York Sales and Use Tax: Exclusions and Exemptions
03 August 2011
Directors and Officers Liability and Insurance
14 July 2011
Fifth Annual Strategic Conference on Tribal Energy Development at the Federal Level
14 July 2011
Electronic Commerce
14 July 2011
Current State Tax Trends and Litigation
01 June 2011
The Seeds of Sovereignty
10 May 2011
Coverage for Governmental Investigations Under Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance Policies
13 April 2011
Tool or Taboo? – A Look at Social Media and its Integration with the Corporate and Legal World.
08 April 2011
Ethical Issues and In-House Tribal Counsel
03 April 2011
Accomplishments in the Obama Administration in Indian Law and Priorities from the Tribal Perspective
01 April 2011
IP 101
01 April 2011
Capital is King - Issues in Regulatory Capital Requirements
03 March 2011
Proceed with Caution: Liability for Invalid Liens
25 February 2011
Online Enforcement Roundtable
13 December 2010
Understanding 401(k) Plan Audits
17 November 2010
What Your Organization Needs to Know about Insurance and Risk Management: Understanding Insurance
29 October 2010
The Impact of Bilski and KSR on Prosecution and Litigation
15 October 2010
Estimation of the internal dielectric constant of proteins using measured and simulated charge moments
08 October 2010
Copyright Law for Trademark Lawyers: Copyright Protection for Logos, Packaging and Product Designs
07 October 2010
2010 Advanced Trademark Law Seminar - Online Enforcement
05 October 2010
Mediating the Intellectual Property Case: Can We Do a Better Job?
20 September 2010
Click-thru Nexus & Other State Nexus Initiatives
13 May 2010
Music and Modern Thought
06 May 2010
Presentation on the Cobell Litigation
15 April 2010
Warranty Work Under Performance Bonds
18 March 2010
Molecular Reporters for Cellular Imaging Based on Synthetic Fluorophores and Enzymatic Ligases
23 February 2010
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: Bio/Chem PTO Trends and Strategies
12 February 2010
Economic Nexus
26 January 2010
Crafting a Post - “Crash” Agency/Client Agreement That Satisfies the Needs of Both Parties
20 January 2010
Are Genes Patentable? Should Genes be Patentable?
14 January 2010
An Overview of Defense & Indemnity Obligations Under Liability Policies
14 January 2010
Distribution Issues in the North Atlantic Triangle: Refusal to Deal – When Can You be Required to Supply
05 November 2009
Immediate Engagement: the New New Things
24 October 2009
A Method to Calculate Protein Dipole Moments
15 October 2009
What, When and How Much? A Practical Look at E-Discovery Experiences, With Tips for Those Paying the Bills
06 October 2009
Taxation of Services
24 September 2009
GETTING INTO THE GAZETTE: Tips For ®esponding To ®efusals, ®equests and ®equirements
30 April 2009
E-Discovery: Real Life Experiences and Practical Tips/Considerations in Dealing with it
19 March 2009
Renewable Energy Projects in Indian Country Conference
05 March 2009
Hot Topics in Retail Bankruptcy
05 March 2009
Constitutional Issues in Property Taxation
12 December 2008
Understanding and Complying with Sweepstakes and Promotions Drafting Official Rules and Preparing for the Worst
21 November 2008
Critical Insurance Issues for Construction Attorneys
20 November 2008
The Message Is the Medium: Consumer Marketing in the Age of Ubiguity
07 November 2008
Marketing and Advertising Law Update
23 October 2008
Eleventh Circuit Appellate Practice Institute
20 October 2008
Sweepstakes Contents Promotions Marketing to Children
16 October 2008
The Positive Impact of Records Management on E-Discovery
01 October 2008
Insurance Coverage Issues for Data Security and Data Loss Liability
11 September 2008
Current Issues in Trademark and Copyright Licensing Transactions
01 August 2008
Native Nations for Change
25 July 2008
Federal Legislation Directly Affecting State Taxation
17 June 2008
Regulatory Summit for Advertisers and Marketers
02 June 2008
Privacy in Advertising
21 May 2008
Current Multistate Income Tax Developments
14 May 2008
2009 Health and Welfare Planning: What Should Employers Be Doing Now?
01 May 2008
Synthesis of Photoswitchable Tethered Agonists for the nAChR and Efforts Towards Two-photon Sensitive Azobenzenes
10 April 2008
Additional Insureds: Are You Really Insured?
10 April 2008
When your Principal’s ‘Oops’ turn out to be ‘Dupes’: Objecting to Discharge in Bankruptcy
03 April 2008
Wagnerians in Vienna: Musical Modernism in the City of Dreams
01 April 2008
Regulatory Kid Watch Ensuring Privacy and Safety When Manufacturing and Marketing Products
13 December 2007
Coverage for Construction Defect Claims
15 November 2007
Negotiating Promotion Contracts Key Issues in Negotiating Promotion Contracts
06 November 2007
Privacy and Data Security – Legal Overview
10 October 2007
Sweepstakes Contests and Promotions
01 October 2007
Brand Protection in the Internet Channel
26 September 2007
Behind the Scenes at the USPTO - The Examiner's Prospective
29 July 2007
Expanded application of hydroxynitrile lyases to the synthesis of optically active cyanohydrins
22 June 2007
Our Trademark Copyright and ECommerce Related Licensing Transactions
15 April 2007
Insurance Products? Securities? The Lines Continue to Blur and the Regulators Continue to be Concerned
30 March 2007
Texas Court Update Regarding Recent Opinions Dealing with Personal Automobile Insurance Policies, 2006-07
26 March 2007
Biocatalysis at Merck Research Laboratories
22 March 2007
The Winds of Change – Successfully Defending Mass Toxic Tort claims in Texas Multi-District Litigation
26 January 2007
Risk Transfer, Indemnity and Additional Insured Coverage
16 November 2006
Case Study of the Issues Facing Entertainment, Media and Advertising Industries In Setting Up Promotional Blogs
12 October 2006
The Intellectual Property Think Tank: A Case Study About Good Ideas and Their Consequences
27 September 2006
Hot Topics In Advertising and Marketing Law 2006: The Law of Sweepstakes and Contests
25 September 2006
Working with Trademark Examining Attorneys: Two Insiders Tell All
23 June 2006
Avoiding Professional Liability Claims
04 May 2006
Consumer Promotion Law Essentials You Need to Know
30 January 2006
Information Security and Data Privacy Law
28 January 2006
The Surety’s Exposure for Property Damage and Bodily Injury: Identification, Allocation, and Avoidance of Risk
26 January 2006
Direct Marketing Laws
02 December 2005
Hyperchange Maintaining Balance in the Rapidly Changing World of Marketing
17 September 2005
Legal Responsibilities Regarding Ethical Obligations of Architects Advisory Opinions and Decisions
13 September 2005
Insurance in the Gaming Industry: Making the Most of It
09 September 2005
From A to Z On Wrap-Ups, OCIPS and CCIPS’s Introduction
14 June 2005
Internet Advertising Law Essentials You Need to Know
01 June 2005
Insurance Issues and the Construction Industry
19 May 2005
Trademark Copyright and E-Commerce Licensing Transactions
21 April 2005
False Financial Statements as the Basis for the Non-Dischargeable Debt – Identifying the Bad Guys and Making Them Pay

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