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26 June 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
21 June 2014
What Keeps In-House Counsel Awake at Night?
14 June 2014
Bringing your Innovation to Life
06 June 2014
Restructurings in Bank Holding Companies
01 June 2014
Navigating Today’s Cyber Environment: How Secure is Our Data?
31 May 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for Higher Education Institutions
29 May 2014
Relevant Again? Opinions of Counsel and New Uses
22 May 2014
Trademark Confusion: Proving or Defending Against Infringement - Addressing Forward, Reverse, Initial Interest, Post-Sale and Affiliation Confusion Challenges
16 May 2014
The World of Financial Services Licensing
15 May 2014
Addressing the Government Contracting and Export Control Risks in Your Global Supply Chain
15 May 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for the 40 Act Group
14 May 2014
Annual Review of U.S. Federal Case Law
14 May 2014
The Tri-Party Repo Market & Collateralization
10 May 2014
Corporate Tax Base
07 May 2014
Insurance Coverage for Statutory and Liquidated Damages and Attorney Fees: Policyholder and Insurer Perspectives
01 May 2014
Post Investment Relationship
01 May 2014
Cyber espionage, hacking and the Contractor in the Middle
29 April 2014
Basics of Obtaining Commercially Effective IP
24 April 2014
A Practical Review of Anti-Corruption Compliance for HR Executives: What you Need to Know about the Current Enforcement Landscape and How to Comply with the Requirements
22 April 2014
Top Ten Ways to Reduce Your SALT Effective Tax Rate
18 April 2014
New York’s Corporate Tax Reform Package: A Game Changer for Businesses
15 April 2014
Government Contractors and the Cyber Threat: Practical Steps Toward Compliance with the Government’s New Cybersecurity Requirements
11 April 2014
Federal Bar Association Indian Law Conference
10 April 2014
The Anatomy of an Indemnity Agreement
02 April 2014
BYOD: LOL – ‘I-Phone Thumb’ and the Perils of Bring Your Own Device to the Workplace
02 April 2014
Better, Faster, Cheaper: Patents Issued in About One Year for Less Cost
01 April 2014
Recent Developments in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
31 March 2014
Perspectives on Cyber Security & Digital Issues
30 March 2014
Don’t Get Caught in the Gap of Coverage: Potential and Unexpected, Uninsured Losses Arising from Indemnity Obligations
30 March 2014
State Regulatory Update
28 March 2014
Tri-Party Repo
27 March 2014
What is the State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession in the U.S.?
24 March 2014
The Current 'State' of Same-Sex Marriage
20 March 2014
Benefit Claim Administration: Administration and Litigation Avoidance and Defense
15 March 2014
Fraud & Cybersecurity in Today’s Healthcare Industry
11 March 2014
National Congress of American Indians Tribal Nations Legislative Summit
07 March 2014
The Indian Child Welfare Act: Past, Present and Future
04 March 2014
Construction Project Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies
01 March 2014
Intellectual Property for the Business Professional
28 February 2014
Franchise Law in the Current Economic and Regulatory Environment
27 February 2014
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: 2013 Patent Case Law (July - December) and its Implications for In-House Counsel
27 February 2014
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: Ethical Issues Facing Patent Practitioners
27 February 2014
Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law Every Business Lawyer Needs to Know
26 February 2014
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Truly Protected?
25 February 2014
Software/EE Patent Developments
24 February 2014
2013 North Carolina Legislative Update
11 February 2014
Commercial Lease Provisions and Issues
11 February 2014
On the Heels of Fashion Week: Privacy, Fashion, and the Internet
04 February 2014
State Taxation of Cloud Computing
03 February 2014
Hot State Tax Audit Topics
01 February 2014
Overview of U.S. Supreme Court's 2013 Term
01 February 2014
Engineering the electrical properties of proteins: Perspectives from molecular dynamics and dielectric spectroscopy
28 January 2014
IP Innovations: Pharmaceutical-Industry Use of the Inter Partes Review Procedure
28 January 2014
Starting a Business
17 January 2014
Government Construction Contracts Claims and Preservation of Rights
14 January 2014
Claims and Your Rights
18 December 2013
State Tax
10 December 2013
Handling Claims Occurring Along the Chain of Commerce – Joint Infringement and Extra-Territoriality Issues with the Modern Economy
04 December 2013
Insurance Defense Costs: Coveage and Recoupment Best Paractices - Advocating the Defense Cost Issue to Maximize Recovery or Limit Exposure
19 November 2013
Government Contracts 101
18 November 2013
Online Games – An Evolving Scenario
30 October 2013
Cyber Investigations – Prophylactic and Post Breach Measures
29 October 2013
DCAA ‘Hot Buttons’: An Update LIVE Webcast
28 October 2013
The Application of 4D Scheduling to Different Project Delivery Methods
24 October 2013
Forging Effective Corporate and Government Partnerships with AAPI Businesses
19 October 2013
Internal Investigation Basics
19 October 2013
Brand Valuation: An International Perspective
09 October 2013
09 October 2013
The Business of Brand Licensing in the 21st Century
07 October 2013
The Evolving Challenges of Investigating and Preventing Corporate Espionage and Cyber Crimes in the Twenty-First Century
26 September 2013
Developments in FCA/Qui Tam Litigation
26 September 2013
Effects of Supreme Court DOMA Decision on Employee Benefits
19 September 2013
Interview with FTC Bureau of Competition Director Deborah Feinstein
19 September 2013
Hacking & Cyber Espionage
05 September 2013
The Top 5 Ethical Issues Facing In House Counsel (and What to Do About Them!)
27 August 2013
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: 2013 Patent Case Law (January - June) and its Implications for In-House Counsel
21 August 2013
How To: Grow Despite the Economy
15 August 2013
Navigating the Regulatory Waters in a Hostile Environment
07 August 2013
Post-Seagate Decisions Show Patent Opinions Still Have a Role, and Clearances Have New Life
06 August 2013
19 July 2013
Recent Developments in U.S. Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
18 July 2013
SBA Final Rule Changes that Small Research and Technology Businesses Need to Know
16 July 2013
How Hackers Crack your IT Networks & Steal your Secrets: Perspectives from Penetration and Forensics Experts on Cybersecurity
28 June 2013
Trial Preparation From Start to Finish for Paralegals
26 June 2013
Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Negotiating, Drafting and Monitoring Agreements
13 June 2013
Supersedeas on the Ground
31 May 2013
Patent-Eligible Subject Matter: Implications of Recent Supreme Court Decisions
22 May 2013
States and Mandatory Combined Reporting
18 May 2013
Discussion on White Collar Crime
07 May 2013
Counterfeit Parts
02 May 2013
Adjusting to Recent Trends in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Export Controls, and Cyber Security
01 May 2013
Gray Market Sales | A Gateway to Black Market?
18 April 2013
You Want us to Bond What? An Overview of ‘New’ Delivery Methods and Special Issues Facing the Surety.
11 April 2013
Expectations of Privacy? Latest Developments in Data Security and Privacy
10 April 2013
Federal Indian Bar Conference
08 April 2013
Drafting Your First Contract – Contract Formation
03 April 2013
Patent Examiner Interviewing: Strategies and Skills
02 April 2013
Dog Sniffs, DNA, and Drones: Developments Under the Fourth Amendment
28 March 2013
Lessons from the Haskell-Baker Wetlands: Challenges of Advocating for the Environment
02 March 2013
Litigation Financing: The Legal & Economic Implications of Third Party Funding of Lawsuits

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