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Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Governance

17 June 2015
Fireside Chat – Making Friends With Your Wearable
01 June 2015
Cybersecurity: What Bank Director’s Need to Know
29 May 2015
Cyber Security: What Bank Boards and Senior Management Need to Know
06 May 2015
Cyber Security: What Executive Management Should Know
27 April 2015
Technology and Cloud Transactions
23 April 2015
Identifying Potential Liability for Connected Devices and Forecasting the Future of Tort Law
23 April 2015
Legal and Business Forum on the Internet of Things
01 April 2015
Connected Cars: A Platform For Information
23 March 2015
Data Privacy in Our Connected Society
17 March 2015
Big Data
05 March 2015
Applying Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Claims: The Government and Privacy Perspectives
24 February 2015
Privacy & Security Issues in Third Party Vendor Contracting
15 January 2015
Cyber Insurance
04 December 2014
Emerging Standards and Legal Development in Cybersecurity
06 November 2014
Facing Cyber Threats in Today’s Business
31 October 2014
Cybersecurity and Incident Response – Practical Issues and Lessons Learned
17 September 2014
Coming Face-to-Face with the Many Facets of a Data Breach
26 June 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
01 June 2014
Navigating Today’s Cyber Environment: How Secure is Our Data?
31 May 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for Higher Education Institutions
15 May 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for the 40 Act Group
01 May 2014
Cyber espionage, hacking and the Contractor in the Middle
15 April 2014
Government Contractors and the Cyber Threat: Practical Steps Toward Compliance with the Government’s New Cybersecurity Requirements
15 March 2014
Fraud & Cybersecurity in Today’s Healthcare Industry
28 February 2014
Franchise Law in the Current Economic and Regulatory Environment
26 February 2014
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Truly Protected?
30 October 2013
Cyber Investigations – Prophylactic and Post Breach Measures
09 October 2013
19 September 2013
Hacking & Cyber Espionage
06 August 2013
16 July 2013
How Hackers Crack your IT Networks & Steal your Secrets: Perspectives from Penetration and Forensics Experts on Cybersecurity
02 May 2013
Adjusting to Recent Trends in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Export Controls, and Cyber Security
11 April 2013
Expectations of Privacy? Latest Developments in Data Security and Privacy
01 March 2013
The High Cost of Privacy Violation Lawsuits and How Insurance May Provide Some Cover
04 December 2012
Impact & Implications of Cyber & Intellectual Property Crimes – Protecting You and Your Organization
12 September 2012
Cybersecurity – Employees, Hackers, and the Advanced Persistent Threat
13 July 2012
Yahoo! Cyber Breach and Password Protection
10 May 2012
You’ve Been Hacked: Protecting Your Company from Malicious Threats
02 May 2012
Navigating the Cyber Maze – Hacking, Compliance & Legislation
03 March 2012
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches, Denial-of-Service Attacks, and Cybersecurity Events
01 October 2008
Insurance Coverage Issues for Data Security and Data Loss Liability
02 June 2008
Privacy in Advertising
06 November 2007
Privacy and Data Security – Legal Overview

Directors & Officers Litigation


23 October 2017
Getting Buy-in Through Client-Centered Training
07 August 2017
How to Manage 26(f) Meet and Confers
27 July 2017
4 E-Discovery Strategies for GCs Under the New Federal Rules
27 April 2017
Three Hot Topics in E-Discovery
19 January 2017
Conducting Defensible and Effective Document Collections
17 October 2016
Creative Ways to Use Relativity
12 October 2016
Creative Solutions for Relativity Workflows
12 October 2016
3 Hot Topics in E-Discovery: (1) Managing Discovery in the EU; (2) Fulfilling Your Ethical Obligations in California and Beyond; and (3) Changes to the FRCP and How They Affect Discovery
11 October 2016
LitIntake 2.0 Presentation and Demonstration
10 October 2016
Non-Traditional Ways to Use Relativity
16 September 2016
Three Hot Topics in E-Discovery
13 September 2016
E-Discovery for Litigation Paralegals: (1) Changes to the Federal Rules and How They Affect Us; (2) Technological Advances in E-Discovery for Effective ECA and Streamlined Document Review; (3) International Privacy Concerns and E-Discovery
23 May 2016
Overcoming Objections to Utilizing TAR
29 April 2016
Managing Discovery in the EU
18 March 2016
Crafting Effective Legal E-Discovery Documents
25 February 2016
The New Rule 34(b): Managing e-Discovery Requests, Objections & Other Fun Stuff
25 January 2016
Tips for Creating Efficiencies and Ensuring Defensibility in E-Discovery
25 January 2016
What You Need to Know About E-Discovery for the Novice
03 December 2015
2015 FRCP Amendments: What’s New in ESI?
03 December 2015
Crafting Effective Legal E-Discovery Documents
03 December 2015
International Privacy Concerns and E-Discovery
13 October 2015
Budgeting for E-Discovery – EDRM
22 September 2015
Upcoming Rule Changes
06 August 2015
E-Discovery in Trademark Cases
17 July 2015
How to Effectively Utilize Project Management Tools in E-Discovery
08 July 2015
Ethical Issues in E-Discovery and Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
29 June 2015
Preparing for the Data Privacy Future
20 May 2015
Ethical Issues in E-Discovery
22 April 2015
Social Media & Legal Consequences of Modern Communication
13 October 2014
Bringing Relativity In-House: A Real World Law Firm Story
01 March 2012
Avoiding E-Disasters – Practical Guidance for Electronic Data Management and the E-Discovery Process
16 October 2008
The Positive Impact of Records Management on E-Discovery

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