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16 November 2017
2017 Intellectual Property Forum
16 November 2017
Delivering an Effective Opening Statement in Patent Cases (Plaintiff v. Defendant)
13 November 2017
2017 Patent Law Forum
02 November 2017
One Fiscal Year Ends, Another Begins: Where to Go For Federal Contracting Dollars in FY 2018
27 October 2017
Winning Trade Secrets Cases as a Plaintiff and a Defendant, and Preventing Litigation Altogether
23 October 2017
Getting Buy-in Through Client-Centered Training
20 October 2017
The PTAB’s Effect on Patent Law — The Example of Section 101
20 October 2017
Advanced Texas Lien Laws
20 October 2017
Texas Lien Laws
20 October 2017
Beyond Breach: Current Departures in Cybersecurity Incidents and Response
20 October 2017
Ethical Negotiations in Technology Transactions
18 October 2017
An Evening with Legendary Supreme Court Journalist Tony Mauro
17 October 2017
Year in Review: Hot Topics in U.S. Patent Litigation
17 October 2017
Life Sciences Open Forum: Leading a Small Legal Department
16 October 2017
The US International Trade Commission in 2017: New Leverage Points in Seeking or Defending an Investigation
12 October 2017
Life Science Industry Panel: New Frontiers of Precision Medicine
12 October 2017
In-House Counsel Ethical Conundrum and Pitfalls for the Unwary
11 October 2017
What I Wish I Learned About Patents Before Graduating with a Technical Degree
05 October 2017
My Product is Ready, Now How Do I Protect it? IP Aspects of Bringing a Product to Market
05 October 2017
Managing Big Data, Avoiding Discrimination
05 October 2017
Communicating and Remediating the Incident: How Best to Share and Protect Information
23 September 2017
The Board's Role in Risk Management & Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards
16 September 2017
Provisional Application Quality
07 September 2017
Better to Give Than to Receive: Prosecuting and Defending Bribery and Corruption Cases Post-McConnell
07 September 2017
Patent Analytics: Trends, Reality and Avoiding Rejections
23 August 2017
Insurance Coverage for Data Breach and Privacy Violations: Current Status of Coverage Under D&O, E&O and Cyber Policies
08 August 2017
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: How 2017 Is Shaping Up & What You Need to Know to Protect Your Company
08 August 2017
Newfangled Tools for Patent Prosecution
08 August 2017
Declarations Practice in Overcoming Rejections in the PTO
07 August 2017
How to Manage 26(f) Meet and Confers
07 August 2017
27 July 2017
4 E-Discovery Strategies for GCs Under the New Federal Rules
27 July 2017
Unclaimed Property: Escheatment by Any Other Name
23 July 2017
BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology
21 July 2017
Global Intellectual Property Portfolio Management & Related Strategy Considerations
20 July 2017
Attorneys’ Fees Awards
13 July 2017
Conducting the Examiner Interview
13 July 2017
Clinic II
12 July 2017
Clinic I
10 July 2017
Cybersecurity Issues in the Health Care Industry
06 July 2017
Recent Changes to Copyright Office Safe Harbor Regulations (AKA Making Copyright Great Again)
30 June 2017
Legal Issues Surrounding Research and Commercial Use of Human Biological Materials and Their Derivatives
15 June 2017
Heels and Appeals: Intellectual Property in the Footwear Industry
13 June 2017
Ninth Circuit Holds Indian Reservations Have Reserved Groundwater Rights: Agua Caliente Band v. Coachella Valley Water District
12 June 2017
How to Start a Startup
02 June 2017
U.S. Supreme Court Update
24 May 2017
Exploring Special Purpose National Bank Charters for Fintech Companies
24 May 2017
INTA Annual Meeting: The United States Annual Review: The Sixty-Ninth Year of Administration of the Lanham Act of 1946
15 May 2017
Patent Eligible Subject Matter: In the Context of Biomarker Innovations
11 May 2017
The Problem(s) with NDAs
09 May 2017
Energy Licensing Agreements: Key Provisions and Lessons Learned
05 May 2017
The Impact of the Trump Administration on Indian Policy
03 May 2017
Expert Insights into Investing into the U.S. under a New Regime
03 May 2017
New Horizons in Therapeutics and Interventions
03 May 2017
Improving Access to Capital
02 May 2017
Views from the Corner Office: Tips from Managing Partners and Senior In-House Counsel
02 May 2017
Financing Utility Scale Deals
27 April 2017
Prosecution: Software/EE - Are We There, Yet?
27 April 2017
Behind The Curtain
27 April 2017
Panama Papers: Exposing the Powerful
27 April 2017
Three Hot Topics in E-Discovery
26 April 2017
Brands and Their Corporate and Social Responsibility
26 April 2017
Top FCPA Settlements of 2016 and What to Expect in 2017
25 April 2017
Embracing the Future of 401k Retirement Plans: Developments Uncovered!
20 April 2017
Pay it Forward: How You Can Help Build the Pipeline for Women in STEM
20 April 2017
Texas Anti-SLAPP: An Update on the Fight Between Narrow and Broad Construction
19 April 2017
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS: Evaluating Cloud Service Agreement Models, Negotiating Key Terms, and Minimizing Contract Disputes
19 April 2017
Defense Contracting In The New Administration - 2017 and Beyond
18 April 2017
In the Trenches with Social Media
13 April 2017
2017 Intellectual Property Forum
13 April 2017
The Role of Patents in Repurposing and Rescuing of Old Drugs
13 April 2017
The Potential Fallout and Impact to PSS GSA Schedule Holders from the OIG’s Latest Findings
12 April 2017
Is the U.S. Exporting NPE Patent Litigation?
07 April 2017
Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property Rights
06 April 2017
All the Crime We Cannot See
06 April 2017
What Makes a Valuable IP Portfolio?
06 April 2017
Ethics in IP: Interactive Round Tables
05 April 2017
Securitizing of Artists' and Athletes' Careers
04 April 2017
32nd Annual Intellectual Property Law Spring Conference
02 April 2017
Hey—You Stole My Invention!
01 April 2017
The Board's Role in Risk Management & Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards
30 March 2017
Labor & Employment Law Seminar
28 March 2017
Modern Protection of Business Interests
24 March 2017
Augmented Reality and the IP Insights Behind it All
15 March 2017
Opportunities Earned & Leadership Learned
14 March 2017
Guest Panelist
10 March 2017
Compliance Issues For Employer Sponsored Wellness Programs
09 March 2017
Bad Faith Overview – Not Just A Question of Whether The Insurer Pays
08 March 2017
Legal Quick Hit: Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Key Ways to Right-Size Joint IP Ownership
03 March 2017
"Money Money Money Money" – In Today’s World: Insurance Implications for the Evolving FinTech Industry
03 March 2017
Differing Site Conditions: What difference do they make?
03 March 2017
Rates Matter! Using the Tactics of Negotiation to Obtain Reasonable Rates for Defense Counsel
02 March 2017
New Economy Businesses Need New Insurance: Can The Insurance Industry Keep Up?
02 March 2017
Challenging Patentability at the PTO
28 February 2017
Doing Business in California: Consumer Class Actions and Recent Regulatory Developments
24 February 2017
Advanced Patent Law Seminar, Updates in Life Sciences Patent Law
24 February 2017
Discoverability of Communications Between Insurers and Reinsurers
21 February 2017
Ex Parte Appeal Statistics
17 February 2017
Leading Edge Challenges: Amendments at PTAB
16 February 2017
Protecting Knowledge Assets: Case and Method for New CISO Portfolio
10 February 2017
Recent Changes To Federal Discovery, Has Anything Actually Changed?
09 February 2017
Personal Interests and Strengths as Rainmaking Strategies
08 February 2017
Technology Roundtable: Survive (and Thrive) a Technology Merger
08 February 2017
Utilizing U.S. Discovery in Foreign Proceedings: Leverage and Defense Tactics Under 28 U.S.C. § 1782
07 February 2017
Two Years of Federal Circuit Review of PTAB Proceedings: What We Know and Still Don't Know
07 February 2017
Technology and IP Forum: IP 101 for Non-IP Counsel
02 February 2017
Issues in Multi-Defendant Litigation
31 January 2017
Drafting for Alice in 2017: Trends and Best Practices
29 January 2017
Finding The Right Time
26 January 2017
Protecting Knowledge Assets — Case and Method for a New Portfolio
25 January 2017
Consumer Payments in 2017: Regulatory Developments and Prospects For Consumer Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards, and Other Consumer Electronic Payment Methods
19 January 2017
Ethical Considerations in Soliciting for and Seeking Representation of Chapter 11 Creditors Committees
19 January 2017
Conducting Defensible and Effective Document Collections
13 January 2017
The Impact of Functional Claiming in Software
12 January 2017
Statutory Damages: The Murky Void Between Compensation and Punishment
03 January 2017
Tech at Penn Law and Beyond
16 December 2016
Everything You Don’t Know About E-Discovery (But Wish You Did)
09 December 2016
Profiles of the Fraudster: Technology Enables and Weak Controls Fuel the Fraud
08 December 2016
Legal Developments in Ethical Issues in Intellectual Property Law: An Interactive Roundtable Discussion
07 December 2016
Technology Roundtable: Turning a Black Swan into a Golden Goose
05 December 2016
2016 Construction SuperConference
30 November 2016
Emerging Threats and New Areas of Coverage
21 November 2016
Recent Decisions Impacting Patent Eligibility Under Alice
18 November 2016
Interpretation Patent Dance of BPCIA and Its Influences on Biosimilars and Innovative Drugs
18 November 2016
The Use of Inter Partes Review Petitions in Pharma Patent Litigation
18 November 2016
Cyber Security: Recent trends in techniques to attack corporate or personal information
18 November 2016
Responding to Government Cybersecurity Investigations
17 November 2016
Delivering An Effective Opening Statement in Patent Cases (Plaintiff v. Defendant)
17 November 2016
Legal Advancements in Cyber Security Requirements and Related Technology Issues Impacting Government Contractors
16 November 2016
The Life of a Patent Attorney
15 November 2016
Digital Reading & Writing: The Sun Sets on the Paper Trail
15 November 2016
2016 Risk Management in Underground Construction Conference
14 November 2016
Risk Management in Underground Construction Conference
12 November 2016
PATENT LAW: Patent Law Update
11 November 2016
PATENT LAW: Inter-Parties Review
10 November 2016
What You Need to Know About the New Defend Trade Secrets Act
10 November 2016
Patent Practice: Using Recent IPR and Court Decisions to Better Defend or Defeat Patents and Maximize Your Portfolio Strength
09 November 2016
To Patent or Trade Secret? The DTSA’s Impact on How Best to Protect Your IP
07 November 2016
2016 Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection Retreat
07 November 2016
Is Georgia Pacific Still Alive?
04 November 2016
Best Ways to Address Section 101 Patent Eligibility
04 November 2016
Pawn to d4: Opening Moves in Franchise Litigation
03 November 2016
Building Your Brand: Pointers and Pitfalls for Growing Your Practice
03 November 2016
2016 ILPC/TICA Annual Conference
02 November 2016
North Carolina Business Court: Review of 2015-2016 Decisions and Panel Discussion with Judge Gale and Judge Robinson
02 November 2016
Mine is Better Than Yours! – The Risks and Rewards in Conducting Comparative Advertising
02 November 2016
Soak Up The Franchising
28 October 2016
2016 Patent Law Forum
28 October 2016
Enforcement of Patents in China
28 October 2016
Diligence in IP: Yahoo as a Case Study, A Practical Overview
28 October 2016
The Patent Market: How to Strengthen and Maximize the Value of Your Portfolio
28 October 2016
Recent Developments in U.S. Patent Law
28 October 2016
Post Grant Proceedings at the United States Patent Office
26 October 2016
Cyber Insurance: How It Works, How to Select a Policy, and Emerging Trends and Practices
25 October 2016
Intellectual Property Law Seminar 2016
25 October 2016
The Patent Market: How to Strengthen and Maximize the Value of Your Portfolio
25 October 2016
ITC Investigations: A Practical Overview
25 October 2016
Protecting Your Company and Salespeople at U.S. Trade Shows
25 October 2016
Diligence in IP: Yahoo as a Case Study, A Practical Overview
25 October 2016
Getting the Best Patents for Your Money
25 October 2016
The CPO’s Expanding International Portfolio
23 October 2016
Cyber Espionage, Trade Secrets, and Business Protection
20 October 2016
Updates from Around the Globe Affecting Portfolios and Registration Strategies
20 October 2016
Coverage Across Borders: International Insurance Claims
20 October 2016
Show Me the Value: Licensing and Other Strategies that Pro-Actively Maintain and Expand Brand Value
20 October 2016
Been There, Done That! Now What Else Shall I Do?
20 October 2016
Statutory Damages: The Murky Void Between Compensation and Punishment
19 October 2016
Playing Well with Others: IP Considerations in Teaming, Joint Development, and Related Agreements
18 October 2016
Health and Welfare Plan Administrative Services Agreements: Negotiating, Drafting and Monitoring Agreements
17 October 2016
Creative Ways to Use Relativity
17 October 2016
IP Assets on the Offensive: Arming Your IP for Corporate Strategic Battles
13 October 2016
The Yates Memo Turns One – Corporate Officers and Criminal Liability Following the DOJ’s Yates Memorandum
13 October 2016
U.S. Supreme Court Update Webinar
13 October 2016
General Overview/Update of the Proposed IRC Section 385 Regulations and State Tax Implications
12 October 2016
Creative Solutions for Relativity Workflows
12 October 2016
3 Hot Topics in E-Discovery: (1) Managing Discovery in the EU; (2) Fulfilling Your Ethical Obligations in California and Beyond; and (3) Changes to the FRCP and How They Affect Discovery
12 October 2016
Protecting and Valuing Intellectual Property, Knowledge Assets, and Data in the IoT
11 October 2016
LitIntake 2.0 Presentation and Demonstration
10 October 2016
Non-Traditional Ways to Use Relativity
06 October 2016
The Ultimate Risk Mitigation Tool: How Storage Can Address Market, Policy, and Economic Risks
05 October 2016
U.S. Supreme Court and North Carolina Appellate Review
30 September 2016
Trial Practice and Procedure
29 September 2016
Mandatory Unitary Combined Reporting: Navigating Conflicting and Evolving State Rules
29 September 2016
Doing Business in Mexico: Exploring Cross-Border Issues
29 September 2016
Preparing the Jury Charge and Preserving Error
29 September 2016
Tribal Water Law Conference
27 September 2016
Protecting Native American Cultural Sites: Defending Sacred Land at Oak Flats, AZ and Water at Standing Rock – the Struggle Against Corporate Mining, an Oil Pipeline and the U.S. Congress
27 September 2016
U.S. Supreme Court Update
26 September 2016
It’s All About the “Fit”: Ad Claims Must Track the Test
23 September 2016
Risk Management: Rational Decision Making in an Unpredictable, Irrational World
22 September 2016
Navigating Pension Plan De-Risking: Significant Implications to Employers and Retirement Policy
22 September 2016
I Walk the (Fair Use) Line: Advising the Business When the Company Wants to Use Third Party Trademarks and Names and Likenesses
19 September 2016
New Financial Structures for the Storage/DER Market
17 September 2016
Cybersecurity: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know and Why
16 September 2016
Three Hot Topics in E-Discovery
15 September 2016
Transatlantic Transactions: Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Value
15 September 2016
A Potential Gap in Indemnity Coverage
15 September 2016
Protecting Knowledge Assets
14 September 2016
Regulatory Changes for Lenders – A Practical Guide in Compliance
14 September 2016
National Intertribal Tax Alliance - Litigation Update
14 September 2016
Brand Management in the Context of Expanding Social Networks
13 September 2016
E-Discovery for Litigation Paralegals: (1) Changes to the Federal Rules and How They Affect Us; (2) Technological Advances in E-Discovery for Effective ECA and Streamlined Document Review; (3) International Privacy Concerns and E-Discovery
29 August 2016
Cybersecurity – A Legal Issue Disguised as an IT Problem
24 August 2016
Intellectual Property Protection & Commercialization: Putting Patents to Work
23 August 2016
Patent Eligible Subject Matter: Biomarkers, Diagnostics and Bioinformatics
18 August 2016
Advanced Patent Prosecution Workshop 2016: Claim Drafting & Amendment Writing
17 August 2016
Protection of Corporate Knowledge Assets in the IoT
12 August 2016
Opinions of Patent Counsel After Halo and Other Recent Cases: Addressing Willfulness, Inducement, Due Diligence, and Other Aspects Of Patent Opinions
04 August 2016
Today’s Interpretation of Computer Laws Developed for a Bygone Age: A Study of Computer Crime, Prosecution & Defense
02 August 2016
New Duties of Disclosure and Other Ethical Considerations in Post Grant Proceedings
01 August 2016
Current Strategies for Protecting and Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights Using Patents and Trade Secrets
01 August 2016
The Recent Supreme Court Rulings - How Decisions Are Impacting Contractors
01 August 2016
Foreign Patent Prosecution Considerations and Strategies from a US Practitioner’s Perspective
01 August 2016
New Guidelines on Subject Matter Eligibility for Patenting
01 August 2016
Evolution of Software Patenting and Alice Strategies
01 August 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend Intellectual Property Seminar (KTIPS)
29 July 2016
PwC’s Women in Leadership Series: Bridging the Gap
28 July 2016
Tomorrow’s Real Estate — The Growth Story
26 July 2016
Taking Your Trade Secrets to Federal Court: What You Need to Know About Your Options
26 July 2016
The D&O and Management Liability Marketplace: The Latest Products, Coverage Issues, and Claims and Underwriting Trends
24 July 2016
Lessons Learned From the Government Contracts Battlefield
21 July 2016
Cross-Border Issues between the United States and Germany
21 July 2016
The U.S. Supreme Court: Another Historic Term
20 July 2016
The New Model Treaty
14 July 2016
Global Intellectual Property Portfolio Management & Related Strategy Considerations
14 July 2016
Technology Roundtable: IP Issues When Bringing a New Product to Market
13 July 2016
New Requirements for FDA Nutrition and Supplement Labels: What You Need to Know
06 July 2016
Fundamentals of Patent Prosecution 2016: A Boot Camp for Claim Drafting & Amendment Writing
01 July 2016
Change Orders
01 July 2016
Intellectual Property Protection
28 June 2016
The New Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act (Enacted May 2016): What It Means for You and Your Company
28 June 2016
24 June 2016
ABA IP Litigation Committee Roundtable
24 June 2016
Understanding a Corporate Board
23 June 2016
Transition to Umbrella and Excess Coverage: Primary Coverage Exhaustion, Exhaustion of Policy Limits, Horizontal Exhaustion, Duty to Defend and Zieg/Qualcomm, and Exhausting SIR/Deductibles
22 June 2016
Knowing Your Options: Patent Challenges under the America Invents Act (AIA)
22 June 2016
Confidential Information and Law Firm Cybersecurity – Ethical Standard of Care for Clients
16 June 2016
FCPA and Anti-Corruption Enforcement
16 June 2016
Emerging Anti-Corruption Trends in China for the Healthcare Industry
16 June 2016
NACDL 6th Annual West Coast White Collar Conference
15 June 2016
Energy Storage Financing for Project Developers: Understanding Project Financing & Developing a Financing Strategy to Accelerate Project Development
15 June 2016
Case Studies in Third Party Audits – What Should You Do If…
15 June 2016
Cybersecurity Update
15 June 2016
Case Studies in Third Party Audits – What Should You Do If…
15 June 2016
Chairman, Energy Storage Update USA 2016
15 June 2016
Energy Storage Financing for Project Developers: Understanding Project Financing & Developing a Financing Strategy to Accelerate Project Development
09 June 2016
New EU Trade Secrets Directive: What Does It Mean for IP Owners?
06 June 2016
The Most Pressing Legal and Regulatory Issues Facing Officers and Directors of Community Banks Today
02 June 2016
The Defend Trade Secret Act Becomes Law: Are you Protecting Your Most Prized Assets?
02 June 2016
International/European Patent Protection
01 June 2016
How to Stop Ransomware from Pwning Healthcare!
26 May 2016
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Adequately Protected?
24 May 2016
How Far Can You Bend A Mark Before It Breaks?
23 May 2016
Overcoming Objections to Utilizing TAR
23 May 2016
Trademark and Copyright Law in Digital Enforcement
23 May 2016
Forum on Patentability of Biomarkers and Diagnostics
20 May 2016
Live and Everywhere: Digital Video in the Age of Vine, Snapchat & Periscope
20 May 2016
Cybersecurity in Government Contracting Institute
19 May 2016
Intellectual Property Law Seminar 2016 (Shanghai)
19 May 2016
“In a World . . .”: Working With your Board Through the Made-For-Hollywood Crisis
19 May 2016
The Risk of Globalization: Entering the U.S. Market and Defending Against IP Claims
19 May 2016
Yes, You Can Keep a Secret: Making the Most Your Attorney Client-Privilege
19 May 2016
Inventing Locally, Protecting Locally
19 May 2016
Copyrights and Wrongs: Reforming Copyright Overreach
17 May 2016
Workplace Violence, Policies and Prevention
13 May 2016
Cybersecurity Law Conference
12 May 2016
Negotiating the Nonnegotiable
12 May 2016
Moving Your Product from Idea to Market Success
12 May 2016
Atlanta Technology Sourcing Conference 2016: Trends in Outsourcing, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Robotics
11 May 2016
Legal Quick Hit: Cybersecurity – A Legal Issue Disguised as an IT Problem
11 May 2016
Building My Brand: Balancing Ethical and Practical Considerations
10 May 2016
Webinar: Legal Issues for Workplace Wellness and Disease Management Programs
09 May 2016
Intellectual Property 101 for General Corporate Counsel: The Basics of Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Trade Secret Law
05 May 2016
Prosecution – Software and EE
05 May 2016
Cybersecurity Risks, Opportunities and Solutions for Emerging Growth Companies
04 May 2016
Intellectual-Property Indemnification Provisions in Commercial Contracts
04 May 2016
Cyber Liability
03 May 2016
Social and Corporate Responsibility for Brands and Their Companies
29 April 2016
Announcing "The Map Book” for 2016: A Discussion of Bank M&A
29 April 2016
Managing Discovery in the EU
28 April 2016
Consumer-Related Trolls: Copyright, Trademark, and Patent
28 April 2016
2016 Atlanta Construction Law Seminar
28 April 2016
Basics of IP Protection
28 April 2016
Colorado IP American Inn of Court Ethics Review 2016
28 April 2016
Women Doing Well at Work (and Staying There): A Look at the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL) Leaky Pipeline Report
28 April 2016
Navigating the Intellectual Property Landscape – A Crash Course
27 April 2016
Fireside Chat: Creative U.S. And International Debt And Equity Financing Mechanisms
27 April 2016
Enforcement of IP in China
27 April 2016
Key Questions and Challenges for Doing Business in China
26 April 2016
The Defend Trade Secrets Act
25 April 2016
Creative US and International Debt and Equity Financing Mechanisms for Energy Storage Projects and Technology Companies
25 April 2016
Creative US and International Debt and Equity Financing Mechanisms for Energy Storage Projects and Technology Companies
23 April 2016
Startup Legal: Top 10 Legal Questions Every Founder Wants to Get Answered
22 April 2016
Navigating the Government Contracting Labor & Employment Battlefield
22 April 2016
Resource Panel
20 April 2016
In-House Counsel Forum on Compliance & Risk Management
20 April 2016
Internet and Interstate Commerce Economic Nexus, Tax Executives Institute, Inc. Dallas / Fort Worth Tax School
20 April 2016
Internet and Interstate Commerce Economic Nexus, Tax Executives Institute, Inc. Dallas / Fort Worth Tax School
19 April 2016
The Audit Trilogy Part II: Preparing For and Surviving a Health and Welfare Audit
19 April 2016
Best Ways to Approach New Markets – Approaches to Branding, Entities, and Contracts
17 April 2016
U.S. and International Case Studies for Financing Bioeconomy Projects
17 April 2016
What Investors Require When Making a Bioeconomy Investment?
14 April 2016
Prosecution: Software and EE
12 April 2016
CLE: Trademark Basics in the Real World
09 April 2016
Japanese Tsunami and Contingent Business Interruption Losses
08 April 2016
There’s A Brand New Talk But It’s Not Very Clear: Challenging issues in the protection of fashion designs
08 April 2016
AIA Challenges: Frontline Experiences and Perspectives
07 April 2016
New Developments in ICANN Domain Name System
06 April 2016
Ethics in Intellectual Property Law
06 April 2016
Social Media and Content Licensing: What every IP lawyer should know
06 April 2016
Emerging Issues in Big Data and Analytics
31 March 2016
The Five Most Pressing Legal Issues Facing A CEO Today
31 March 2016
Cyber Insurance (How to Get Paid) and Data Breach Class Actions (How To Not Pay)
28 March 2016
Bank Director - Bank Chairman/CEO Peer Exchange
25 March 2016
Wards Cove Packing Co. v. Atonio Reenactment
23 March 2016
Assessing, Minimizing and Allocating Firesafety Liability Risks in the Modern Era
23 March 2016
Setting-up Your Veteran-Owned Small Business: Pitfalls and Best Practices
22 March 2016
Becoming a Law Firm Leader: Client Development, Building a Book of Business, and Beyond
21 March 2016
Cyber Insurance: Latest Developments in 2016
19 March 2016
The Judge and the Historian
18 March 2016
Crafting Effective Legal E-Discovery Documents
18 March 2016
Keynote Address
18 March 2016
Winning a Big Case
18 March 2016
2016 Forensics: How Technology Impacts Internal Investigations
18 March 2016
Patent Prosecution Highway Overview & Applicant Experience
17 March 2016
How to Use Trademarks to Protect a Brand: with an emphasis on International company’s strategy in trademark enforcement in China
16 March 2016
Cyber-Compliance and Cybersecurity – 2016 and Beyond
16 March 2016
Rapid Response Panel
15 March 2016
Bio & Pharmaceutical Patent Forum
15 March 2016
Asserting and Defending Your Rights: Overview of Litigation and Life Cycle Planning for Drugs and Biologics
15 March 2016
What Biotechnology Can You Patent? What’s in, What’s out, and What’s Your Best Bet for Protecting Your Innovations
15 March 2016
Recent Developments in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
14 March 2016
Trademark Law Update
10 March 2016
Construction Contract Claims – Lessons Learned from the Construction Battlefield
09 March 2016
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS: Evaluating Cloud Service Agreement Models, Negotiating Key Terms, and Minimizing Contract Disputes
09 March 2016
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS: Evaluating Cloud Service Agreement Models, Negotiating Key Terms, and Minimizing Contract Disputes
09 March 2016
Managing Retiree Health Benefits Issues
09 March 2016
IP Considerations and Opportunities in Cuba
08 March 2016
Patentable Subject Matter in Biotechnology: Legal, Social & Ethical Considerations
03 March 2016
Where the Math Meets the Law: Valuing State Law on Allocation and Related Issues
03 March 2016
Ethics of the Tri-Partite Relationship – The Right of Contractors to Select Defense Counsel Over Insurance
27 February 2016
Risk Management and Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards
26 February 2016
The CFPB’s Mortgage Servicing Rules and What They Inform Us About Potential Rules for Student Loan Servicing
25 February 2016
Internet of Things: Protecting and Profiting from Your Company's Knowledge Assets
25 February 2016
The New Rule 34(b): Managing e-Discovery Requests, Objections & Other Fun Stuff
25 February 2016
Protecting Product Designs, Configurations and Packaging Using Design Patents, Trademark and Trade Dress
25 February 2016
Special Issues When Acquiring Assets and Divisions
25 February 2016
Trends and Opportunities in Patent Law
24 February 2016
Everything You Need to Know (Or Want to Know) about Tax Issues Impacting IP in 30 Minutes, Advanced Patent Law Seminar: Full-Day Patent Law CLE Seminar
24 February 2016
Advanced Patent Law Seminar, International Patent Strategy
24 February 2016
Everything You Need to Know (Or Want to Know) about Tax Issues Impacting IP in 30 Minutes
24 February 2016
Current Issues in Patent Licensing
24 February 2016
Career Opportunities in Patent Law for Scientists and Engineers
24 February 2016
Trends in Patent Law: Data and Observations on Patent Litigation and Prosecution
24 February 2016
Ethics in Intellectual Property Law: An Interactive Roundtable Discussion
24 February 2016
Software/EE Developments
24 February 2016
Chemistry/Life Sciences Developments
24 February 2016
Impact of the New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure & Procedural Case Law on Patent Litigation
24 February 2016
Responding to Non-Practicing Entities, the Latest
23 February 2016
Teaming, Compliance, & Protests
23 February 2016
International Case Study – How To Structure And Finance An International Distributed Wind Project
19 February 2016
The 2015 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Your Coverage Case
18 February 2016
Fiduciary Issues and Data Privacy
17 February 2016
2015 (Second Half) Patent Case Law and Its Implications for In-House Counsel
16 February 2016
Creative US and International Debt And Equity Financing Mechanisms For Bioeconomy Projects And Technology Companies, Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference
16 February 2016
US And International Case Studies For Financing Bioeconomy Projects, Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference
13 February 2016
The Times They Are A-Changin’: 3D Printing and Digital Video in the Age of Body Cams and Periscope
13 February 2016
Update on Consumer Financial Services
12 February 2016
Faster, Cheaper, Better Arbitration: The Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act & Beyond
11 February 2016
Technology Roundtable: Technology & Licensing - Better, Cheaper, Faster
10 February 2016
Introduction to Trademarks
10 February 2016
Fashion.connect Volume 8
09 February 2016
Retail & Consumer Goods Webinar: Top 10 Section 409A Mistakes in Employment and Separation Agreements
04 February 2016
Finding the Limits of Exhaustion
03 February 2016
2016 Clean Energy CLE: Policy in the Southeast
01 February 2016
NORM Litigation on Roller Skates
01 February 2016
Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material in Unconventional Oil and Gas Production
31 January 2016
Is Patience a Virtue?
29 January 2016
Reviewing Important Decisions from 2015
29 January 2016
Financial Services Litigation
29 January 2016
Government Contractors Forum: Scenes from the Battlefield – Top Ten Lessons from Large Contracts Gone Bad – Takeaways for Every Government Contractor
25 January 2016
Tips for Creating Efficiencies and Ensuring Defensibility in E-Discovery
25 January 2016
What You Need to Know About E-Discovery for the Novice
25 January 2016
How to Protect a Startup
22 January 2016
2016 ACCEC Insurance Law Symposium
14 December 2015
Cyber-Compliance and Cybersecurity – 2015 and Beyond
10 December 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Annual Domestic & International Tax Discussion for Businesses and Advisors
10 December 2015
Top 5 Techniques for Software Patent Applications Post-Alice
10 December 2015
The 16th Annual Advanced Patent Law Institute: Silicon Valley
08 December 2015
Utility Industry Roundtable the Intersection of Compliance & Agility
08 December 2015
Fashion.connect Volume 7
08 December 2015
NACD Utility Industry Roundtable
07 December 2015
Effective and Smart Ways to Evaluate and Discipline Employees
07 December 2015
Uncommon Methods for Resolving Common Issues in Audits by the IRS & Foreign Countries
07 December 2015
2015 Construction SuperConference
04 December 2015
Patentability and Patent Extension of New Use and New Dosage Regimen for Existing Drugs
03 December 2015
2015 FRCP Amendments: What’s New in ESI?
03 December 2015
Crafting Effective Legal E-Discovery Documents
03 December 2015
International Privacy Concerns and E-Discovery
03 December 2015
Dealing with the “New” IRS During Planning, Reporting, and Dispute Stages
02 December 2015
Ethics in Intellectual Property Law: An Interactive Roundtable Discussion
20 November 2015
Trends Regarding Anti-Corruption Enforcement & Espionage in China and the United States
20 November 2015
ACI National Forum on Bad Faith Claims & Litigation
17 November 2015
Legal Issues for Workplace Wellness and Disease Management Programs
17 November 2015
Federal Judicial Panel Discussion
16 November 2015
Corporate Liability and Government Enforcement in the United States
14 November 2015
Risk Management and Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards
12 November 2015
The Secret is Out – Insurance Coverage for Violation of Privacy Lawsuits
11 November 2015
Fashionable Tax Issues
11 November 2015
Children's Advertising
10 November 2015
Asset Review
06 November 2015
Antibodies and Other Patentable Subject Matter in the US: After Myriad and the Revised US Patent Office Interim Guidance
05 November 2015
What’s Brewing: Trends, Equipment, Regulations, Risk Mitigation and Management of Colorado’s Brewery Industry
04 November 2015
North Carolina Business Court: Overview and Analysis of the 2014-2015 Term
04 November 2015
Cybersecurity and the Government Contractor in 2015
04 November 2015
Tribal Historical Records and the Federal Government
30 October 2015
Trade Marks in Sport: From Business to Law
29 October 2015
Antibodies: After Myriad and the Revised US Patent Office Interim Guidance
29 October 2015
IP Strategy Presentation
27 October 2015
ERISA Service Provider Agreements for Retirement Plans: Negotiating, Drafting and Monitoring Agreements
26 October 2015
Managing Trade Secrets and Considerations in International Deals
22 October 2015
2015 Patent Law Forum Tokyo
22 October 2015
Taking the Civil or Criminal Route – Pros, Cons & Decisions
22 October 2015
Agua Caliente v. Coachella Valley Water District, et al. – All Perspectives
22 October 2015
How Do I Know What My Company’s IP is Worth?
21 October 2015
3D Printing: The Shape of Things to Come
21 October 2015
Digital Advertising Compliance and Social Media
21 October 2015
Protecting Indian Water Rights Under Drought Conditions
21 October 2015
Vendor Security in an Age of Data Breach and Government Surveillance
20 October 2015
The Affordable Care Act – Past, Present and Future
20 October 2015
HIPAA Omnibus Rules and Data Privacy Challenges for Plan Sponsors
20 October 2015
Fiduciary Issues and Data Privacy
19 October 2015
Intellectual Property Law Seminar 2015 Shanghai
19 October 2015
The Nuts and Bolts: An Introduction to ERISA Welfare Plans
19 October 2015
Tri-Agency Perspectives on Health Care Reform
18 October 2015
Best Practices for Intellectual Property Licensing
18 October 2015
Intellectual Property Considerations in Indemnification and Liability Limitation Clauses
16 October 2015
The Legal Side of Corporate Venturing
15 October 2015
U.S. Supreme Court Update
14 October 2015
Together Against Corruption – Strengthening the Initiative!
13 October 2015
Budgeting for E-Discovery – EDRM
13 October 2015
Fashion.connect Volume 6
13 October 2015
IPPs Entering the Energy Storage Market - What's the Value Proposition?
10 October 2015
Navigating the Process: Best Practices in Clearing, Filing & Managing Trademarks
08 October 2015
Wearables and the Internet of Things: Strategies for Protecting and Monetizing Your Data and Intellectual Property
07 October 2015
Tsunami or Calm Seas? Refi Risk Over the Next Few Years
07 October 2015
Lingering Cobell Issues – Management of funds
06 October 2015
The "New" Cuba: Business and Cultural Opportunities in Cuba
06 October 2015
Energy Storage
05 October 2015
Intellectual Property Protection and Commercialization
01 October 2015
The U.S. International Trade Commission Beyond the Smart Phone Wars: Retail & Consumer Goods
01 October 2015
Preventing Corporate Espionage: Risks Posed by Mobile Device Use by Employees
01 October 2015
Dog Sniffs, Facebook Raps, Shredding Fish, and Sawed-off Shotguns: The Supreme Court's Criminal Cases, 2014-2015
30 September 2015
Protecting Your Proprietary and Confidential Information: Best Practices In Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements
30 September 2015
The hearing, the IBA rules on taking of evidence, award, enforcement, finding and recovering assets and annulment
30 September 2015
Off Ramps, On Ramps and Slow Lanes
30 September 2015
Enhancing the Company’s Image Through Social Media, Online Advertising, and Public Relations After a Data Breach and Understanding the Nuances of the Related Media Coverage Issues and Resulting Claims in the Cyber Policy
29 September 2015
Financing Algae Projects, 2015 Algae Biomass Summit
28 September 2015
First Amendment Concerns and How They Impact Your IP Department
26 September 2015
Cyber Security: What Bank Boards and Senior Management Need to Know
22 September 2015
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and International Anti-Corruption Efforts
22 September 2015
Upcoming Rule Changes
20 September 2015
Navigating the Current State of Bank Examinations: What Senior Management and the Board Need to Know
18 September 2015
Update on Trademark Law
18 September 2015
Trademark Law Update
17 September 2015
IP Issues in the Cloud
16 September 2015
State Challenges and Interpretations for BIA Leasing Regulations – Property Tax Litigation
16 September 2015
Cyber Security Panel Discussion
16 September 2015
A Perspective from the Other Side
16 September 2015
American Telemedicine Association 2015 Fall Forum
10 September 2015
2015 (First Half) Patent Case Law and Its Implications for In-House Counsel
10 September 2015
Maintaining Leverage and Maximizing Vendor Performance in Technology Transactions
09 September 2015
Post Alice Aftermath – The Death of Hundreds of Thousands of Patents
08 September 2015
Pregnancies, Subsidies, Vacancies, and Raisins: A Review of the U.S. Supreme Court's Business Decisions, 2014-2015
03 September 2015
2013 Pilot Project Report: Addressing Domestic Violence by Non-Indians
02 September 2015
Specific Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction Implementation Issues for Tribes
31 August 2015
Specializing Within a Large Law Firm
25 August 2015
Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) with Paragraph IV Certification: Critical Insights in 2015
17 August 2015
Cyber Liability Insurance Requirements
14 August 2015
Government Contract Claims – A Primer
08 August 2015
Internal Investigations – Ethics in Action
06 August 2015
Recent Legal Developments, Best Practices and Ethical Considerations in Patent Licensing and IP Diligence
06 August 2015
E-Discovery in Trademark Cases
05 August 2015
EEOC Guidance/Wellness
04 August 2015
Improving Tribal Access to Victim Services: Lessons from National, State, and Tribal Perspectives
03 August 2015
Protecting Product Designs, Configurations and Packaging
03 August 2015
Revisiting Obviousness post-AIA
31 July 2015
The Changing Arena of Patent Litigation and Prosecution: Developments in the Courts and Congress
31 July 2015
Reclaiming General Jurisdiction
31 July 2015
Liability For Alleged Police Misconduct – The Legal Landscape After Ferguson, Missouri
27 July 2015
View From the Bench: Judicial Insight on the Latest Claims, Theories and Discovery Issues
24 July 2015
The Role of Patents in Repurposing and Rescuing of Old Drugs
22 July 2015
Emerging Issues in Telehealth: Where We Are and Where We Are Going
19 July 2015
Challenges And Solutions - Creative U.S. And International Debt And Equity Financing Mechanisms For Advanced Biofuels, Renewable Chemicals And Biobased Product Projects And Technology Companies
18 July 2015
Master Class: A Conversation with a Fortune 500 CEO
17 July 2015
How to Effectively Utilize Project Management Tools in E-Discovery
15 July 2015
Terminations for Default
09 July 2015
The U.S. Supreme Court: Impact of Recent Decisions
08 July 2015
Ethical Issues in E-Discovery and Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
08 July 2015
Fundamentals of Patent Prosecution 2015: A Boot Camp for Claim Drafting & Amendment Writing
07 July 2015
Creative US And International Debt And Equity Financing Mechanisms For Energy Storage Projects And Technology Companies
07 July 2015
Chairman, Energy Storage USA 2015
07 July 2015
Speaker, California - Learning from Current Policy Frameworks
30 June 2015
Fashion.connect Volume 5
30 June 2015
Life Science Innovation Northwest
29 June 2015
Preparing for the Data Privacy Future
29 June 2015
Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Mobile Health: The Future is Today
27 June 2015
Risk Management and Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards
25 June 2015
Excess Insurance: Questions Raised byQualcomm and Issues Relating to the Duty to Defend
22 June 2015
The Masters Institute in Construction Contracting
18 June 2015
An Introduction to Trademarks and Patents
18 June 2015
Recent Approaches for Surviving Patent Eligibility Challenges After Alice
18 June 2015
Doing Business in Brazil: Exploring Cross-Border Legal Issues
18 June 2015
Patent Prosecution - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
17 June 2015
Fireside Chat – Making Friends With Your Wearable
16 June 2015
Minimizing Corruption Incentives in Your Sales and Marketing Operations: Focus on Corporate Events, Sponsorship, and Kickback Schemes
15 June 2015
ARTBA Annual Transportation Construction Law and Regulatory Forum
12 June 2015
ARTBA Law and Regulatory Forum
12 June 2015
Trademark Rights and the Legacy of Magna Carta
11 June 2015
Tribal Official Immunity in Washington
10 June 2015
Transfer Pricing Boot Camp for Lawyers
10 June 2015
What's Hot and What's Not: U.S. Case Law Updates that Impact How you Draft and Structure Your Intellectual Property (IP) Licenses
05 June 2015
Settlement Strategies for Class Actions and Multidistrict Litigation
04 June 2015
Contingency-Fee Arrangements and Other AFAs for Corporations in Patent Monetization and Enforcement
03 June 2015
RISE Bi-Monthly Meeting
03 June 2015
I Am A Landowner, Now What? Federal Agency Inter-Relationships In The Management Of Individually Owned Indian Lands
01 June 2015
Cybersecurity: What Bank Director’s Need to Know
29 May 2015
Cyber Security: What Bank Boards and Senior Management Need to Know
28 May 2015
Practice Management Around 285 – Protecting Yourself from Sanctions
28 May 2015
Claim Drafting in Light of PTAB
27 May 2015
Ack! What do I do now? My Trademark Application Has Just Been Rejected!
27 May 2015
Three Upcoming Patent Law Decisions Expected from the Supreme Court
27 May 2015
Creative US And International Debt And Equity Financing Mechanisms For Energy Storage Projects And Technology Companies
27 May 2015
Energy Storage Association 25th Annual Conference
20 May 2015
Ethical Issues in E-Discovery
19 May 2015
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Adequately Protected? (Updated Presentation)
19 May 2015
Tax Executives Institute 2015 Audits & Appeals Seminar
18 May 2015
Legal Trends in Telehealth: Where We Are and Where We're Going
15 May 2015
What's Fair is Foul: Has The Transformative Use Doctrine Transformed Copyright Law For Better or Worse?
14 May 2015
Intellectual Property for Non-Specialists/General Corporate Counsel: Current Trends and Tips in Intellectual Property Law for General Corporate Counsel
14 May 2015
Key Issues in the Federal Circuit Affecting Federal Indian Law
14 May 2015
Governed by New York Law? Considering the Impact of New York State Law on Bankruptcy Matters
14 May 2015
Risk Science and Insurance Leadership Awards
14 May 2015
Trends in Technology and E-Commerce in India: Legal and Tax Issues
07 May 2015
Research & Development: Any Patentable Subject Matter in the US after the Revised Myriad Interim Guidance
07 May 2015
2015 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)
07 May 2015
Trends in Sourcing and Cloud Transactions
06 May 2015
Cyber Security: What Executive Management Should Know
06 May 2015
Annual Review of U.S. Federal Case Law at International Trademark Association
04 May 2015
Best Practices and Legal Requirements for Protecting Your Company's Trade Secrets and Confidential Information
01 May 2015
"The Map Book" for 2015: A Discussion of Bank M&A With Gary Bronstein, Esq.
01 May 2015
JLA Women's Forum
29 April 2015
Fashion.connect Volume 4
29 April 2015
Technology and Innovation Management Program
27 April 2015
Technology and Cloud Transactions
24 April 2015
Answering the Important Questions Asked of Experts
23 April 2015
Types of Indemnity
23 April 2015
Identifying Potential Liability for Connected Devices and Forecasting the Future of Tort Law
23 April 2015
Legal and Business Forum on the Internet of Things
22 April 2015
Social Media & Legal Consequences of Modern Communication
22 April 2015
Balancing Catalyst Licensing and IP Protection
21 April 2015
Navigating an Insurance Coverage Dispute – Obtaining Insurance Coverage in Commercial Litigation Where You Wouldn’t Expect It
21 April 2015
Patent Pools: Navigating a Course for Access to Biotechnology Innovations
21 April 2015
2015 ACC Georgia Value Challenge
20 April 2015
Your Evolving Business: The Impact of Social Media on Internal and External Stakeholders
17 April 2015
Legal Considerations Beyond the Contract
16 April 2015
Colorado IP American Inn of Court Ethics Review 2015
16 April 2015
Bank Regulatory Examinations: What Bank Directors Need to Know
16 April 2015
The Mythos of Jurisdictional Retaliation
16 April 2015
The Fine Line: Franchising and Licensing in Fashion
15 April 2015
Prime and Subcontractor Disputes
14 April 2015
A Problem Solving Approach to High Transaction Costs in Private International IP Transactions
14 April 2015
False Advertising, Domestically and Internationally
10 April 2015
Copyright Law Update
08 April 2015
Protecting Your Trade Secrets: Best Practices For Securing Information With New and Departing Employees
07 April 2015
The Post-Alice Landscape: An evaluation of cases and US Patent and Trademark Office guidance
02 April 2015
The Wear of the Future: Where Fashion, Law, and Technology Collide
01 April 2015
Fair Credit Reporting Act – Advanced Certification Presentation and Examination
01 April 2015
Connected Cars: A Platform For Information
31 March 2015
Trademark Dilution: Proving and Defending Against Claims, Leveraging Recent Court Guidance
30 March 2015
Today's Duty of Care
30 March 2015
Strategies for Managing Unauthorized Closures and Unauthorized Reflagging of Units
27 March 2015
Ethics Roundtable: Ethics in IP: Interactive Roundtables
27 March 2015
Fair Use in Music: Sampling, Rights Clearance and More
26 March 2015
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: Part II 2014 (Second Half) Patent Case Law and Its Implications for In-House Counsel
26 March 2015
Hardware Workshop
25 March 2015
Annual Ethics & Professionalism Seminar
25 March 2015
Ethics in IP
25 March 2015
Scholarship Symposium: Trademarks
25 March 2015
Current and Planned Initiatives for Improving the Quality of The U.S. Patenting System
23 March 2015
Data Privacy in Our Connected Society
21 March 2015
Risk Management and Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards
20 March 2015
Licensing Issues (Panel II)
20 March 2015
New Issues in IP: Emerging Technologies (Panel I)
19 March 2015
Love & Marriage…Getting Insurance Coverage for Complex Claims Without Causing the Insured and the Insurance Company to Get a Divorce
19 March 2015
Preparing for the Runway
19 March 2015
Tax and Compliance Issues – Hot Topics in Government Investigations Domestically & Abroad
19 March 2015
10TH Annual Winter Retreat
17 March 2015
Big Data
16 March 2015
Trademark Infringement Remedies
15 March 2015
Bid Protests 101: Refresher on Protest Procedures
15 March 2015
State Regulatory Update
12 March 2015
12 March 2015
The Best Offense is a Good Defense – Bolstering Compliance Programs and Substantiation Practices
11 March 2015
Tweets, Texts, and Posts, Oh My! Best Employment Practices for Employees’ Use of Social Media - San Francisco
11 March 2015
What Every IP Lawyer Needs to Know About the US and Global Tax Implications of IP
10 March 2015
Tweets, Texts, and Posts, Oh My! Best Employment Practices for Employees’ Use of Social Media - Silicon Valley
09 March 2015
GSA Schedules
07 March 2015
Which Came First, The Chicken or the Egg? How Courts Apply the Concurrent Causation Doctrine to Resolve Disputes in First-Party Property Claims
06 March 2015
The In-House Counsel's Essential Toolkit: General Business Contracts
06 March 2015
Plenary Session: Doing the Settlement Two-Step: Strategies for Mediating the Underlying Case along with the Coverage Dispute
05 March 2015
Architect, Contractor & Project Manager – Three’s a Crowd?
05 March 2015
Exploring the Excess Exposure Playbook
05 March 2015
Eight Corners Rule
05 March 2015
Applying Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Claims: The Government and Privacy Perspectives
05 March 2015
Well, That Didn't Go Right" – The Judges Panel on Perfecting Your Appeal
05 March 2015
The Business of Fashion
04 March 2015
The Underwriter Deposition Zone: Practice Tips and Potential Pitfalls
28 February 2015
Intellectual Property in the Entertainment Law Realm
27 February 2015
Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law Every Business Lawyer Needs to Know
26 February 2015
At Dinner with Alice, and There is a Myriad of Mayo on Your Face: 101 Eight Months Later
26 February 2015
Auditing Large Partnerships and TEFRA: Where We Are and Where We Are Going?
25 February 2015
Strategies for Managing Unauthorized Closures and Unauthorized Reflagging of Units
25 February 2015
Fashion.connect Volume 3
24 February 2015
Privacy & Security Issues in Third Party Vendor Contracting
21 February 2015
The Halliburton Decision: How the Supreme Court Has Changed the Landscape of Securities Litigation & D&O Insurance
20 February 2015
Wind v. Water? The Answer my Friend is Blowing In the Wind (or Soaking in the Flood)
19 February 2015
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: 2014 Patent Case Law (July - December) and its Implications for In-House Counsel
19 February 2015
ABA Construction Division Meeting – The Contractor's Right to Stop Work
19 February 2015
21st Annual Western Water Law Conference
19 February 2015
Advanced Patent Law Seminar, International Patent Strategy
18 February 2015
Managing Complex IRS Audits of Large- and Medium-Sized Business Taxpayers
18 February 2015
Top Legal Government Contracting Issues for 2015
16 February 2015
Contracts – Your Rights and How to Protect Them
13 February 2015
Visual Works and the Elusive Exclusive Right to Display
12 February 2015
Time Impact Analyses – The How, Why and Legal Concerns
11 February 2015
The Accrual of the Statute of Limitations for Copyright Infringement Claims in Light of the Supreme Court's Recent Decision in Petrella v. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.
11 February 2015
The Accrual of the Statute of Limitations for Copyright Infringement Claims in Light of the Supreme Court's Recent Decision in Petrella v. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.
06 February 2015
Intellectual Property for Information Management
05 February 2015
The Duty to Defend, Bad Faith Claims Based on Breach of the Duty
03 February 2015
Financing Renewable Chemicals, Advanced Biofuels, and Bioenergy - Pitfalls and Lessons Learned: Status of Available Domestic and International Financing Mechanisms
30 January 2015
Emerging Corporate Governance Issues
29 January 2015
50 State Survey on Right to Repair
28 January 2015
The Brave New World of 3D Printing
23 January 2015
Anti-Corruption Law
23 January 2015
Anti-Corruption Law
21 January 2015
Impact of Post-Alice Guidelines on Examination in Business Method Art Units
15 January 2015
Cyber Insurance
14 January 2015
The OFPP Memorandum on Contracting – Who Will Benefit and What Does It Mean to You as a Contractor?
14 January 2015
False Advertising Claims: Injury Coverage & Policy Exclusions Under the CGL
12 January 2015
Strategies for Settling Challenging Issues with the IRS in 2015
17 December 2014
Resolving a Case at the U.S. Tax Court
09 December 2014
Fashion.connect Volume 2
05 December 2014
Land Use & Climate Change Planning & Regulation, 20 Years After Lucas
04 December 2014
Corporate Tax Base
04 December 2014
Emerging Standards and Legal Development in Cybersecurity
20 November 2014
Historical and Legal
20 November 2014
Terminations for Convenience: Still Lurking Around the Corner
13 November 2014
2014 North Carolina Legislative Update
13 November 2014
Post-Grant & Covered Business Method Patent Review
06 November 2014
Facing Cyber Threats in Today’s Business
03 November 2014
CLE International 22nd Annual California Water Law Conference
31 October 2014
Cybersecurity and Incident Response – Practical Issues and Lessons Learned
31 October 2014
Transnational Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards and Foreign Judgments
28 October 2014
New USPTO Post Grant Procedures: What Do In-house Counsel Need to Know?
27 October 2014
Intellectual Property: Protection and Commercialization
21 October 2014
Fashion.connect Volume 1
18 October 2014
A Method to the Madness - Turning Your Ideas Into Profitable Products
13 October 2014
Whistleblowers/Qui Tam Actions
13 October 2014
Bringing Relativity In-House: A Real World Law Firm Story
04 October 2014
Negotiating the Multi-Channel, Global Brand License: The Licensor and Licensee Perspectives
04 October 2014
Negotiating the Multi-Channel, Global Brand License: The Licensor and Licensee Perspectives
02 October 2014
Patent Reform in the Courts
01 October 2014
Interview with FTC Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen
24 September 2014
Prosecuting and Litigating in the Current Section 101 Environment
23 September 2014
Uniform Rapid Suspension URS System The New Alternative Weapon
19 September 2014
Successful Startups
18 September 2014
Taxation of Emerging Technologies; New York False Claims Act Statute
17 September 2014
Groeneveld and Trade Dress at the Sixth Circuit
17 September 2014
Coming Face-to-Face with the Many Facets of a Data Breach
16 September 2014
The Intersection of Trade Dress and Design Patents
16 September 2014
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: 2014 Patent Case Law (January - June) and its Implications for In-House Counsel
16 September 2014
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: Ethics – The New USPTO Rules One Year Later and Other Ethics Issues
13 September 2014
Handle Your Business
08 September 2014
Accept With Caution, Don’t Become Involved in Occupational Fraud
05 September 2014
Developments Under the Fourth Amendment
05 September 2014
Must Class Representatives Establish Actual Injuries to Have Standing to Assert Statutory Damages for a Class?
01 September 2014
Pathways to the Top: A Panel Discussion with AEC Industry Leaders
01 September 2014
What Legal Says/What Clients Hear: The Yin & Yang of Legal/Business Interaction
01 September 2014
Federal Registration of Disparaging, Immoral, and Scandalous Trademarks: The Washington Redskins Litigation and More
01 September 2014
Stay Out of Trouble and Off the Radar: How to Maintain the Attorney-Client Privilege and Keep Investigators Away
08 August 2014
Best Practices: Ethics in the Patent Area
05 August 2014
Becoming an Investor-Ready Entrepreneur
04 August 2014
Empirically Great Prosecution
04 August 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Intellectual Property Seminar
01 August 2014
Contract and Change Order Risk Management
01 August 2014
18 July 2014
Update on Trademark Law
26 June 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
21 June 2014
What Keeps In-House Counsel Awake at Night?
14 June 2014
Bringing your Innovation to Life
11 June 2014
Cyber Security: Impact of Legislative and Regulatory Initiatives on Bank Policies
06 June 2014
Restructurings in Bank Holding Companies
01 June 2014
Navigating Today’s Cyber Environment: How Secure is Our Data?
31 May 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for Higher Education Institutions
29 May 2014
Relevant Again? Opinions of Counsel and New Uses
22 May 2014
Trademark Confusion: Proving or Defending Against Infringement - Addressing Forward, Reverse, Initial Interest, Post-Sale and Affiliation Confusion Challenges
16 May 2014
The World of Financial Services Licensing
15 May 2014
Addressing the Government Contracting and Export Control Risks in Your Global Supply Chain
15 May 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for the 40 Act Group
14 May 2014
Annual Review of U.S. Federal Case Law
14 May 2014
The Tri-Party Repo Market & Collateralization
10 May 2014
Corporate Tax Base
07 May 2014
Insurance Coverage for Statutory and Liquidated Damages and Attorney Fees: Policyholder and Insurer Perspectives
01 May 2014
Post Investment Relationship
01 May 2014
Cyber espionage, hacking and the Contractor in the Middle
29 April 2014
Basics of Obtaining Commercially Effective IP
24 April 2014
A Practical Review of Anti-Corruption Compliance for HR Executives: What you Need to Know about the Current Enforcement Landscape and How to Comply with the Requirements
22 April 2014
Top Ten Ways to Reduce Your SALT Effective Tax Rate
18 April 2014
New York’s Corporate Tax Reform Package: A Game Changer for Businesses
15 April 2014
Government Contractors and the Cyber Threat: Practical Steps Toward Compliance with the Government’s New Cybersecurity Requirements
11 April 2014
Federal Bar Association Indian Law Conference
10 April 2014
The Anatomy of an Indemnity Agreement
02 April 2014
BYOD: LOL – ‘I-Phone Thumb’ and the Perils of Bring Your Own Device to the Workplace
02 April 2014
Better, Faster, Cheaper: Patents Issued in About One Year for Less Cost
01 April 2014
Recent Developments in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
31 March 2014
Perspectives on Cyber Security & Digital Issues
30 March 2014
Don’t Get Caught in the Gap of Coverage: Potential and Unexpected, Uninsured Losses Arising from Indemnity Obligations
30 March 2014
State Regulatory Update
28 March 2014
Tri-Party Repo
27 March 2014
What is the State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession in the U.S.?
24 March 2014
The Current 'State' of Same-Sex Marriage
20 March 2014
Benefit Claim Administration: Administration and Litigation Avoidance and Defense
15 March 2014
Fraud & Cybersecurity in Today’s Healthcare Industry
11 March 2014
National Congress of American Indians Tribal Nations Legislative Summit
07 March 2014
The Indian Child Welfare Act: Past, Present and Future
04 March 2014
Construction Project Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies
03 March 2014
Corporate Governance and Brief Regulatory Update
01 March 2014
Intellectual Property for the Business Professional
28 February 2014
Franchise Law in the Current Economic and Regulatory Environment
27 February 2014
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: 2013 Patent Case Law (July - December) and its Implications for In-House Counsel
27 February 2014
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: Ethical Issues Facing Patent Practitioners
27 February 2014
Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law Every Business Lawyer Needs to Know
26 February 2014
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Truly Protected?
25 February 2014
Software/EE Patent Developments
24 February 2014
2013 North Carolina Legislative Update
11 February 2014
Commercial Lease Provisions and Issues
11 February 2014
On the Heels of Fashion Week: Privacy, Fashion, and the Internet
04 February 2014
State Taxation of Cloud Computing
03 February 2014
Hot State Tax Audit Topics
01 February 2014
Overview of U.S. Supreme Court's 2013 Term
01 February 2014
Engineering the electrical properties of proteins: Perspectives from molecular dynamics and dielectric spectroscopy
28 January 2014
IP Innovations: Pharmaceutical-Industry Use of the Inter Partes Review Procedure
28 January 2014
Starting a Business
17 January 2014
Government Construction Contracts Claims and Preservation of Rights
14 January 2014
Claims and Your Rights
14 January 2014
Investors Weigh In On Growth
18 December 2013
State Tax
10 December 2013
Handling Claims Occurring Along the Chain of Commerce – Joint Infringement and Extra-Territoriality Issues with the Modern Economy
04 December 2013
Insurance Defense Costs: Coveage and Recoupment Best Paractices - Advocating the Defense Cost Issue to Maximize Recovery or Limit Exposure
19 November 2013
Government Contracts 101
18 November 2013
Online Games – An Evolving Scenario
30 October 2013
Cyber Investigations – Prophylactic and Post Breach Measures
29 October 2013
DCAA ‘Hot Buttons’: An Update LIVE Webcast
28 October 2013
The Application of 4D Scheduling to Different Project Delivery Methods
24 October 2013
Forging Effective Corporate and Government Partnerships with AAPI Businesses
19 October 2013
Internal Investigation Basics
09 October 2013
09 October 2013
The Business of Brand Licensing in the 21st Century
07 October 2013
The Evolving Challenges of Investigating and Preventing Corporate Espionage and Cyber Crimes in the Twenty-First Century
26 September 2013
Developments in FCA/Qui Tam Litigation
26 September 2013
Effects of Supreme Court DOMA Decision on Employee Benefits
19 September 2013
Interview with FTC Bureau of Competition Director Deborah Feinstein
19 September 2013
Hacking & Cyber Espionage
05 September 2013
The Top 5 Ethical Issues Facing In House Counsel (and What to Do About Them!)
27 August 2013
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: 2013 Patent Case Law (January - June) and its Implications for In-House Counsel
21 August 2013
How To: Grow Despite the Economy
15 August 2013
Navigating the Regulatory Waters in a Hostile Environment
07 August 2013
Post-Seagate Decisions Show Patent Opinions Still Have a Role, and Clearances Have New Life
06 August 2013
19 July 2013
Recent Developments in U.S. Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
18 July 2013
SBA Final Rule Changes that Small Research and Technology Businesses Need to Know
16 July 2013
How Hackers Crack your IT Networks & Steal your Secrets: Perspectives from Penetration and Forensics Experts on Cybersecurity
28 June 2013
Trial Preparation From Start to Finish for Paralegals
26 June 2013
Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Negotiating, Drafting and Monitoring Agreements
13 June 2013
Supersedeas on the Ground
31 May 2013
Patent-Eligible Subject Matter: Implications of Recent Supreme Court Decisions
22 May 2013
States and Mandatory Combined Reporting
18 May 2013
Discussion on White Collar Crime
07 May 2013
Counterfeit Parts
02 May 2013
Adjusting to Recent Trends in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Export Controls, and Cyber Security
01 May 2013
Gray Market Sales | A Gateway to Black Market?
18 April 2013
You Want us to Bond What? An Overview of ‘New’ Delivery Methods and Special Issues Facing the Surety.
11 April 2013
Expectations of Privacy? Latest Developments in Data Security and Privacy
10 April 2013
Federal Indian Bar Conference
08 April 2013
Drafting Your First Contract – Contract Formation
03 April 2013
Patent Examiner Interviewing: Strategies and Skills
02 April 2013
Dog Sniffs, DNA, and Drones: Developments Under the Fourth Amendment
28 March 2013
Lessons from the Haskell-Baker Wetlands: Challenges of Advocating for the Environment
02 March 2013
Litigation Financing: The Legal & Economic Implications of Third Party Funding of Lawsuits
01 March 2013
The High Cost of Privacy Violation Lawsuits and How Insurance May Provide Some Cover
01 March 2013
Domestic Impacts of Climate Change on American Indians, Alaskan Natives and Tribal Colleges
28 February 2013
Practical Guidance for Working with Sureties on Performance Bond Claims
25 February 2013
Post Grant Review - Inter Partes Review Overview and Strategies
21 February 2013
INTA’s Careers in Trademark Law: A Panel Discussion for Law Students, Speaker
06 February 2013
Criminal Background Screening: When Did Felons Become a Protected Class?
01 February 2013
That Was A Secret! – Insurance Coverage for Privacy Violation Lawsuits
10 January 2013
Litigating IP Cases in an Alternate Universe (the U.S. International Trade Commission)
06 January 2013
Indian Gaming
02 January 2013
Education and Outreach Panel
01 January 2013
PLC D&O Coverage Issues Webinar
07 December 2012
Recent Trends in Transnational Investigations
04 December 2012
Impact & Implications of Cyber & Intellectual Property Crimes – Protecting You and Your Organization
29 November 2012
Injunctive Relief In Franchise Litigation
27 November 2012
Carcieri v. Salazar: A Challenge to Tribal Identity?
07 November 2012
Copyright in the Digital Age
01 November 2012
Special Requirements for an Ironclad Settlement Agreement, Full and Final Release, Indemnity Terms, and Medicare Addendum
25 October 2012
2012 North Carolina Legislative Update
12 September 2012
Cybersecurity – Employees, Hackers, and the Advanced Persistent Threat
05 September 2012
From numerical simulation to measurement of protein dielectric relaxation in solution
22 August 2012
Gillette: the Cutting Edge of an MTC Election
14 August 2012
Qualifying For, and Taking Advantage of, Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
14 August 2012
Qualifying For, and Taking Advantage of, Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
20 July 2012
Trademark Developments in the Past 12 Months
13 July 2012
Yahoo! Cyber Breach and Password Protection
11 July 2012
Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Negotiating, Drafting and Monitoring Agreements
27 June 2012
Working with Bonding Companies
26 June 2012
Navigating the Regulatory Waters in a Hostile Environment
12 June 2012
Trust Reform in Indian Country
12 June 2012
State Sales and Income Tax Update for Inbound Investors
11 June 2012
Proving Irreparable Harm in Trademark and Unfair Competition Litigation
01 June 2012
Fast-Lane Prosecution: Allowances in One Year
21 May 2012
Increasing Access to Private Capital
20 May 2012
Getting Ahead Of The Curve: Controlling The Risk Of Social Media
10 May 2012
You’ve Been Hacked: Protecting Your Company from Malicious Threats
09 May 2012
Annual Review of U.S. Federal Case Law
08 May 2012
Washington Pension Legislative Update
02 May 2012
Navigating the Cyber Maze – Hacking, Compliance & Legislation
18 April 2012
Lying, Cheating, Stealing, and Other Bad Behavior
18 April 2012
U.S. Intellectual Property Law
16 April 2012
Bank Director - Bank Chairman/CEO Peer Exchange
11 April 2012
Crowdsourcing – Understanding the Risks
09 April 2012
Federal Indian Bar Conference
01 April 2012
Internal Investigations: Challenges and Ethical Dilemmas Facing In-House Counsel
23 March 2012
Intellectual Property and the Creative Arts
05 March 2012
The Business of Beauty
03 March 2012
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches, Denial-of-Service Attacks, and Cybersecurity Events
01 March 2012
Avoiding E-Disasters – Practical Guidance for Electronic Data Management and the E-Discovery Process
01 March 2012
Now You See It; Now You Don't: Recent Trends Among Cases Addressing Coverage for and Recoupment of Defense Costs
23 February 2012
Post Grant Review - Inter Partes Review Overview and Strategies
23 February 2012
Issues in Modern Native American Tribal Governments
09 February 2012
Copyright Update for Trademark Counsel
09 February 2012
2012 Advanced Trademark Seminar - Online Enforcement
01 February 2012
Post Grant Review and Inter Partes Review Strategies under the America Invents Act
01 February 2012
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: Preparing for the America Invents Act
01 February 2012
Perspective on White Collar Criminal Defense
27 January 2012
Watching Your Step: Identifying and Dealing with Complicated Issues that can Undermine an Internal Investigation
24 January 2012
Rambo Revisited: Does Hardball Work?
12 December 2011
Private Capital: Financing Renewable Energy Projects
07 December 2011
The Need for Tribal Procurement Laws to Maintain Effective TERO Regulation
16 November 2011
2011 North Carolina Legislature Update
08 November 2011
KT Breakfast Briefing - Insuring Cyber Risks: Practical Advice for Protecting Your Business From Electronic Losses
02 November 2011
Anti-Corruption Measures in Infrastructure Projects: Moving from Preaching to Practice
21 October 2011
Protein-ligand biosensing: dielectric spectroscopy and numerical simulation of molecular interactions
06 October 2011
When East Meets West: Navigating Antitrust in the US and Taiwan
10 September 2011
Detection of Molecular Interactions Using Impedance-Based Biosensors
01 September 2011
Illegal Gratuities, Kickbacks and Bribes: Which Activities Can Inadvertently Fall into These Categories, and Legal Protections for Whistleblowers
01 September 2011
Dielectric Spectroscopy of Molecular Interactions Based on the Avidin-Biotin Complex
24 August 2011
New York Sales and Use Tax: Exclusions and Exemptions
03 August 2011
Directors and Officers Liability and Insurance
14 July 2011
Fifth Annual Strategic Conference on Tribal Energy Development at the Federal Level
14 July 2011
Electronic Commerce
14 July 2011
Current State Tax Trends and Litigation
01 June 2011
The Seeds of Sovereignty
10 May 2011
Coverage for Governmental Investigations Under Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance Policies
13 April 2011
Tool or Taboo? – A Look at Social Media and its Integration with the Corporate and Legal World.
08 April 2011
Ethical Issues and In-House Tribal Counsel
03 April 2011
Accomplishments in the Obama Administration in Indian Law and Priorities from the Tribal Perspective
01 April 2011
IP 101
01 April 2011
Capital is King - Issues in Regulatory Capital Requirements
25 March 2011
Creating High-Performance Relationships & Shareholder Value
03 March 2011
Proceed with Caution: Liability for Invalid Liens
25 February 2011
Online Enforcement Roundtable
16 February 2011
What Your Organization Needs to Know about Insurance and Risk Management: Loss Prevention
11 February 2011
Sterne Agee's 2011 Financial Institutions Investor Conference
13 December 2010
Understanding 401(k) Plan Audits
17 November 2010
What Your Organization Needs to Know about Insurance and Risk Management: Understanding Insurance
29 October 2010
The Impact of Bilski and KSR on Prosecution and Litigation
15 October 2010
Estimation of the internal dielectric constant of proteins using measured and simulated charge moments
08 October 2010
Copyright Law for Trademark Lawyers: Copyright Protection for Logos, Packaging and Product Designs
07 October 2010
2010 Advanced Trademark Law Seminar - Online Enforcement
05 October 2010
Mediating the Intellectual Property Case: Can We Do a Better Job?
20 September 2010
Click-thru Nexus & Other State Nexus Initiatives
13 May 2010
Music and Modern Thought
06 May 2010
Presentation on the Cobell Litigation
01 May 2010
Criminal Investigation of Electronic Crimes
15 April 2010
Warranty Work Under Performance Bonds
18 March 2010
Molecular Reporters for Cellular Imaging Based on Synthetic Fluorophores and Enzymatic Ligases
23 February 2010
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: Bio/Chem PTO Trends and Strategies
12 February 2010
Economic Nexus
26 January 2010
Crafting a Post - “Crash” Agency/Client Agreement That Satisfies the Needs of Both Parties
20 January 2010
Are Genes Patentable? Should Genes be Patentable?
14 January 2010
An Overview of Defense & Indemnity Obligations Under Liability Policies
14 January 2010
Distribution Issues in the North Atlantic Triangle: Refusal to Deal – When Can You be Required to Supply
05 November 2009
Immediate Engagement: the New New Things
24 October 2009
A Method to Calculate Protein Dipole Moments
15 October 2009
What, When and How Much? A Practical Look at E-Discovery Experiences, With Tips for Those Paying the Bills
06 October 2009
Taxation of Services
24 September 2009
GETTING INTO THE GAZETTE: Tips For ®esponding To ®efusals, ®equests and ®equirements
30 April 2009
E-Discovery: Real Life Experiences and Practical Tips/Considerations in Dealing with it
19 March 2009
Renewable Energy Projects in Indian Country Conference
05 March 2009
Hot Topics in Retail Bankruptcy
05 March 2009
Constitutional Issues in Property Taxation
12 December 2008
Understanding and Complying with Sweepstakes and Promotions Drafting Official Rules and Preparing for the Worst
21 November 2008
Critical Insurance Issues for Construction Attorneys
20 November 2008
The Message Is the Medium: Consumer Marketing in the Age of Ubiguity
07 November 2008
Marketing and Advertising Law Update
23 October 2008
Eleventh Circuit Appellate Practice Institute
20 October 2008
Sweepstakes Contents Promotions Marketing to Children
16 October 2008
The Positive Impact of Records Management on E-Discovery
01 October 2008
Insurance Coverage Issues for Data Security and Data Loss Liability
11 September 2008
Current Issues in Trademark and Copyright Licensing Transactions
01 August 2008
Native Nations for Change
25 July 2008
Federal Legislation Directly Affecting State Taxation
17 June 2008
Regulatory Summit for Advertisers and Marketers
02 June 2008
Privacy in Advertising
21 May 2008
Current Multistate Income Tax Developments
14 May 2008
2009 Health and Welfare Planning: What Should Employers Be Doing Now?
01 May 2008
Synthesis of Photoswitchable Tethered Agonists for the nAChR and Efforts Towards Two-photon Sensitive Azobenzenes
10 April 2008
Additional Insureds: Are You Really Insured?
10 April 2008
When your Principal’s ‘Oops’ turn out to be ‘Dupes’: Objecting to Discharge in Bankruptcy
03 April 2008
Wagnerians in Vienna: Musical Modernism in the City of Dreams
01 April 2008
Regulatory Kid Watch Ensuring Privacy and Safety When Manufacturing and Marketing Products
13 December 2007
Coverage for Construction Defect Claims
15 November 2007
Negotiating Promotion Contracts Key Issues in Negotiating Promotion Contracts
06 November 2007
Privacy and Data Security – Legal Overview
10 October 2007
Sweepstakes Contests and Promotions
01 October 2007
Brand Protection in the Internet Channel
26 September 2007
Behind the Scenes at the USPTO - The Examiner's Prospective
29 July 2007
Expanded application of hydroxynitrile lyases to the synthesis of optically active cyanohydrins
22 June 2007
Our Trademark Copyright and ECommerce Related Licensing Transactions
15 April 2007
Insurance Products? Securities? The Lines Continue to Blur and the Regulators Continue to be Concerned
30 March 2007
Texas Court Update Regarding Recent Opinions Dealing with Personal Automobile Insurance Policies, 2006-07
26 March 2007
Biocatalysis at Merck Research Laboratories
22 March 2007
The Winds of Change – Successfully Defending Mass Toxic Tort claims in Texas Multi-District Litigation
26 January 2007
Risk Transfer, Indemnity and Additional Insured Coverage
16 November 2006
Case Study of the Issues Facing Entertainment, Media and Advertising Industries In Setting Up Promotional Blogs
12 October 2006
The Intellectual Property Think Tank: A Case Study About Good Ideas and Their Consequences
27 September 2006
Hot Topics In Advertising and Marketing Law 2006: The Law of Sweepstakes and Contests
25 September 2006
Working with Trademark Examining Attorneys: Two Insiders Tell All
23 June 2006
Avoiding Professional Liability Claims
04 May 2006
Good Funds Gone Bad – Legal and Practical Perspectives Regarding Funds Control in the Modern Surety Industry
04 May 2006
Consumer Promotion Law Essentials You Need to Know
30 January 2006
Information Security and Data Privacy Law
28 January 2006
The Surety’s Exposure for Property Damage and Bodily Injury: Identification, Allocation, and Avoidance of Risk
26 January 2006
Direct Marketing Laws
02 December 2005
Hyperchange Maintaining Balance in the Rapidly Changing World of Marketing
17 September 2005
Legal Responsibilities Regarding Ethical Obligations of Architects Advisory Opinions and Decisions
13 September 2005
Insurance in the Gaming Industry: Making the Most of It
09 September 2005
From A to Z On Wrap-Ups, OCIPS and CCIPS’s Introduction
14 June 2005
Internet Advertising Law Essentials You Need to Know
01 June 2005
Insurance Issues and the Construction Industry
19 May 2005
Trademark Copyright and E-Commerce Licensing Transactions
21 April 2005
False Financial Statements as the Basis for the Non-Dischargeable Debt – Identifying the Bad Guys and Making Them Pay
29 March 2005
Synthesis of Cyclic Fluorinated Vinylogous Amides as Reactive Intermediate for the Preparation of Fluorinated Enaminone Ester Derivatives
28 February 2005
Trial Tips in Insurance Cases
21 February 2005
Legal Responsibilities Regarding Ethical Obligations of Architects & Engineers
09 December 2004
Confusion and Ambiguity: Contortions of Contracts
03 December 2004
Reality Check From Promotion Apprentice to Master of the Game
02 December 2004
Cyberspace Issues and Strategies
10 November 2004
A Fluorescence Based Assay for High-Throughput Real – Time Screening of Dopamine Inhibitor/Substrates
21 October 2004
Subcontract Drafting Considerations
07 September 2004
Shifting Risks – Proposed 2004 ISO Endorsements
31 July 2004
Transcription and flux profiling of C. glutamicum mutants—Effects of gene over-expression and growth on mixed carbon sources on metabolic phenotypes
25 May 2004
Direct Marketing Law: The New Essentials You Need To Know
17 April 2004
Design-Build in Underground Construction and Geotechnical Baselines
05 April 2004
Synthesis of 4-(Substituted Amino)-3-Phenyl-6-(Trifluoromethylpyridin-2)1H)-Ones as Potential Anticonvulsant Agents
29 March 2004
Understanding and Complying with Sweepstakes and Promotions Law
25 February 2004
The Legal Side of Internet Marketing: Comply, Survive and Thrive
22 October 2003
Hot Topics In Advertising Law
07 September 2003
State Broker-Dealer Enforcement
10 June 2003
Firm-Level Marketing and Developing Client Relationships
28 May 2003
Domain Name Disputes and Internet Infringement Strategy
01 May 2003
The Tangled DM Legal Web - How to Weave Your Way Out
07 April 2003
The Legal Side of Promotional Premiums: Know Your Rights and Avoid Disasters
07 April 2003
Consumer Promotions Law: Essentials You Need to Know
31 March 2003
Understanding and Complying with Sweepstakes and Promotions Law
27 March 2003
Advice from the Experts: Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel
30 October 2002
Hot Topics In Advertising Law
02 October 2002
CRD Potpourri
25 September 2002
The Global Nature of the Internet
18 September 2002
Lawyers: Protecting the Rights of their Clients and Promoting the Cause of Justice
01 September 2002
Consumer Promotions Law: Essentials You Need to Know
14 February 2002
Design Specs vs. Performance Specs: What’s The Difference?
30 January 2002
Emerging Issues in California Indoor Air Quality and Toxic Mold Litigation
06 June 2000
Improving DRBs
01 April 1999
State Issues for SEC Registered Investment Advisors
15 October 1995
Process development for the production of the (S)-acid precursor of a novel elastase inhibitor (L-694,458) through the lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution of a benzyl ester
International Considerations in Patent Prosecution
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