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Advertising & Publishing

Aerospace & Defense

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26 June 2014
Cybersecurity Considerations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Events
08 December 2009
Whistleblower Protections for DoD Contractors
Source: Law360

Banking & Credit Unions

DateTitleKnowledge Type
12 May 2016
Significant Changes in Store for Consumer Finance Businesses – What You Need to Know Now About the CFPB’s New Arbitration Rules Legal Alerts
06 May 2015
Cyber Security: What Executive Management Should Know Events
30 March 2015
Today's Duty of Care Events
25 January 2015
What Matters Most: Size, Profitability or Something Else? Events
26 November 2014
Joel Rappoport quoted by American Banker re: "Taboo May Be Ending for Dividend Payments to Bank Parents" In the News
28 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Partner Joel Rappoport’s Viewpoint Column in Bank Director Magazine: "A Holding Company’s Options When Time Is Running Out" In the News
09 September 2014
Cyber Security Essentials: How to Survive and Thrive Events
15 August 2014
FinCEN: Recent Enforcement Actions Confirm Compliance Culture Is Critical Legal Alerts
05 August 2014
FinCEN Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding Customer Due Diligence Legal Alerts
12 May 2014
NCUA Proposes Rule to Amend Chartering and Field of Membership Rules Legal Alerts
02 May 2014
OFAC Publishes Amended Syrian Sanctions Regulations Legal Alerts
18 March 2014
FinCEN’s Exceptive Relief Allows Dealers in Foreign Exchange to Accept Alternative Travel Documents Legal Alerts
05 February 2014
HUD and FHA Begin Accepting eSignatures on Certain Mortgage Forms Legal Alerts
08 May 2013
New York Court of Appeals Narrows Reach of Judgment Creditors against Non-Party Banks Legal Alerts
13 February 2013
SEC Initiates Enforcement Actions Against Auditors and Executives of Failed Banks Legal Alerts
16 October 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Michael Mancusi to Moderate a Panel at Institute of International Bankers Annual Seminar News Releases
18 October 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Paul Aguggia and Ed Olifer to Serve as Featured Speakers at South Carolina Bank Directors’ and Bank Managers’ College Conference News Releases
23 August 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Michael Mancusi Appointed Vice Chair of the American Bar Association Banking Law Committee News Releases
17 November 2010
FDIC Proposes to Implement Dodd-Frank Act Changes to Deposit Insurance Assessments Legal Alerts
10 September 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton's Paul Aguggia: Featured Speaker at Independent Community Bankers of America - Maryland Chapter Conference News Releases
11 January 2010
Depository Institution Regulators Issue Advisory on Interest Rate Risk Management Legal Alerts
28 August 2009
Financial Regulatory Reform Emerging Issues
02 August 2009
Enforcement Director Liability and Troubled Banks Events
13 July 2009
SEC Proposes Amendments to Money Market Fund Regulation Legal Alerts
19 June 2009
Administration Proposes Restructuring of Financial Services Regulation Legal Alerts
19 May 2009
Capital Strategies in the Current Environment – TARP and Beyond Events
09 February 2009
Sterne Agee's 4th Annual Financial Services Symposium Events
08 December 2008
Audit Committee Responsiblities from the SEC Standpoint Events
24 November 2008
FDIC's Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program is Finalized Legal Alerts
27 October 2008
FDIC Adopts Interim Rule Implementing Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program Legal Alerts
01 February 1997
The Commercial Banking-Related Activities of Investment Banks and Other Nonbanks
Source: Emory Law Journal


Chemistry & Life Sciences

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02 February 2016
FDA ConneKTion Blog Blogs
29 October 2015
Antibodies: After Myriad and the Revised US Patent Office Interim Guidance Events
29 June 2015
Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Mobile Health: The Future is Today Events
02 February 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Andrew Serafini Appointed to the Board of Directors of Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association News Releases
16 January 2015
UPDATE PTAB Denies Request to Use Covered Business Method Review for Orange Book-Listed Patents Legal Alerts
08 January 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Elects Joe Hao to Partner News Releases
25 September 2014
Mark Barrish Named Patent Prosecution Medical Device Attorney of the Year News Releases
18 July 2014
Patent Eligibility of Antibodies Events
21 May 2014
Kilpatrick Counsels Edwards Lifesciences in Global Transcatheter Heart Valve Settlement News Releases
18 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Sidney Welch Invited Guest Speaker at National Healthcare Events News Releases
11 December 2013
Gene Patents, Diagnostics, and Precision Medicine: After Prometheus and Myriad Events
06 December 2013
Health Care Tech: A Year-End Review
Source: Law360
01 August 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Leading Healthcare, Life Sciences & Technology Team News Releases
09 December 2011
Reaction of InCl3 with Various Reducing Agents: InCl3-NaBH4 Mediated Reduction of Aromatic and Aliphatic Nitriles to Primary Amines
Source: Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012, 77, 221-228
13 September 2011
Appeals and RCEs – the frequency and success of challenges to the specific rejection types Events
01 January 2011
Directed co-assembly of heme proteins with amphiphilic block copolymers toward functional biomolecular materials
Source: Soft Matter
10 August 2010
Drafting Chemistry and Biotechnology Process Claims in Light of Bilski
Source: Federal Circuit Bar Association Newsletter
30 April 2010
Legal Ramifications of Physician-Hospital Integrations Events
01 March 2010
Mycobacterial outer membranes: in search of proteins
Source: Trends in Microbiology, 2010, 18: 109-16
01 March 2004
The Continuing Balance: Federal Regulation of Biotechnology
Source: The American Bar Associaton's Jurimetrics
01 January 1993
Anesthesia induced enhancement of taste aversion in utero
Source: Society of Neuroscience

Construction & Infrastructure

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01 May 2016
Public Private Partnerships Law Review: Chapter 21 – United States
Source: The Public-Private Partnership Law Review
Other Publications
10 March 2016
Construction Contract Claims – Lessons Learned from the Construction Battlefield Events
07 December 2015
2015 Construction SuperConference Events
03 November 2015
EPA Issues Clean Power Plan Final Rule: Rule Includes New Incentives For Early Renewables Projects Legal Alerts
22 June 2015
The Masters Institute in Construction Contracting Events
12 June 2015
ARTBA Law and Regulatory Forum Events
17 December 2014
DOE Issues Solicitation For Its $12.5 Billion Loan Guarantee Program For Advanced Nuclear Energy Projects Legal Alerts
15 September 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Marianna Toma Named to Key American Bar Association Committee Leadership Role News Releases
01 September 2014
You Decide: Green Globes v. LEED
Source: North Carolina Bar Association, Construction Law Section, Section Vol. 29, No. 1
14 January 2014
Claims and Your Rights Events
01 August 2013
Don’t Ignore the Cost of Money
Source: Construction Executive
02 April 2013
2013 Construction Law Seminar - Key Issues To Consider Regarding Subcontractors on Construction Projects Events
15 February 2012
2012 Construction Law Seminar - Discovery Issues in Construction Claims Events
01 January 2012
Southeastern Region: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia
Source: Construction Law Update 2012
Other Publications
01 April 2011
False Claims, Contract Disputes, and the Government Contractor
Source: Building Baltimore
16 December 2010
Construction Defects Coverage and the CGL Policy: Coverage for Defective Work May Exist
Source: 2010 Construction SuperConference
06 December 2010
Government Contractor Denied Immunity from Katrina Claims – Specifications Not Precise Enough
Source: ConstructionWebLinks.com & Law 360.com
01 April 2010
Guam Military Buildup: Construction Boom?
Source: News in Brief
10 March 2010
Trends in Public-Private Partnership Development Events
20 June 2009
A Primer on Landslides Events
15 June 2009
Assessing ADR Option in the UAE Events
30 April 2009
Changing Times: The New State of Labor and Employment Law Policy Events
20 February 2009
President Obama Signs Executive Order Encouraging Project Labor Agreements on Federal Construction Projects Legal Alerts
01 January 2009
The Products-Completed Operations Hazard: When Coverage Exists, Just What is Covered?
Source: 2009 Construction Law Update
Other Publications
15 February 2008
Trends in Public-Private Partnership Development in California Events
26 January 2007
Risk Transfer, Indemnity and Additional Insured Coverage Events
10 April 2006
2006 Brings Important Changes to Design-Build Laws
Source: News in Brief
01 July 2003
Using the Common Interest Doctrine to Protect Insured-Insurer and Insured-Broker Communications
Source: 2003 Construction Law Update
01 January 1994
Construction Disputes: Practice Guide with Forms (two-volume book) (book cited by United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Sloan & Company v. Liberty Mutual Ins. Co., 653 F.3d 175, 183 (3d Cir. 2011)
Source: Wiley Publications
Assigning Contractual Risk for LEED® Certification
Source: News in Brief
Tricks, Traps and Ploys in Scheduling Claims Events


Entertainment, Media & Sports

Financial Services

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02 March 2016
Tech Cos. Hold Key To Financial Services For The 'Unbanked'
Source: Law360
01 May 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Counsels United Financial Bancorp in Merger News Releases
13 August 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Plays Key Role in Bank Merger News Releases
01 March 2006
Islamic Finance: A Growing Industry in the United States
Source: 10 North Carolina Banking Institute 355

Government & Municipalities

Health Care

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16 September 2015
American Telemedicine Association 2015 Fall Forum Events
01 October 2014
Colliding Technologies Produce New US Healthcare Networks
Source: eHealth Law & Policy
11 April 2014
Opening Pandora’s Box: Managing Regulatory Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions Events
01 December 2013
ACOs: Rewarding Quality of Care?
Source: Chicago Medicine
01 November 2013
Critically Important Proposed Stark Changes to Physicians
Source: Medical Association of Georgia Journal, Vol. 102, Issue 3
23 December 2009
Recent Trends In Health Care Wage And Hour Law
Source: Law360
01 October 1998
Physician Employment and Recruiting Agreements Events

Investment & Securities


DateTitleKnowledge Type
23 October 2012
Will the SEC's Recently Adopted Conflict Minerals Rule Impact You? Legal Alerts
30 January 2010
Climate Change Regulation Emerging Issues

Medical & Surgical Devices

DateTitleKnowledge Type
03 December 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Michael Cirino to Firm’s Atlanta Office News Releases
10 January 2010
New Opportunities in Medical Devices Events

Native American

Non-profit & Trade Associations

DateTitleKnowledge Type
15 November 2014
Risk Management & Insurance Events


DateTitleKnowledge Type
08 May 2014
Patent Office Backlog Adds Billions to National Drug Expenditure
Source: Nature Biotechnology 32, 436-439

Professional Services

DateTitleKnowledge Type
10 June 2003
Firm-Level Marketing and Developing Client Relationships Events

Real Estate

Retail & Consumer Goods

DateTitleKnowledge Type
15 September 2016
Transatlantic Transactions: Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Value Events

Semiconductors & Electronics

DateTitleKnowledge Type
13 November 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Jason Friday to Firm’s Raleigh Office News Releases

Technology & Software

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30 November 2016
Emerging Threats and New Areas of Coverage Events
29 June 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Brooke McGuffey to Firm’s Atlanta Office News Releases
19 June 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Mehul Shah to Firm’s San Francisco Office News Releases
09 April 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Counsel Christian Nicholes to Firm’s Silicon Valley Office News Releases
08 May 2011
How to Prevent Misuse of Electronic Info – Training, Policies Help Protect Businesses from Rogue Employees
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
01 October 2010
HP v. Acceleron: Companies No Longer Have to Bet the Farm When Facing Possible Infringement Suits
Source: new matter, Vol. 35, No. 3
04 August 2010
Google's Qualification for Safe Harbor Protection Gives Guidance on DMCA Notices
Source: Townsend IP Update
01 January 2009
Trade Secrets and the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine
Source: Technology Litigation Desk Reference
Other Publications
01 September 2007
Mod Chips and Homebrew: A Recipe for Their Continued Use in the Wake of Sony v. Divineo
Source: North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology, Volume 9, Issue 1, 113
16 June 2007
China International Software & Information IP Protection Forum
Source: China International Software & Information Service Conference
16 January 2007
IP Protection for Nanotechnology Inventions Events
01 February 2006
International Issues in Patent Law Events
01 January 2006
How Sony Survived: Peer to Peer Software, Grokster, and Contributory Copyright Liability in the 21st Century
Source: 84 North Carolina Law Review 646
01 January 1996
Alternative IP Resolution
Source: The Recorder

Utilities & Power Systems

DateTitleKnowledge Type
24 June 2014
Matt Ferguson Featured Speaker and Co-Chair at Premier Renewable Energy Conference News Releases
01 May 2014
The Twenty-First Century Wind Boom: Why Texas is Leading the Way
Source: Texas Environmental Law Journal, Volume 44:1
05 February 2008
Geothermal Risk Mitigation and Strategies Report
Source: U.S. Department of Energy
06 May 2005
Nuclear Plant License Renewal and Federal Income Tax Challenges
Source: Energy Central


DateTitleKnowledge Type
14 September 2016
The AIA’s First-to-File Transition SHOULD have Resulted in More Provisional Filings
Source: IP Watchdog
09 September 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report September 2-8, 2016 Media Reports
22 August 2016
Partner Allisen Pawlenty-Altman Rejoins Kilpatrick Townsend’s Intellectual Property Department in Washington, DC News Releases
08 August 2016
The Pearl, August 8, 2016 In the News
05 August 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report July 29 - August 4, 2016 Media Reports
03 August 2016
The Pearl, August 3, 2016 In the News
03 August 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend's and Ponemon Institute's Co-Authored Study on Cybersecurity Referenced in Information Week's "Data Theft Prevention: Companies Lack Policies, Knowledge." In the News
02 August 2016
The Pearl, August 2, 2016 In the News
21 July 2016
Cross-Border Issues between the United States and Germany Events
19 July 2016
The Pearl, July 19, 2016 In the News
13 July 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend Sponsors an Equal Justice Works Fellow News Releases
08 July 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend’s John Moye Elected to the Board of Directors of the Georgia Chapter of the Georgetown University Alumni Association News Releases
30 June 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Adria Perez Named One of Georgia’s Attorneys “On the Rise” News Releases
29 June 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Kimberlynn Davis Named to Jumpstart Atlanta Advisory Board News Releases
28 June 2016
Brexit — What IP Rights Holders Need to Understand Now Legal Alerts
27 June 2016
The Pearl, June 27, 2016 In the News
23 June 2016
Daily Report Professional Excellence: On the Rise: Adria Perez In the News
23 June 2016
The Pearl, June 23, 2016 In the News
23 June 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Intellectual Property Department Honored at the 2016 International Legal Alliance Summit News Releases
23 June 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named 2016 Washington Super Lawyers News Releases
17 June 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report June 10-16, 2016 Media Reports
16 June 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend Expands Global Sourcing & Technology Team in Atlanta News Releases
15 June 2016
OFCCP Updates Sex Discrimination Guidelines for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors Legal Alerts
12 June 2016
The Pearl, June 12, 2016 In the News
06 June 2016
Mary Craig Calkins Quoted in Business Insurance re: "Recision Fight Illustrates Need for Full Disclosure." In the News
03 June 2016
The Pearl, June 3, 2016 In the News
02 June 2016
The Defend Trade Secret Act Becomes Law: Are you Protecting Your Most Prized Assets? Events
02 June 2016
The Pearl, June 2, 2016 In the News
02 June 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Gary Bronstein Featured Speaker at Maryland Bankers Association’s 2016 Annual Convention News Releases
02 June 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named to 2016 IAM Patent 1000 News Releases
01 June 2016
Eric Lin Joins Kilpatrick Townsend in Silicon Valley News Releases
26 May 2016
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Adequately Protected? Events
19 May 2016
Inventing Locally, Protecting Locally Events
11 May 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend Counsels Phyre Technologies in Exclusive Aerospace Industry Licensing Agreement for GOBIGGS™ Technology News Releases
09 May 2016
The Pearl, May 9, 2016 In the News
03 May 2016
The Pearl, May 3, 2016 In the News
28 April 2016
A Non-illusory Opportunity to Amend Legal Alerts
27 April 2016
Key Questions and Challenges for Doing Business in China Events
22 April 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report April 15-21, 2016 Media Reports
05 April 2016
Weighing the Recent Decline in Post-Grant Institution Rates Legal Alerts
04 April 2016
Matt Holohan Quoted in Law Week Colorado re: "Bill Could Keep More Patent Lawsuits in Colorado." In the News
04 April 2016
Bill Could Keep More Patent Lawsuits in Colorado
Source: Law Week Colorado
28 March 2016
The Pearl, March 28, 2016 In the News
23 March 2016
Demystifying The Attorney-Client Privilege
Source: Law360
21 March 2016
Gene Bernard Quoted in Law Week Colorado re: "Federal Circuit Recognizes Patent-Agent Privilege." In the News
21 March 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Assemble Five Panels at the ABA 31st Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference News Releases
15 March 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Mark Stember Featured Speaker at the 35th Employers Council on Flexible Compensation Annual Conference News Releases
12 March 2016
“Final” Versus “Non-Final” Office Action
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
10 March 2016
Steve Moore Quoted in Law360 re: "5 Tips For Showcasing Evidence At A Patent Trial." In the News
07 March 2016
The Pearl, March 7, 2016 In the News
29 February 2016
The Pearl, February 29, 2016 In the News
29 February 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend's Rupert Barkoff Profiled by Super Lawyers Magazine re: "The Collector: Rupert M. Barkoff is an Introvert by Nature, but When He's Passionate About Something He Goes All In" In the News
25 February 2016
The New Rule 34(b): Managing e-Discovery Requests, Objections & Other Fun Stuff Events
24 February 2016
The Pearl, February 24, 2016 In the News
24 February 2016
Impact of the New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure & Procedural Case Law on Patent Litigation Events
24 February 2016
Responding to Non-Practicing Entities, the Latest Events
23 February 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Ronald McKenzie to the Firm’s Atlanta Office News Releases
17 February 2016
Four Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Receive 2016 ILO Client Choice Awards News Releases
15 February 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend's David Cox and Erica Dominitz Quoted by Independent Banker re: "Financially Protected: Keeping Pace With Changes in Cyberinsurance Coverages" In the News
12 February 2016
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report February 4-11, 2016 Media Reports
01 February 2016
The Pearl, February 1, 2016 In the News
31 December 2015
The Pearl, December 31, 2015 In the News
29 December 2015
The Pearl, December 29, 2015 In the News
24 December 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report December 11-24, 2015 Media Reports
21 December 2015
The Pearl, December 21, 2015 In the News
17 December 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s John Moye and Drew Kifner Noted as Counsel re: “Lambda Legal Seeks Accurate Birth Certificates for Children Born to Married Same-Sex Couples in North Carolina” In the News
10 December 2015
The 16th Annual Advanced Patent Law Institute: Silicon Valley Events
04 December 2015
Global Insurance Recovery Blog Blogs
24 November 2015
Giving Thanks for the Patent Pro Bono Program In the News
20 November 2015
Trends Regarding Anti-Corruption Enforcement & Espionage in China and the United States Events
20 November 2015
ACI National Forum on Bad Faith Claims & Litigation Events
17 November 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Sue Wilder Named to Thomson Reuters Elite’s New Global Client Advisory Board News Releases
16 November 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Mark Stember and Martha Sewell: Featured Speakers at Legal Issues for Workplace Wellness and Disease Management Programs Webinar News Releases
12 November 2015
Adria Perez Appointed to Hispanic National Bar Association’s Latina Commission News Releases
09 November 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Michael Fulks to Firm’s Winston-Salem Office News Releases
06 November 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report October 30 - November 5, 2015 Media Reports
27 October 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s John Moye Elected to the Governing Board of Crossroads Community Ministries News Releases
26 October 2015
Canberra mother 'forum shopped' for a quick divorce in the United States
Source: Canberra Times
26 October 2015
The Pearl, October 26, 2015 In the News
23 October 2015
The Pearl, October 23, 2015 In the News
19 October 2015
The Pearl, October 19, 2015 In the News
19 October 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Marc Lieberstein Wins Trademark Industry Award News Releases
16 October 2015
The Pearl, October 16, 2015 In the News
15 October 2015
U.S. Supreme Court Update Events
14 October 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Counsels Fraternity Community Bancorp, Inc. in Merger News Releases
14 October 2015
Kollin Zimmermann Joins Kilpatrick Townsend in Los Angeles News Releases
13 October 2015
Calla Yee Joins Kilpatrick Townsend in San Francisco News Releases
06 October 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Steve Berlin Named One of North Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly 2015 Leaders in Law News Releases
01 October 2015
Preventing Corporate Espionage: Risks Posed by Mobile Device Use by Employees Events
27 September 2015
Only 1 in 20,631 Ex Parte Appeals Designated Precedential by PTAB
Source: IP Watchdog
22 September 2015
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and International Anti-Corruption Efforts Events
18 September 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Pro Bono Team Receives Inaugural Tapestri Legal Team of the Year Award News Releases
11 September 2015
The Sky is the Sublimit: Cyber-Insurance Implications of FTC v. Wyndham
Source: Big Data Tech Law
10 September 2015
Maintaining Leverage and Maximizing Vendor Performance in Technology Transactions Events
03 September 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Noriaki Okabe in Tokyo News Releases
02 September 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Meghan Farmer to Firm’s Atlanta Office News Releases
28 August 2015
NLRB Expands Concept of Joint Employers Legal Alerts
23 August 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Noted as Counsel to Darion Barker by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution re: “Georgia’s Bold Step: Rethinking Prison Sentences” In the News
20 August 2015
The Pearl, August 20, 2015 In the News
13 August 2015
Ten Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named to 2015 International Who’s Who of Trademark Lawyers News Releases
11 August 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Zoe Niesel to Firm’s Winston-Salem Office News Releases
06 August 2015
Recent Legal Developments, Best Practices and Ethical Considerations in Patent Licensing and IP Diligence Events
05 August 2015
The Pearl, August 5, 2015 In the News
04 August 2015
3 Levels of Using Big Patent Prosecution Data
Source: Reed Tech IP Blog
04 August 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Ty Lord Elected to the Board of Directors of the Georgia Justice Project News Releases
03 August 2015
Revisiting Obviousness post-AIA Events
03 August 2015
The Pearl, August 3, 2015 In the News
28 July 2015
The Pearl, July 28, 2015 In the News
24 July 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Counsels to Community Financial Shares, Inc. in Merger News Releases
18 July 2015
Master Class: A Conversation with a Fortune 500 CEO Events
15 July 2015
California Clarifies Paid Sick Leave Statute Legal Alerts
01 July 2015
Obergefell Simplifies Benefit Plan Administration Legal Alerts
01 July 2015
Cybersecurity: What Boards of Directors and Management Need to Know
Source: PACB Transactions
01 July 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Intellectual Property Department Honored at the 2015 International Legal Alliance Summit News Releases
01 July 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Lindsay Kaplan and Nicki Kennedy Present “An Introduction to Trademarks and Patents,” at the ACC National Capital Region In-House Paralegal Institute News Releases
24 June 2015
The Pearl, June 24, 2015 In the News
22 June 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Client, HeadDEFENDER, Wins Gold Medal at 2015 Invention and New Product Expo News Releases
18 June 2015
SEC Proposes Changes to Form ADV Legal Alerts
18 June 2015
Twenty-Two Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named to 2015 IAM Patent 1000 News Releases
17 June 2015
Cyber Risk Insurance Battles – The Need for Caution Begins Before the Policy is Purchased Legal Alerts
16 June 2015
The Pearl, June 16, 2015 In the News
10 June 2015
Transfer Pricing Boot Camp for Lawyers Events
04 June 2015
The Pearl, June 4, 2015 In the News
03 June 2015
RISE Bi-Monthly Meeting Events
29 May 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Jon Neiditz Featured Speaker at SecureWorld Atlanta News Releases
27 May 2015
Three Upcoming Patent Law Decisions Expected from the Supreme Court Events
27 May 2015
Mary Craig Calkins Appointed President-Elect of the American College of Coverage and Extracontractual Counsel News Releases
19 May 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Ranks Among Top Five Intellectual Property Firms Globally News Releases
19 May 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Yendelela Neely Anderson Elected Vice-Chair of the Local Workforce Investment Board for the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency News Releases
14 May 2015
Trends in Technology and E-Commerce in India: Legal and Tax Issues Events
11 May 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Joe Petersen Featured Panelist at Digital Media Conference News Releases
22 April 2015
Balancing Catalyst Licensing and IP Protection Events
16 April 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Jon Neiditz Takes on the Internet of Things News Releases
16 April 2015
ABI Annual Spring Meeting - Understanding How New Requirements for Tax Sharing Agreements Impact Banks and Holding Companies Events
10 April 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Rupert Barkoff and Chris Bussert Named Among the Nation’s Top Franchise Attorneys News Releases
09 April 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Chris Gattuso and Kevin Toomey: Featured Speakers at the 131st Annual Texas Bankers Association Convention News Releases
08 April 2015
New NLRB Rules on Union Elections Take Effect April 14 Legal Alerts
07 April 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend's Trademark and Copyright Practice Top Ranked by Managing Intellectual Property News Releases
01 April 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend adds Zhenhai Fu in Silicon Valley News Releases
31 March 2015
Understanding B & B Hardware and Strategic Responses to the Opinion Legal Alerts
26 March 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Audra Dial Featured Mentor at the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Bizwomen Mentoring Monday News Releases
20 March 2015
Defining the Solution in Technology Contracts
Source: Daily Report
18 March 2015
Six Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named 2015 Colorado Super Lawyers News Releases
16 March 2015
Trademark Infringement Remedies Events
05 March 2015
Eight Corners Rule Events
04 March 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Heather Habes Featured Panelist at Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee Seminar News Releases
04 March 2015
Managing Intellectual Property Once Again Ranks Kilpatrick Townsend as One of the Top Trademark Practices in the Nation News Releases
04 March 2015
Open the Reasonableness Box Events
27 February 2015
Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law Every Business Lawyer Needs to Know Events
25 February 2015
Fashion.connect Volume 3 Events
09 February 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Honored by Her Justice 2015 Commitment to Justice Awards News Releases
04 February 2015
Our Call to the PTO: Release SAWS Data
Source: PatentlyO
03 February 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend's Yendelela Neely Anderson Honred by the Anti-Defamation League with the 2015 ADL Young Lawyer Award News Releases
02 February 2015
Supreme Court Rules Trademark Tacking Is a Question of Fact
Source: The Intellectual Property Strategist
30 January 2015
You've Been Served: Handling IRS Summonses in Audits and Tax Litigation Events
30 January 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report January 23-29, 2015 Media Reports
27 January 2015
New Data Shows Extent of Patent System Slowdown In the News
27 January 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend's Erica Dominitz quoted by Law360 re: "5 Tips For Policyholders To Clean Up After Winter Storms." In the News
26 January 2015
Common Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating Technology Contracts
Source: Daily Report
16 January 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report January 9-15, 2015 Media Reports
13 January 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Jenn Deal Named to the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation’s Junior Board News Releases
08 January 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Elects Mark Riedy to Partner News Releases
07 January 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Yin Cheung in Seattle News Releases
05 January 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend's Gary Joyner Emcees Research Triangle Regional Partnership Site Selection Consultant Luncheon in New York News Releases
29 December 2014
The Art of Negotiating Technology Contracts
Source: Daily Report
18 December 2014
15 Tips to Help Deal With (Or Avoid) The IRS in 2015 Articles
17 December 2014
2014: A Year of Changes in the Patent Landscape that will Impact In-house Counsel Events
17 December 2014
Kilpatrick Urges USPTO to Release SAWS Program Statistics In the News
04 December 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Annual Business Tax Conference Events
03 December 2014
Secret PTO Program Subjects Apps To Heightened Scrutiny
Source: Law360
03 December 2014
Protecting and Enforcing Trade Secrets in Georgia Events
03 December 2014
Ethical Issues Around Intellectual Property (IP) on Entry and Exit of Enterprises Events
02 December 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Charles Gray Interviewed by Shanghai TV News re: Implementation of the "Three-in-One" IP Reform Program in China In the News
20 November 2014
Three Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Once Again Selected as Leading Practitioners in Labor & Employment News Releases
12 November 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Chuck Hodges Recognized in Legal Media Group’s 2014 Expert Guides for Tax Law News Releases
10 November 2014
Before You Use Others' Intellectual Property Without Permission, Consider This...
Source: Franchise Law Journal
07 November 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Yendelela Neely Anderson Interviewed by Telemundo Atlanta re: Election Protection In the News
03 November 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Yendelela Neely Anderson Quoted by Law360 re: "BigLaw Rolls Up Its Sleeves On Election Day" In the News
01 November 2014
Mind the Gap – A Discussion on the Confidence Gap Between Men and Women Events
29 October 2014
The Evolution of Trademark Economics - From the Harvard School to the Chicago School to WIPO 2013 - As Sheparded by INTA and The Trademark Reporter
Source: The Trademark Reporter
27 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Erich Hellmold and Kevin Toomey Featured Speakers at the 2014 VBA Enterprise Risk Management Conference News Releases
25 October 2014
You Paid What??? A Look at the Value of Your Intellectual Property in Transactions vs. Litigation Events
24 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Chris Bussert Serves as Keynote Speaker at 27th Annual Forum on Franchising News Releases
23 October 2014
Maintaining Leverage and Maximizing Vendor Performance in Technology Transactions - Raleigh Events
23 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Honors Partner Susan Cahoon with Emory Scholarship News Releases
21 October 2014
Fashion.connect Volume 1 Events
21 October 2014
Controlling Verbal and Written Communications (Including Document Retention) Events
21 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Rob Edwards and Jon Neiditz Featured Speakers on Cybersecurity and Incident Response - Tech Law Series Event News Releases
17 October 2014
Monetizing Future Tax Savings: Tax Receivable Agreements Legal Alerts
15 October 2014
Tax Considerations of Acquiring Intellectual Property
Source: Journal of Taxation
15 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Welcomes Two New Associates in San Francisco News Releases
10 October 2014
Winning Combination: Mehrnaz Boroumand Smith In the News
10 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named 2014 New York Super Lawyers News Releases
10 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report October 3-9, 2014 Media Reports
09 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Jennifer Lowndes to Firm’s Atlanta Office News Releases
07 October 2014
Three Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named to Managing Intellectual Property Magazine's Top 250 Women in IP News Releases
03 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report September 26 - October 2, 2014 Media Reports
02 October 2014
Patent Reform in the Courts Events
02 October 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Todd Meyers Featured Panelist at Turnaround Management Association - Atlanta NextGen: Titans of the Industry Event News Releases
01 October 2014
Protecting and Enforcing Trade Secrets In Georgia: Legal Requirements and Best Practices Events
24 September 2014
Prosecuting and Litigating in the Current Section 101 Environment Events
23 September 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Jon Neiditz Featured Panelist at Mobility Live! 2014 News Releases
27 August 2014
NLRB Rules That Employee's Use of the Facebook "Like" Feature Can Be Protected Activity Legal Alerts
25 August 2014
Governor McCrory Appoints Kilpatrick Townsend’s Rich Dietz to Fill North Carolina Court of Appeals Vacancy News Releases
08 August 2014
Claim scope based on claim construction submitted in IDS
Source: AIPLA Newsstand
07 August 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Serves as Title Sponsor of the 6th Annual Corporate Leadership Forum News Releases
06 August 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Lisa Pearson Organizes and Introduces New York City Bar Association’s Women in the Legal Profession: Building Your Brand Workshop News Releases
01 August 2014
Sponsorship Events
31 July 2014
Global Intellectual Property Management & Related Strategy Considerations Events
30 July 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Continues Growth in Shanghai News Releases
18 July 2014
Update on Trademark Law Events
17 July 2014
Kilpatrick Nabs Patent Pro From Alston & Bird In the News
15 July 2014
Brent Brougher Referenced as Counsel to IMG re: "6th Circ. Says Excess Insurer Must Foot $8M Defense Costs" News Releases
15 July 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Grows Real Estate Practice in Charlotte News Releases
10 July 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s David Zacks Launches the Dispute Resolution Firm of Zacks Resolution, LLC News Releases
01 July 2014
S. Ct. Resolves 'Raging' Debate Over the Use of the Laches Defense
Source: Intellectual Property Strategist
30 June 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named 2014 Washington Super Lawyers News Releases
27 June 2014
Federal Circuit applies Octane Fitness/Highmark exceptional case standard
Source: AIPLA Newsstand
27 June 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Hires Energy Project Finance Partner In the News
27 June 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report June 20-26, 2014 Media Reports
26 June 2014
Tom Franklin Quoted by Denver Business Journal re: "Patent Office Pending" In the News
24 June 2014
"And I Thought Government Contracts Were Tough!" - How Your Insurance Contracts Impact Your Government Contract Work, and Vice-Versa Events
24 June 2014
Construction Industry’s Leading Legal Guide Updated for 2014 News Releases
10 June 2014
Transfer Pricing Developments: From Planning to Audit Events
10 June 2014
Inter Partes Review Resurrection — To Join Or Not To Join?
Source: Law360
03 June 2014
Corporate Espionage Webinar Series: A New Approach to IP Protection and Safeguarding Trade Secrets Events
02 June 2014
How to Handle The New Domain Rules
Source: Law Week Colorado
01 June 2014
Qualification for Covered Business Method Review
Source: ABA Intellectual Property Litigation Newsletter
01 June 2014
Simpler Does Not Mean Simple -- Final Information Reporting Requirements for Employers
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
01 June 2014
America Invents Act: Race to the Patent Office, Where More Prior Art Awaits
Source: Intellectual Property Litigation (7th Ed.)
22 May 2014
Darin Gibby Uncorks an Award-Winning Novel News Releases
15 May 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report May 9-15, 2014 Media Reports
13 May 2014
Inter Partes and Covered Business Method Reviews -- Lessons from the First Year and a Half Events
08 May 2014
Ted Davis Featured Speaker at INTA Annual Meeting on Annual Review of U.S. Federal Case Law and TTAB Developments News Releases
07 May 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Ty Lord Selected to 2015 Class of Leadership Atlanta News Releases
02 May 2014
Record Number of Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named 2014 Washington, D.C. Super Lawyers News Releases
02 May 2014
John Moye Quoted by Law360 re: "Federal Trade Secrets Law Earns High Marks From Attys" In the News
01 May 2014
Corporate Espionage Newsletter
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend
Other Publications
28 April 2014
Susan Boyles Quoted by Triad Business Journal re: "Got Secrets? Keep Them Safe - Seven Keys to Defending Your Turf." In the News
28 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Shane Ramsey Selected to 2014 Turnaround Management Association’s Global NextGen Executive Committee News Releases
23 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Carl Salisbury Quoted by Law360 re: "In NHL Concussion Row, Insurers To Zero In On Violence." In the News
23 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Elevates New Counsel News Releases
22 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Marc Lieberstein Named Chair of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York Fashion Law Committee News Releases
18 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Referenced as Counsel to AT&T re: "9th Circ. Sides With AT&T, Verizon In MMS Antitrust Suit" In the News
18 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Referenced as Counsel to Delta Air Lines re: "11th Circ. Grounds Ex-Delta Worker's ERISA Appeal" In the News
18 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's John Alemanni and Ko-Fang Chang Quoted by Law360 re: "5 Tips For Killing Patents In AIA Reviews" In the News
17 April 2014
Low Examiner Allowance Rates, High Patent Term Adjustments
Source: Law360
15 April 2014
Government Contractors and the Cyber Threat: Practical Steps Toward Compliance with the Government’s New Cybersecurity Requirements Events
10 April 2014
Employees of Federal Contractors and Subcontractors Are Entitled to Discuss Compensation Under New Executive Order Legal Alerts
02 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Charles Pannell Awarded Distinguished Service Medal News Releases
01 April 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Receives High Recognition From “Client Choice Awards USA & Canada 2014” News Releases
30 March 2014
State Regulatory Update Events
13 March 2014
How to Protect Your Company’s Most Important Assets: Your Confidential Information and Your People Events
13 March 2014
China Intellectual Property and Innovation Summit 2014 Events
12 March 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Names Mehrnaz Boroumand Smith Managing Partner of San Francisco Office News Releases
11 March 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Tyler McAllister Speaks on Intellectual Property and Patent Law News Releases
10 March 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Partner Craig Largent Brings "Can Do" Attitude to New Stanford Fellowship In the News
06 March 2014
What Every Employer Needs to Know About the Employer Penalty Taxes Under Health Care Reform Events
06 March 2014
What the Bench Wants, What the Bench Needs, Whatever Makes the Bench Happy...and Other Ethical Considerations That Govern Coverage Advocacy Articles
03 March 2014
Mark LeHocky Joins Kilpatrick Townsend News Releases
28 February 2014
38th Annual Tax Law Conference Events
27 February 2014
Advanced Patent Law Seminar: Ethical Issues Facing Patent Practitioners Events
27 February 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Receives the United Way of North Carolina's Spirit of North Carolina Campaigning for Excellence Award News Releases
25 February 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Shane Ramsey Named to the Board of Mary Hall Freedom House News Releases
25 February 2014
Employers Must File Protective Claims for Refund by April 15, 2014 for FICA Tax Paid on Severance Pay Legal Alerts
24 February 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Richard Dietz Named One of “The Triad’s 40 Leaders Under Forty” News Releases
21 February 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report February 14-20, 2014 Media Reports
14 February 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Kelvin Catmull Appointed to OneJustice Advisory Board News Releases
07 February 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report, January 31 - February 6, 2014 Media Reports
13 January 2014
In Memoriam: Thomas C. Shelton, 1925-2014 In the News
09 January 2014
A Look At The Results Of USPTO's Interview Program
Source: Law360
08 January 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s John Moye Quoted by Law360 re: “In New Year, Congress Has Full Plate Of Trade Secret Bills” In the News
07 January 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Josh Hess to Firm’s Atlanta Office News Releases
06 January 2014
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Audra Dial to Speak at the 2014 IP Issues in Business Transactions Conference News Releases
01 January 2014
King Tut and Tahrir Square: The Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and the Advantage of Viewing Cultural Heritage Destruction through a Right to Culture Lens
Source: 20 Southwestern Journal of International Law 283
20 December 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report December 12-19, 2013 Media Reports
16 December 2013
Winston-Salem Lawyer Heads for the Big Show In the News
16 December 2013
Five Myths About Data Breach and How to Shatter Them
Source: eHealth Law & Policy
12 December 2013
Time To Revisit Mistaken Precedent On CGL Coverage
Source: Law360
05 December 2013
Defending Against NPEs: Updates to Case Law and Strategies Events
04 December 2013
Fifth Circuit Denies Enforcement to NLRB Decision Invalidating Class-Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements Legal Alerts
03 December 2013
2013 Tax Conference for Corporations and Flow-Through Entities Events
03 December 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorney to Argue Federal Gun Law Before U.S. Supreme Court News Releases
29 November 2013
Corporate Law Events
20 November 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Ben Snowden Named Chair of New Sustainability Committee News Releases
19 November 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend's Mitch Stockwell quoted by Law360 re: "Fed. Circ. Upholds $10M Medtronic Patent Verdict" In the News
15 November 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend's Media Report November 8-14, 2013 Media Reports
13 November 2013
Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Albany Housing Advocate and Residents of the Albany Bulb to Stop Removal of Homeless News Releases
08 November 2013
Kilpatrick Gains E-Discovery Counsel From Bank of America In the News
08 November 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Martha Bucaram Served as Panelist on Cross-Border Transactions Event News Releases
01 November 2013
Using Third-Party Logos in Downloadable Applications, Games, and Other Online Materials
Source: INTA Bulletin, Vol. 68, No. 19
24 October 2013
Five Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Selected as World’s Leading Women in Business Law by Renowned Legal Media Group News Releases
22 October 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend's Jennifer Arkowitz Named One of Managing Intellectual Property Magazine's Top 250 Women in IP News Releases
17 October 2013
New York State Bar Association's Intellectual Property and The Global Marketplace Intellectual Property Law Section – Fall Meeting, Program Chair Events
08 October 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Jon Neiditz Featured Speaker at the South Carolina School Boards Association’s 2013 Risky Business Seminar News Releases
26 September 2013
Corporate Espionage Webinar Series - Part 1 Podcasts
24 September 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Todd Meyers and Shane Ramsey to Speak at the Turnaround Management Association Annual Conference News Releases
18 September 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Christopher Towery to Firm’s Charlotte Office News Releases
10 September 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Akash Desai to Firm’s Atlanta Office News Releases
06 September 2013
Avoid Club Fed: White Collar Crime and Corporate Investigations Events
27 August 2013
Patent Licensing Considerations
Source: Association of Corporate Counsel
16 August 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- August 9-15, 2013 Media Reports
09 August 2013
Digital Advertising Alliance Releases Guidance For Mobile Data Collection Practices Legal Alerts
09 August 2013
Air Quality Committee Newsletter, Editor
Source: Air Quality Committee Newsletter
Other Publications
08 August 2013
Preparing Clients for a Successful Mediation Events
06 August 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend is a Proud Inaugural Member of the Law Firm Sustainability Network News Releases
05 August 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Jonathan Olinger to Firm's Atlanta Office News Releases
25 July 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- July 19 - 25, 2013 Media Reports
18 July 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Mark Stember Quoted by Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Daily re: "OPM Memo Likely ‘Exactly Telegraphs’ IRS Approach Post-Windsor, Attorney Says" In the News
18 July 2013
Speaker, Iacocca Institute – Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry Events
17 July 2013
The Georgia Pain Management Clinic Act Effective July 1, 2013
Source: Healthcare Authority
10 July 2013
Guest Lunch Speaker, HNBA/Microsoft IP Law Institute Events
01 July 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named 2013 Washington Super Lawyers News Releases
14 June 2013
Let’s Talk: Cooperation With Opposing Counsel Can Contain Discovery Costs
Source: New York Law Journal
13 June 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Miles Alexander Inducted into the Prestigious IP Hall of Fame News Releases
06 June 2013
Kilpatrick Townsends Alec Zacaroli Quoted by Bloomberg BNA Toxics Law Reporter re: "Arlington v. FCC Unlikely to Have Big Impact On Courts Reviewing EPA Action, Experts Say" In the News
06 June 2013
Final Wellness Program Rules-Beware What You Wish For Legal Alerts
03 June 2013
Client Success: Intellectual Property. News Releases
29 May 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Counsel to Expanding Seattle Office News Releases
28 May 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Again Earns Record-Breaking Recognition From CHAMBERS USA 2013 News Releases
24 May 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- May 17 - 23, 2013 Media Reports
21 May 2013
The Anatomy of Physician Integration - Part I: Models for Hospital/Physician Integration, Part I – Models for Hospital/Physician Integration Events
16 May 2013
Twenty-Nine Kilpatrick Townsend Attorneys Named to Managing Intellectual Property’s IP Stars List News Releases
09 May 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Lisa Pearson -- INTA 2013: Lessons on Protecting Fluid Trademarks News Releases
08 May 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Once Again Gives Back at Annual Partners & Counsel Retreat News Releases
02 May 2013
Adjusting to Recent Trends in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Export Controls, and Cyber Security Events
02 May 2013
Big Ideas About Big Data Prompt Two Partners to Join Kilpatrick In the News
01 May 2013
When the Crane (or Something Else) Collapses: Is There Coverage?
Source: 2013 Construction Law Update
Other Publications
01 May 2013
The Search for Authenticity and the Manipulation of Tradition: Restriction of Reproductive Autonomy in Egypt and the United States
Source: 19 Cardozo Journal of Gender & Law 325
01 May 2013
The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Disloyal Employees: How Far Should the Statute Go To Protect Employers from Trade Secret Theft?
Source: 64 Hastings Law Journal 5
23 April 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Melanie Sabo to Washington, DC Office News Releases
19 April 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Dennis Wilson Once Again Named One of California’s Top IP Litigators News Releases
18 April 2013
The Affordable Care Act: What Does it Mean for Physicians? Events
16 April 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend's Lisa Pearson: Featured Speaker on Fluid Trademarks: The Changing Face of Brands Webinar Presented by ACC's Intellectual Property Committee News Releases
08 April 2013
Legislative & Regulatory Update: The Latest News from Washington Events
01 April 2013
Amazon.com and Overstock.com v. New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Source: E-Commerce Law Reports, Volume 13, Issue 2
01 April 2013
Strategic Planning for Community Banks: The Role & Responsibilities of the Board of Directors Events
29 March 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend's Miles Alexander Profiled by Atlanta Attorney at Law Magazine re: "Spending Time With The Senior Alexander" In the News
26 March 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Named the U.S. Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year News Releases
18 March 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Names Danny Marti Managing Partner of Washington, DC Office News Releases
15 March 2013
Trademarks That Make Health and Nutrition Claims Under U.S. and EU Food-Labeling Regulations (Co-Author)
Source: INTA Bulletin, Vol. 68, No. 6
05 March 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Mark Stember: Featured Speaker at Employers Council of Flexible Compensation Conference News Releases
08 February 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- February 2 - 8, 2013 Media Reports
08 February 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Clay Wheeler Appointed to the Board of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority News Releases
07 February 2013
Best Practices in Document Production Events
25 January 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney April Day to Firm’s Washington, DC Office News Releases
22 January 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Tina McKeon Receives Prestigious 2013 Georgia Bio Community Award News Releases
15 January 2013
Inter-Partes Review “Dead Zone” Eliminated – All Issued Patents Are Now Eligible Legal Alerts
10 January 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- January 4 - 10, 2013 Media Reports
08 January 2013
Important Changes to the Federal Economic Espionage Act That Protect Trade Secrets Legal Alerts
07 January 2013
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Antitrust Team Selected as One of the World’s Best News Releases
04 January 2013
Show Me the Benjamins: New Sources of Physician Revenue Events
02 January 2013
'To the Extent' a Party Must Indemnify Another Party to a Construction Contract
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend
01 January 2013
Big Data: The Newest Tool in Telling a Winning Story Events
20 December 2012
Key Deadline Approaches for Native Americans in $3.4 Billion Cobell Indian Trust Settlement News Releases
13 December 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Receives National Recognition For Superior Client Service News Releases
12 December 2012
Look What They’ve Done to My Song Ma!: The Past, Present & Future of Copyright Law and Music Events
27 November 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Hosts New York State Bar Association Intellectual Property Section Litigation Committee Roundtable News Releases
15 November 2012
Developments in US Patent Law Events
07 November 2012
NLRB Advice Memoranda Offer Guidance for Avoiding Unlawful Employment-at-Will Statements Legal Alerts
05 November 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend's Karam Saab Named a Law Week Colorado "Up-And-Coming Lawyer" In the News
01 November 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Eben Allen to Firm’s Seattle Office News Releases
01 November 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Earns Record-Breaking Recognition in US News - Best Lawyers® 2013 “Best Law Firms” Rankings News Releases
29 October 2012
Dietary Supplement Marketers Now Under OIG Scrutiny
Source: Law360
26 October 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Charlie Henn Named One of Georgia Trend’s 40 Under 40 News Releases
25 October 2012
2013 Legislative Update CLE Events
19 October 2012
Business Partnerships and Investment: Intellectual Property Licensing Due Diligence, Events
18 October 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- October 12 - 18, 2012 Media Reports
13 October 2012
2013 DaVinci Inventor Showcase Events
04 October 2012
Protecting Trade Secrets Podcasts
01 October 2012
Flooding and Fracking: A Review of Extreme Weather Impacts on Drilling Activities
Source: American Bar Association Natural Resources & Environment Journal
30 September 2012
Is Copyright’s Transformative-Use Doctrine a Square Peg in the Round Hole of Right-of-Publicity Cases?
Source: IP Litigator
18 September 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Edwin Garrison to Firm’s Atlanta Office News Releases
29 August 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Earns Record-Breaking Recognition in Annual Best Lawyers in America 2013 News Releases
27 August 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Recognized by Prestigious 2012 Legal 500 US News Releases
25 August 2012
Affordable Care Act: How Will it Affect OB/GYN Practice? Events
22 August 2012
Final Patent Office Rules Improve and Clarify Inter Partes Review Proceeding Legal Alerts
22 August 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Joe Scibilia Selected to the Board of Directors of Action Ministries News Releases
21 August 2012
Law Seminars International: Kilpatrick Townsend's Keith Harper to Speak About "Settlement of Trust Fund Mismanagement Lawsuits Against the Federal Government." News Releases
20 August 2012
Effect on Community Bank of the Recently Issued Proposals to Change the Regulatory Capital Requirements Applicable to Banking Organizations Events
19 July 2012
The Pipeline to Equity Partnership: The Skills, Strategies, and Stumbling Blocks Senior Women Lawyers Encounter on Their Path to Reach Equity Status Events
19 July 2012
Franchisor-Supplier Relationships: the Legal Perspective
Source: New York Law Journal
13 July 2012
Georgia Court Rejects An Insurer’s “Boilerplate” Language Purporting to Reserve Unasserted Coverage Defenses Legal Alerts
13 July 2012
Yahoo! Cyber Breach and Password Protection Events
26 June 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Adds Attorney Dennis Chang to Firm’s Silicon Valley Office News Releases
12 June 2012
State Sales and Income Tax Update for Inbound Investors Events
12 June 2012
Art of the Fashionable Deal Events
11 June 2012
Proving Irreparable Harm in Trademark and Unfair Competition Litigation Events
06 June 2012
Corporate Governance: The Role & Responsibilities of Board Committees Events
01 June 2012
Fast-Lane Prosecution: Allowances in One Year Events
01 June 2012
James Trigg interviewed in connection with Practical Law Journal article concerning termination of copyright transfers. In the News
31 May 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Serves as Legal Counsel to Beacon Federal Bancorp in Acquisition by Berkshire Hills Bancorp News Releases
31 May 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- May 25 - 31, 2012 Media Reports
30 May 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Tim Cahn Quoted in TB&I Magazine Regarding ACTA In the News
21 May 2012
April/May Update: Kilpatrick Townsend Welcomes Our New Attorneys News Releases
09 May 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend's Susan Richardson Plays Critical Role in Negotiating Groundbreaking Extension in Sewer Consent Decree News Releases
08 May 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Once Again Named a Go-To-Law Firm for the Nation’s Top 500 Companies News Releases
08 May 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Paul Aguggia to Serve as Featured Panelist at FinPro’s Annual Community Bank Mergers & Acquisitions Conference News Releases
07 May 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Mark Stember to Speak at the American Bar Association Section of Taxation Meeting News Releases
03 May 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- April 27 - May 3, 2012 Media Reports
30 April 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Corena Norris-McCluney Speaks at National Employment Law Council Annual Meeting News Releases
30 April 2012
IP Case Summary: District Court held the Grammy nominated song “I Apologize” is a copyright infringement. In the News
30 April 2012
Voices From the Field
Source: Fulton County Daily Report
25 April 2012
Touching Up Cosmetics Regulation
Source: Law360
24 April 2012
The JOBS Act: What to Expect from the Not-So-Private Private Placement Regulations Legal Alerts
23 April 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Advises Sveafastigheter JV in an Acquisition of Ibis hotel in Stockholm News Releases
23 April 2012
IP Case Summary: No “BLING BLING” for defendants seeking attorney’s fees under the Lanham Act. In the News
18 April 2012
Mandatory Fees on Health Plan Insurers and Plan Sponsors to Fund Research Legal Alerts
16 April 2012
IP Case Summary: Second Circuit Examines DMCA safe harbor’s requirements of knowledge and right and ability to control. In the News
09 April 2012
Don’t Believe the Myths: IP Cases Can Be Covered by Insurance
Source: Los Angeles Daily Journal
01 April 2012
IP Case Summary: First Circuit affirms lower court’s award of attorneys’ fees, despite lower court’s failure to use lodestar analysis. In the News
28 March 2012
Court Denies Counterclaims Against Virginia Tech: Cites Sovereign Immunity Doctrine. News Releases
26 March 2012
Research Collaborations and Intellectual Property Rights Events
26 March 2012
IP Case Summary: Willful blindness standard for active inducement of patent infring also applies to claims of fraud on the USPTO in trademark applications. In the News
13 March 2012
IP Case Summary: 9th Circuit: Declaration testimony can take the place of survey evidence in the materiality inquiry. In the News
27 February 2012
‘Actual Transfer’ vs. ‘Making Available:’ A Critical Analysis of the Exclusive Right to Distribute Copyrighted Works (Part II)
Source: New Matter, Vol. 37, No. 1
25 February 2012
Entertainment Law Career Day Events
13 February 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Mark Stember: Featured Speaker at American Bar Association Section Of Taxation Meeting News Releases
09 February 2012
2012 Advanced Trademark Seminar - Online Enforcement Events
08 February 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Welcomes Three Associates to the Atlanta Office News Releases
27 January 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Audra Dial Selected to the MS Leadership Class of 2012 News Releases
26 January 2012
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- January 20 - 26, 2012 Media Reports
24 January 2012
Rambo Revisited: Does Hardball Work? Events
11 January 2012
NLRB Decision Finding Arbitration Agreement Unlawful Affects Unionized and Non-Unionized Employers Alike Legal Alerts
01 January 2012
Limits Issues
Source: The Handbook on Additional Insureds
Other Publications
01 January 2012
Diverging Defaults: When Do You Own “Your” IP? (Co-Author)
Source: Creative Lawyering for Growth in the Entertainment Industry
14 December 2011
A New Twist on the Duty to Defend
Source: Daily Journal
07 December 2011
Global Outsourcing: An Overview of Best Practices and Contact Considerations Events
02 December 2011
Social Media Policies Reduce Liability Risks
Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle
29 November 2011
IP e-Discovery: How Much Money Did You Waste in Your Last Litigation Events
08 November 2011
KT Breakfast Briefing - Insuring Cyber Risks: Practical Advice for Protecting Your Business From Electronic Losses Events
08 November 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- October 28 - November 3, 2011 Media Reports
06 November 2011
Approval Pathways for Biosimilars in the U.S. and EU Events
01 November 2011
The Effect of Ecologically Relevant Light Conditions on the Performance of Mongolian Gerbils in Two Visual Tasks
Source: Elsevier Editorial System MS. No. BEPROC-D-10-00198R1
27 October 2011
Copyright Issues for Bloggers Events
21 October 2011
Protein-ligand biosensing: dielectric spectroscopy and numerical simulation of molecular interactions Events
19 October 2011
Maximizing Your Insurance Assets: Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Events
19 October 2011
What Keeps the Corporate Legal Team up at Night? Events
03 October 2011
The Untapped Potential of Early Mediation Programs Events
01 October 2011
Influence of pKa shifts on the calculated dipole moments of proteins
Source: The Protein Journal, Volume 30, Issue 7, 490-498
01 October 2011
The Advent of ".anything"
Source: Inside Counsel
01 October 2011
Background Checks in Employment: Legal Requirements, Pitfalls, and Practical Considerations Events
28 September 2011
The Patent Reform Act of 2011 - The Growing Tension Between Protecting Invention and Competing in the Global Marketplace Events
16 September 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend's Kristin Garris Appointed Vice Chair of the Wake Forest University School of Law Young Alumni Board News Releases
15 September 2011
Rethinking Legal Services: Reducing Legal Spend and Financial Risk Events
14 September 2011
Protecting & Enforcing Trade Secrets in Georgia: Legal Requirements and Best Practices Events
13 September 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Scott Marrah to Speak at Northern Virginia Technology Council Seminar on Preparing for Government Investigations News Releases
11 September 2011
Legal Issues Surrounding Genetic Information Research & Development Events
08 September 2011
Betty Boop redux: Ninth Circuit revisits aesthetic functionality
Source: World Trademark Review Daily
01 September 2011
Illegal Gratuities, Kickbacks and Bribes: Which Activities Can Inadvertently Fall into These Categories, and Legal Protections for Whistleblowers Events
25 August 2011
IP Innovations Class: 2011 Patent Case Law (January-June) and Its Impact on In-House Counsel Events
11 August 2011
Corporate Espionage and Unclean Hands - Lessons Learned from a $309 Million Judgment Legal Alerts
01 August 2011
What You Should Know When Processing Patents in Non-US Jurisdictions Events
01 August 2011
Accelerated Patent Prosecution Techniques Events
01 August 2011
Enforcement of IP in China Events
25 July 2011
Hot Topics in Commercial Insurance Law 2011: Key Developments Concerning Coverage Issues and Claim Trends Under CGL Coverage
Source: Litigation and Administrative Practice Course Handbook Series - Practising Law Institute
22 July 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Greg Cinnamon Elected President of Atlanta Chapter of Association for Corporate Growth News Releases
19 July 2011
Functional Claiming and Functional Disclosure Events
06 July 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Co-Managing Partner Maureen Sheehy Elected to East Bay Community Law Center Board of Directors News Releases
20 June 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Receives Gold Standard Certification from the Women in Law Empowerment Forum News Releases
20 June 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Lisa Pearson to Serve as Featured Speaker at Annual New York City Bar Women in Intellectual Property Series News Releases
20 June 2011
D&O Insurance - Recent Developments Events
16 June 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Named One of Washington DC’s Leading Law Firms for Antitrust News Releases
02 June 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Media Report -- May 27 - June 2, 2011 Media Reports
01 June 2011
Regardless of Constraints, Many See Good Setting for Biomass Ventures
Source: Natural Gas & Electricity Journal
31 May 2011
Ken Jenkins Interviewed by San Diego Union-Tribune: Somaxon Faces Swift Attacks from Generics In the News
17 May 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Announces Winners for Annual IP Writing and Scholarship Competition News Releases
13 May 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Expands Real Estate Capital Markets Team in New York News Releases
06 May 2011
Strategies for Taking and Defending Depositions In Tax Cases Events
04 May 2011
Top Ten Issues In Contract Review and Negotiations Events
04 May 2011
Construction Law Seminar: Insurance to Manage Risks and Resolve Claims Events
03 May 2011
How Three Strikes Is Working
Source: Managing IP Magazine
27 April 2011
Use of Background Checks in Employment Decisions and Compliance With The FCRA Events
27 April 2011
Public Procurement - Protesting the Award Events
26 April 2011
North Carolina Bar Association IP Section Presents Kilpatrick Townsend with Pro Bono Awards News Releases
21 April 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend’s Wab Kadaba to Serve as Featured Speaker at Seventh Annual Intellectual Property Springposium News Releases
31 March 2011
Dealing with Domain Names Events
25 March 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend's Annie Rogaski to Serve as Chair and Mike Rosato and James Isbester to Serve as Featured Speakers at Corporate Counsel's 7th Annual IP Counsel Forum News Releases
17 March 2011
Partnership - Making Connections Work for You Events
25 February 2011
Online Enforcement Roundtable Events
23 February 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend's Audra Dial to Serve as Featured Speaker at First Annual Women in the Spotlight Conference News Releases
16 February 2011
When Thirty Days May Not Really Be Thirty Days Removing Multi-Defendant Cases Legal Alerts
04 February 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Partner Barry Benjamin: Featured Speaker at New York City Bar Center Conference News Releases
02 February 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Pro Bono Partner Debbie Segal Discusses the Issue of Domestic Violence with The Daily Report News Releases
27 January 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Names Paul Haughey Managing Partner in San Francisco News Releases
01 January 2011
Making the Case for Background Checks in Career Education
Source: Career Education Review
14 December 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton’s Wab Kadaba and Townsend and Townsend and Crew’s Ted Herhold Speak at 11th Annual Silicon Valley Advance Patent Law Institute News Releases
10 December 2010
NLRB Upholds Pre-Recognition Agreement Setting Future Terms and Conditions of Employment Legal Alerts
09 December 2010
Alternative Fee Arrangements and Cost Control: Bidding for Cases Events
03 November 2010
First Patents, Then Copyrights, Now Trademarks? A Look At Salinger V. Colting And Its Future Effect – Or Lack Thereof – On Trademark Cases In The Second Circuit Events
03 November 2010
Federal Circuit Briefing Events
02 November 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Partner W. Randy Eaddy Inducted into Furman University’s Political Science Hall of Fame News Releases
19 October 2010
Recent Developments in Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice Events
15 October 2010
Estimation of the internal dielectric constant of proteins using measured and simulated charge moments Events
07 October 2010
Distressed Real Estate – Where are the Opportunities? Events
01 October 2010
Transborder Licensing: A New Frontier for Job Creation
Source: 13 Tulane J of Tech & Intellectual Property 103
01 October 2010
Distinction Without Difference? The Impact of Salinger on Preliminary Injunctions in Trademark Cases in the Second Circuit
Source: Bright Ideas
01 October 2010
Licensing Your Brand in China: Guidelines for Brand Owners
Source: Intellectual Property Litigation
24 September 2010
Informal Interview? Or Daunting Deposition?: Case study on Preparing and Presenting Witnesses for IRS Interviews Events
20 September 2010
Click-thru Nexus & Other State Nexus Initiatives Events
02 September 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Media Report -- August 27 - September 2, 2010 Media Reports
10 August 2010
The ‘Red Flags’ Rule: An Update for Counsel for Providers, Physicians & Attorneys
Source: Lexology
05 August 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton's Sarah Lowe Selected to Serve on Oglethorpe's President's Advisory Counsel News Releases
02 August 2010
US Patent Prosecution and Portfolio Development Strategies Events
27 July 2010
CMS Issues Proposed Rule Updating Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
Source: Lexology
26 July 2010
Michael Tyler Named Atlanta Business League Man of Influence News Releases
20 July 2010
What Bilski Means for E-Commerce Patents Events
19 July 2010
Preventive Care Rules under the Affordable Care Act Legal Alerts
14 July 2010
IRS Increases Scrutiny of 401(k) Plans Legal Alerts
08 July 2010
IP Innovations Class: Inequitable Conduct in the 21st Century, the Deadly Sins according to the Federal Circuit: Why playing fair in the Patent Office is an integral component of the duty of candor Events
28 June 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton's Ben Barkley Elected to the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation's Board of Trustees News Releases
15 June 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Recognized by Prestigious 2010 Legal 500 US News Releases
09 June 2010
What We’ve Learned: A Trial Technologist Perspective Events
07 June 2010
Evolving Models for University Commercialization Events
01 June 2010
Name-Clearing Hearings: How This “Remedy” Fails to Safeguard the Procedural Due Process Rights of Public Employees Accused of Sexual Harassment
Source: Georgia State University Law Review
01 June 2010
Health Care Reform: What Every Physician Should Know
Source: Medical Association of Georgia Journal, Vol. 99, Issue 2
01 June 2010
Information Security Regulatory and Litigation Trends and Emerging Issues Events
01 June 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton received a national ranking for Construction and was once again named a leading Georgia firm for Construction with a #1 ranking. Rankings and Awards
19 May 2010
Keep Following the Money: Advanced and Non-Traditional Physician-Hospital Transactions Events
18 May 2010
Health Care Reform Emerging Issues
14 May 2010
Pirates, Rovers, And Builders Risks: Seaborne Coverage Lessons For Shore-Based Construction Projects
Source: 2010 Construction Law Update, Aspen Publishers
15 April 2010
Top Five Issues Facing Physicians in 2010 Events
10 April 2010
Cook Elementary Partnership Featured in Winston-Salem Journal In the News
08 April 2010
Integration? Perhaps Not What the Doctor Ordered Events
08 April 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Media Report -- April 2 - 8, 2010 Media Reports
01 April 2010
Insurance 101 - Insights for Young Lawyers: The Perils of E-Discovery -- Landmines for the Client and the Counsel
Source: Coverage
01 April 2010
Striking Back Against Peremptory Strikes
Source: American Bar Association General Liability and Consumer Law Committee Newsletter
25 March 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Media Report -- March 19 - March 25 Media Reports
25 March 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton’s Barry Fleishman Selected to Serve on Law 360’s Insurance Editorial Advisory Board News Releases
24 March 2010
Federal Circuit's en banc Decision Delineates and Defines a Written Description Requirement
Source: Townsend IP Update
01 March 2010
Defending the Boor and the Misanthrope
Source: For the Defense
26 February 2010
ACC Mountain West Chapter 5th Annual CLE and Ski Event Events
23 February 2010
Failure to Register Foreign Copyrights in the United States Takes Millions in Potential Remedies Off the Table Legal Alerts
19 February 2010
Healthcare Reform: The Fallout and the Future Events
08 February 2010
The Department of Labor Issues Guidelines on Increased Child-Labor Penalties Legal Alerts
04 February 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Media Report January 29 – February 4, 2010 Media Reports
29 January 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton's Connie Robinson, Peter Boyle and Svetlana Gans to Present at ABA Corporate Counseling Program News Releases
28 January 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton's Adria Perez Selected President of the Board of Directors for ToolBank USA News Releases
26 January 2010
Patent Term Adjustment in the Wake of Wyeth
Source: The Daily Transcript
25 January 2010
North Carolina Lawyers Weekly Names Firm Win Third Largest for 2009 In the News
14 January 2010
Intellectual Property Innovations Class: The Changing Landscape of False Marking and Inequitable Conduct Defenses Podcasts
14 January 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Media Report -- January 8 - 14, 2010 Media Reports
12 January 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Attorneys Selected To Business North Carolina Magazine’s 2010 “Legal Elite” News Releases
11 January 2010
Federal Circuit Issues Important Patent Term Adjustment Ruling Legal Alerts
01 January 2010
Opinion Letters, Representation Issues, and the Impact of the Seagate and Knorr-Bremse Decisions
Source: Patent Litigation 2010 Course Handbook #24179
07 December 2009
Recent Decisions Affecting Trademark Practice Events
01 December 2009
Review of Liquidated Damages and Extensions of Time - A Right Riveting Read
Source: The In-House Lawyer
30 November 2009
Multistate Taxation of Banks and Financial Institutions: Part 2 – Apportionment
Source: Journal of Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions
11 November 2009
Kilpatrick Stockton's Kathryn Wade Receives Prestigious Volunteer of the Year Award News Releases
10 November 2009
Fatty acid composition of solvent-extracted lipids from two microalgae
Source: SAE Technical Papers
05 November 2009
Immediate Engagement: the New New Things Events
01 November 2009
Family Feud: The Tension Between Family Names and Trademarks
Source: The Trademark Reporter
22 October 2009
2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Congress on Paragraph IV Disputes and Settlements Events
08 October 2009
SEC Sets Deadline for Smaller Reporting Companies to Provide SOX Independent Auditor Assessment of Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Legal Alerts
01 October 2009
REMIC Qualification - Why Do We Care?
Source: Servicer Survival Guide
Other Publications
01 October 2009
Updated REMIC Regulations - What Do They Mean?
Source: Servicer Survival Guide
Other Publications
01 October 2009
Advisory Board
Source: ABI Views from the Bench 2009
Other Publications
01 October 2009
Trade Dress Protection: The Intersection Between Distinctiveness, Functionality and the Protection of Source - a 2008-2009 Case Update
Source: Minnesota CLE
Other Publications
25 September 2009
Kilpatrick Stockton's Gary Joyner Selected Chair-Elect of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce News Releases
24 September 2009
Habitat for Humanity Events
10 September 2009
Kilpatrick Stockton Partners Donate Mural Painted by Their Own Hands to American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge in Atlanta News Releases
27 August 2009
Benefits and Risks of Social Networking for Viral Marketing Events
18 August 2009
Say-On-Pay Proposals Lead Regulatory Reform
Source: Law 360
18 August 2009
The FTC Red Flags Rule – Impact on Employee Benefit Programs Legal Alerts
14 August 2009
Construction Disputes: Practice Guide with Forms (Two Volumes) 2d Ed.
Source: Aspen Publishers
12 August 2009
UPDATE: IRS Extends Deadline for FBAR Reporting Requirements for Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and Similar Commingled Investments Legal Alerts
01 August 2009
Publicly Traded Partnerships
Source: Practising Law Institute, Tax Planning for Domestic
16 July 2009
Kilpatrick Stockton Media Report -- July 10 - 16, 2009 Media Reports
16 July 2009
Representing Clients Faced with Telecommunications Issues Events
15 July 2009
Design and Utility Patent IP Protection for Fishing Tackle & Marine Products Events
09 July 2009
Issues Confronting Enforcement Authorities in the High Tech Sector: A U.S. Perspective Events
09 June 2009
Kilpatrick Stockton Partner Connie Robinson Named One of the World’s “Leading Women in Antitrust” News Releases
01 June 2009
The Regulation of Depository Institutions: Seismic Change Coming?
Source: Hoosier Banker
01 June 2009
The 2009 edition of Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business has once again named Kilpatrick Stockton a leading Georgia firm for Construction with a #1 ranking. Rankings and Awards
28 May 2009
Recent Developments in Copyright and First Amendment Law Events
13 May 2009
The Real Value Proposition: Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to Effective Dispute Resolution Events
01 May 2009
Not Your Father’s Allocations: Practical Solutions for Modern Long-Tail Insurance Claims
Source: The Collins Journal
01 May 2009
Membership Surveys
Source: Tech Talk
01 May 2009
Strategies for Dealing with Troubled Customer/Suppliers and Bankruptcy Events
01 May 2009
In re Kubin: Application of KSR and "Obvious to Try"
Source: Legal Update
10 April 2009
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Confirms that Intent-to-Use Requirements are Equally Applicable to Non-United States Applicants Under Sections 44(d), 44(e), and 66(a) Legal Alerts
03 April 2009
Ambassador Cain Re-Joins Kilpatrick Stockton News Releases
01 April 2009
The Two Faces of Patent Due Diligence A Case Study in Solar Cells and Nanotechnology
Source: Nanotechnology Law and Business
21 March 2009
State Wage-and-Hour Law – A Hidden Minefield for Employers
Source: Employment Relations Today
05 March 2009
Constitutional Issues in Property Taxation Events
01 March 2009
Impacts of National Cotton v EPA
Source: Ag Professional
01 March 2009
Women Matter: Leadership Behaviors for the Future Events
27 February 2009
Kilpatrick Stockton Attorneys Named to 2009 North Carolina Super Lawyers News Releases
24 February 2009
Attorneys at War: The Rule of Law, Military Justice and Professionalism Events
23 February 2009
Optimum Service Delivery Models in Legal Process Outsourcing Events
05 February 2009
New Directions in the New Administration Events
03 February 2009
The American Council of Engineering Companies presents: Limiting Liability and Managing Risks Through Contract Provisions: Ceilings, Floor and Trap Doors Events
01 February 2009
How Will Climate Change Affect IP Practice
Source: San Francisco Recorder
01 February 2009
How Can I Best Manage the E-Discovery Process in the US?
Source: Managing IP Magazine
26 January 2009
Using Nontraditional and Fluid Trademarks to Enhance Your Company's Brand Events
07 January 2009
Kilpatrick Stockton Attorneys Selected to Business North Carolina Magazine's 2009 Legal Elite News Releases
01 January 2009
Architectonic and Behavior Characterization of Cortical Visual Areas in the Gerbils
Source: Soc Neurosci Abs Prog. No. 453.2
01 January 2009
Inventorship: Navigating the Muddy Waters of Inventorship Determination and Correction
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications
01 January 2009
Online Copyright Issues for Websites Offering User-Generated Content
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications
01 January 2009
Recent Developments Affecting Acquisition of Meaningful Patent Protection
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications
01 January 2009
Protecting the Brand in China
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications
22 December 2008
SEC Approves XBRL Reporting by Public Companies and Mutual Funds – Why You Should Care Legal Alerts
12 December 2008
Understanding and Complying with Sweepstakes and Promotions Drafting Official Rules and Preparing for the Worst Events
04 December 2008
Preventatives and Alternatives in IP Disputes – A View of IP Litigation from an Expert Witness and Neutral Events
01 December 2008
Recent Developments in U.S. Trademark Practice Before the Courts and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Events
01 December 2008
Stopping Infringing Goods at the Docks: An Overview of the International Trade Commission
Source: Georgia Bar Journal
01 December 2008
"Building a Future," Randy Hafer and Tom Wilson interviewed in The Brief In the News
29 October 2008
Deal Indigestion: Strategies for Dealing with Post-Acquisition Purchase Price Adjustment Disputes Events
06 October 2008
Speaker, Second Annual Native American Economic Development & Diversification Conference Events
02 October 2008
IP Innovations Class: Strategic Considerations in Accelerating U.S. and Foreign Patent Prosecution Events
01 October 2008
Issue Spotlight: A Look at Creative Notice Procedures in Rule 23(b)(3) Class Actions
Source: American Bar Association's Section of Litigation Newsletter
29 September 2008
Kilpatrick Stockton Named the "Best Place to Work" in Atlanta In the News
01 September 2008
Abuse of Dominance: Essential Facilities & Refusal to Deal Events
01 September 2008
Rethinking Your Employee Monitoring Policies After the 9th Circuit’s Quon Decision
Source: Bloomberg Law Reports: Privacy and Information, Vol. 1, No. 5
06 August 2008
Supreme Court Review: Mostly Pro-Corporation
Source: National Law Journal
01 August 2008
Native Nations for Change Events
23 July 2008
U.S. Department of Energy Cost-Sharing Program for Exploratory Geothermal Drilling Events
14 July 2008
IP Antitrust Interface in Licensing Transactions Events
10 July 2008
IP Innovations Class: Recent Developments in Copyright Law Events
25 June 2008
Florida Supreme Court Finds Insurance Coverage for Costs of Repairing Subcontractor's Completed, Defective Work Legal Alerts
19 June 2008
Southeastern Private Equity Summit 2008, New Strategies for Today's Market Events
12 June 2008
Executive Order Requires Federal Contractors to Verify Employment Eligibility Electronically Legal Alerts
02 June 2008
Supreme Court Finds Anti-Retaliation Claims Cognizable Under Section 1981 Legal Alerts
01 June 2008
On-line Self Error Detection with Equal Protection against All Errors
Source: International Journal of Highly Reliable Electronic System Design
01 June 2008
Seminar Captive Basic Workshop Events
01 June 2008
Luxury Markets, Antitrust, and Intellectual Property: An Introduction
Source: 90 J. Pat. & Trademark Off. Soc'y 10, 742
01 June 2008
Managing Compliance Mandates through Paperless Technologies for Broker-Dealers and Financial Advisors Events
01 June 2008
Workers’ compensation: Understand rules for disclosures
Source: Health Information Compliance Insider
21 May 2008
New Federal Law Prohibits Employment Discrimination Based on Genetic Information Legal Alerts
14 May 2008
Search and Sensibility Who and What are Protected on the Internet Events
08 May 2008
Alternative Disputes Resolution – What’s the Best Method For Your Project Events
10 April 2008
Patent Trolls. Are They Down for the Count? Events
09 April 2008
Recent Texas and Hawaii Decisions Raise Questions About the Availability of Coverage Under Predecessor Companies' Insurance Policies Legal Alerts
01 April 2008
Alternative Fee Agreements Events
31 March 2008
SEC Accepts Comments Regarding Proposed “Summary Prospectus” and Related Proposed Amendments Legal Alerts
26 March 2008
The Annual IP Counsel Forum Events
11 March 2008
Starting from Zero v. Writing from Samples Events
07 March 2008
Winning the Gray Market Battle in the War Against Counterfeits Events
04 March 2008
Kilpatrick Stockton Partner Jason Link Named to Triad Business Journal's "40 Leaders Under 40" In the News
29 February 2008
Show Me the Money Events
25 February 2008
2008 Hedge Fund Operational Risk Management Summit Events
14 February 2008
Neal Sweeney Presenting at the 2008 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Projects Conference Events
04 February 2008
Court Finds Internal Investigation Policy May Be Unlawfully Retaliatory Legal Alerts
03 February 2008
Importance of Providing Legal Services to Tribal Communities Events
01 February 2008
Misrepresentation: Insurance Company Efforts to Avoid Statutory Requirements
Source: Insurance Coverage Law Bulletin
Other Publications
17 January 2008
Issues in Forum Selection Events
14 January 2008
Getting Back to Labor after Chinese Christmas
Source: St. Louis Business Journal
10 January 2008
Privileges and partnerships: planning for IRS probes
Source: Tax Management Estates, Gifts, and Trusts Journal
08 January 2008
Florida Expands Insurance Coverage for General Contractors in “Construction Defect” Lawsuits Legal Alerts
01 January 2008
The Decline of Medium-Specific Content and the End of Medium Specific Content Regulation
13 December 2007
Intellectual Property Innovations Class: "Profiting from IP Assets in Today's Market" Podcasts
11 December 2007
Health and Welfare Update - What Plan Sponsors Should Be Doing Now
Source: ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits
10 November 2007
Indian Trust Funds Events
22 October 2007
2008 Benefit Limits Legal Alerts
25 September 2007
Meeting the Energy and Climate Challenge: America Is Ready to Lead Events
13 September 2007
Advanced Patent Law CLE: Drafting and Prosecuting Patent Applications to Yield Valuable Patents Events
27 August 2007
New Developments in Private Fund Regulation, FINRA and New Proxy Solicitation Rules Legal Alerts
13 July 2007
Interfacing Silicon Nanowires With Mammalian Cells
Source: J. Am. Chem. Soc.
12 July 2007
Intellectual Property Innovations Class: Negotiating the Maze of IP Protection in Emerging Markets Podcasts
01 July 2007
Riding the Roller Coaster of Securities Fraud Decisions
Source: Law.com: Large Law Firm
22 June 2007
Our Trademark Copyright and ECommerce Related Licensing Transactions Events
18 June 2007
Metadata Taking On Added Urgency for Attorneys
Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle
01 June 2007
Illinois Tool Works Inc. v. Independent Ink, Inc.: The Intersection of Patent Law and Antitrust Law in the Context of Patent Tying Arrangements
Source: 58 Mercer L. Rev. 1035
01 June 2007
Spouting Growth
Source: Captive and ART Review
01 June 2007
Activist Hedge Funds Events
01 June 2007
Book Review of the Copyright Litigation Handbook
Source: The Federal Lawyer
01 June 2007
From Ringtones to Downloads
Source: Copyright World
21 May 2007
Court Vacates SEC Rule 202(a)(11)-1 that Excluded Certain Brokers from the Definition of an Investment Adviser Under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 Legal Alerts
21 May 2007
Winning in Mediation Events
10 May 2007
Transformer-Coupled Loopback Test for Differential Mixed-Signal Specifications
Source: 2007 VLSI Test Symposium 291 - 296
02 May 2007
Federal Courts and TTAB Review Events
01 May 2007
Update on Punitive Damages Claims: A 50-State Survey (Texas)
Source: American Bar Association Product Liability Subsection
01 May 2007
If You Think Tribal Casinos Don’t Have to Comply with the NRLA, Think Again
Source: The Advocate
20 April 2007
Colliding Worlds in Copyright
Source: Mediaweek
15 April 2007
Patent Claim Construction CLE Events
12 April 2007
Mandating Metadata: Are Parties Required to Produce Hidden Data Under the eDiscovery Amendments to the FRCP? Events
10 April 2007
In Vogue: IP Protection for Fashion Design
Source: Copyright World
06 March 2007
Intellectual Property Innovations Class: Reexamination: Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat? Podcasts
01 March 2007
Intellectual Property Matters
23 February 2007
Supreme Court Provides Antitrust Defendants Protection against Predatory Bidding Claims Legal Alerts
01 February 2007
Online Advertising and Trademark Disputes Events
31 January 2007
North Carolina's Amended Minimum Wage Law Legal Alerts
01 January 2007
Copyright as Trade Regulation
Source: University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vol. 155, Issue 4
01 January 2007
Manganese-induced oxidative stress
Source: Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Disorders 433-43
Other Publications
01 January 2007
Early Case Assessment Events
05 December 2006
The Next Big Thing for Combination Products Events
04 December 2006
SARS Coronavirus Major Protease Substrate Specificity and Inhibitor Development Events
01 December 2006
Negotiating Licenses Under The Threat Of Litigation Events
05 November 2006
Eliminating Word Line Bending In Floating Gate NOR Flash Memory To Reduce Array Size and Improve Manufacturability Events
02 November 2006
TRICARE Amendment Affects Employer Group Health Plans Legal Alerts
23 October 2006
Policy Clauses That Limit Lawsuits Create Pitfalls
Source: Business Insurance
23 October 2006
Cobell v. Norton Events
16 October 2006
Synthesis of Fluorinated Cyclic S-Trans Vinylogous Acid and Amide Ester Derivatives
Source: Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 47, Issue 42
01 October 2006
How to Maximize Attorney Client Privilege Protection in HR Investigations
Source: ACC America Newsletter Focus
01 October 2006
Fault Attack Resistant Cryptographic Hardware with Uniform Error Detection Events
27 September 2006
Hot Topics In Advertising and Marketing Law 2006: The Law of Sweepstakes and Contests Events
25 September 2006
Threshold Voltage Asymmetry from Unintentional Angle of Implant on 90nm Floating Gate Flash Memory Devices Events
21 September 2006
eBay: A Changed Legal Landscape
Source: Patent World
01 August 2006
Risk Mitigation Strategies in Offshore Business Process Outsourcing
Source: Privacy & Data Security Law Journal
01 July 2006
Power Attacks on Secure Hardware Based on Early Propagation of Data
Source: 12th International On-Line Testing Symposium, 131-138
30 June 2006
Quick Tips for Maximizing Your Insurance Coverage Rights
Source: Risk
01 June 2006
Eleventh Annual Meeting of the RNA Society Events
01 June 2006
Supreme Court Upholds Health Plan Reimbursement Provisions
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
24 May 2006
Supreme Court Eases Enforcement of Health Plan Subrogation Provisions Legal Alerts
08 May 2006
Revamping Dilution Law: Will Trademark Owners Benefit?
Source: New Jersey Law Journal
01 April 2006
Merck KGaA v. Integra Lifesciences I, Ltd.: Does the Breadth of Safe Harbor Protection Toll the Death Knell for Biotech Research Companies?
Source: 57 Mercer L. Rev. 917
01 April 2006
Now That the World is Flat Again, Can ADR Save Your Ship from Falling into the Litigation Abyss?
Source: Intellectual Property Litigation
16 March 2006
Thermochemical Studies of Pyrazolide
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 110 (27), 8457-8466
01 March 2006
I Want A Divorce! Update on Current Battles Involving D&O Rescission and Severability Issues Events
24 February 2006
The Indian Trust Fund Case: Cobell v. Norton Events
06 February 2006
Intellectual Property Aspects of Joint Ventures & File Sharing Events
13 January 2006
Television Interview with David Crabtree Events
06 January 2006
DOL Issues Final USERRA Regulations and Employer Notice Legal Alerts
01 January 2006
Copyright Questions and Answers
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications
01 January 2006
Host-guest Composites for Induced Hemostasis and Therapeutic Healing in Traumatic Injuries
Source: J. Thromb. Thrombolys
01 December 2005
Top Ten Ways to Lose and Win at Trial Events
01 December 2005
Intellectual Property Issues for Transactional Attorneys Events
17 November 2005
Employers' Liability for Their Employees' Intentional Torts
Source: North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers - Trial Briefs
10 November 2005
Supreme Court Clarifies Scope of Compensable Working Time Legal Alerts
01 November 2005
Daugher v. Shell Events
29 October 2005
The Year in Review: Trademarks and Unfair Competition Events
28 October 2005
Credit Counseling Provisions of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 Events
18 October 2005
Update on Arbitration Events
01 September 2005
Purification and kinetic charactization of recombinant human mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase COT and the complexes with its cellular partner NF-kappa B1 p105
Source: Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 64-74
12 July 2005
Antitrust Laws Get Some Teeth
Source: The National Law Journal
01 July 2005
Monoclonal Antibodies Against Soybean Bowman Birk Inhibitor Recognize The Protease Reactive Loops
Source: The Protein Journal 24(5) 375-82
01 July 2005
Buyer Beware: An Analysis of True Sale Issues
Source: Pratt's Journal of Bankruptcy Law, Volume 1, No. 2
16 June 2005
Policyholder's Checklist to Avoid Rescission and Increase D&O Protections Events
01 June 2005
The Cutting Edge New DC Captive Insurance Law Events
01 May 2005
Dispelling the First to File Rule Myth-Part II (Author)
Source: Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
01 May 2005
A Return to Reason: Antitrust Treatment of Pharmaceutical Settlements Under the Hatch-Waxman Act
Source: 40 Gonzaga Law Review
14 April 2005
Intellectual Property Innovations Class: IP Valuation - What is it Worth? Podcasts
31 March 2005
Insurance Coverage for Welding Rod Claims: Establishing An ‘Occurrence,’ Avoiding Exclusions, And Other Policyholder Concerns
Source: Mealey's
15 March 2005
Court Finds Patent Creates Presumption of Market Power in Antitrust Tying Actions
Source: Legal Opinion Letter
15 March 2005
Introduction to Legal Process: Insurance Coverage for Mediator Candidates Events
12 February 2005
The United States' Responsibility to Indian Trust Beneficiaries: An Examination of the Historic Cobell v. Norton Case Events
01 February 2005
Bankruptcy Issues Impacting Loan Participations and Syndications Events
20 January 2005
Single-Molecule Detection and Manipulation in Nanotechnology and Biology
Source: Nanofabrication for Biomedical Applications
01 January 2005
Patent Reform Roundtables Events
01 January 2005
Protecting a Public Company's Confidences
Source: National Legal Center for Public Interest, 9 BRIEFLY No. 2
31 December 2004
Stämpelskattelagen - en kommentar
Source: Norstedts Juridik
27 December 2004
Design Build Risk: The Basics for First-Time Owners
Source: Tunnel Business Magazine
01 December 2004
The Supreme Court ‘Sells’ Charles Singleton Short: Why the Court Should Have Granted Certiorari to Singleton v. Norris After Reversing United States v. Sell
Source: 21 Ga. St. U. L. Rev. 541
01 October 2004
Selected Issues on Mortgage Securitization and Loan Servicing Events
01 October 2004
When Off-Duty Conduct Becomes Off Limits: State Laws Expand to Protect Employees Outside the Workplace
Source: Employment Relations Today
01 September 2004
Mark Your Produce: Trademarks and New Plant Variety Protection
Source: San Francisco Daily Journal
06 August 2004
Using Open Source Code in Proprietary Software can be Risky
Source: Triangle Business Journal
31 July 2004
Transcription and flux profiling of C. glutamicum mutants—Effects of gene over-expression and growth on mixed carbon sources on metabolic phenotypes Events
14 July 2004
Biological consequences of oxidative stress-induced DNA damage in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Source: Nucleic Acids Res. 32(12):3712-23
28 June 2004
Building an Autonomous Arm with Java Events
01 April 2004
The Perils of State Wage-Deduction Laws
Source: Wiley Periodicals
25 February 2004
Negotiating D&O Policies in Today’s Market: Key Terms and Conditions to Consider
Source: Review of Securities and Commodities Regulation, Vol. 37, No. 4
01 January 2004
High-Power LED as an Excitation Source for Fluorescence Applications
01 January 2004
"Trademark Law Fundamentals and Related Franchising Issues," Fundamentals of Franchising
Source: ABA Forum on Franchising
Other Publications
01 December 2003
Intellectual Property Law in India
Source: Intellectual Property Law In Asia
Other Publications
30 November 2003
New Media Licensing
Source: Georgia Bar Intellectual Property Section
17 November 2003
Indian Trust Funds Events
01 November 2003
Non-Profit Governance Primer Events
01 October 2003
The Libel Plaintiff's Perspective
Source: Communications Lawyer
07 September 2003
State Broker-Dealer Enforcement
Source: National Regulatory Services
01 September 2003
In Re Sealed Case - No. 02-001: The FISA Court of Review's First Opinion and Its Electronic Surveillance Implications
Source: The World Jurist Association Law/Technology Journal, Volume 36, Number 2
14 August 2003
Driving Diversity in Large Law Firms
Source: Workforce Diversity Reader
08 August 2003
Patent Law for the General Practitioner
Source: Georgia Bar Journal
01 August 2003
What's In a Name? Name Disputes in the Geographical Expansion of Franchises
Source: LJN's Franchising Business and Law Alert
01 January 2003
Characterization of HLA DR3/DQ2 transgenic mice: a potential humanized animal model for autoimmune disease studies
Source: European Journal of Immunology 33 172-182
01 January 2003
The Supreme Court’s ‘Immediate Purpose’ of Restricting the Doctrine of Special Needs
Source: 80 N.C.L. Rev. 1050
01 December 2002
Twenty-Five Years of Franchising: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?
Source: Info Franchise Newsletter
01 December 2002
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: New Rules Related to CEO/CFO Certifications, Audit Committees and Professional Responsibility for Attorneys Events
27 September 2002
Intellectual Property Master Class: "IP Due Diligence in Business Transactions" Podcasts
30 June 2002
An Employer Roadmap and Implementation Model for the HIPAA Privacy Rules
Source: The ECFC/CPAC Flex Reporter
11 April 2002
Rights of Indigenous People Events
08 February 2002
Ethics and the Media Events
01 January 2002
Sale of Nonprofit Hospitals in Bankruptcy
Source: American Bankruptcy Institute Journal, Vol. XX, No. 10
01 January 2002
Flow, Creativity, & Shared Leadership: Motivating and Structuring Knowledge Work
Source: Pearce, C. & Conger, J.
01 January 2002
The limb identity gene Tbx5 promotes limb initiation by interacting with Wnt2b
01 January 2002
Targeting DNA repair proteins to mitochondria
Source: Methods in Molecular Biology 197:351-62
Other Publications
01 December 2001
RIAA v. Napster: The Struggle to Protect Copyrights in the Internet Age
Source: Georgia State University Law Review, Vol. 18, Iss. 2
10 October 2001
Design-Build Contracting with the Federal Government
Source: 2001 Construction Law Update
01 October 2001
A User's Guide to the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act
Source: Association of the Bar of the City of New York
Other Publications
01 July 2001
Practice Aid: Verdict Form for a RICO Case
Source: RICO News
01 June 2001
Global Injustice: An Overview of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance -- The Americas
Source: Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
22 May 2001
Recent developments in Chemiluminescence and Photochemical Reaction Detection
Source: TrAC, Trends in Analytical Chemistry
29 April 2001
Representation of Tribal Communities Through the Courts Events
19 April 2001
New Developments in Antitrust Law Events
02 April 2001
Let There Be Light
Source: Forbes Global
30 March 2001
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Arbitration Clauses
Source: Triad Business News
01 January 2001
The Right Against Self-Incrimination in Litigation
Source: ABA Antitrust Section Handbook
Other Publications
01 January 2001
Guarantees, Subrogation Rights and Preferences Events
15 December 2000
Can Triad Take Advantage of Best 'Next' Thing?
Source: The Business Journal
01 September 2000
Insurer and Policyholder Perspectives Events
25 May 2000
Liquidated Damage Provisions: The Search for Certainty
Source: New York Law Journal
01 March 2000
After the Verdict: Potential Aftershocks of the Snider, et al. vs. State Farm After Market Parts Trial and More Lessons from Campbell vs. State Farm Events
01 March 2000
HB 1-2001: A Legal Odyssey
Source: The North Carolina State Bar Journal
01 March 2000
Servicing Securitized Loans -- More Tax Issues Are Involved Than Meet the Eye
Source: Journal of Bank Taxation
01 January 2000
Labeling, Packaging and Waste Disposal Developments in Other Markets
Source: Cosmetic Regulation in a Competitive Environment
Other Publications
01 January 2000
Interlocutory Appeals to the Federal Circuit Following Claim Construction
Source: American Bar Association
01 January 2000
2000 Wiley Construction Law Update
Source: Aspen Publishers, Inc.
01 January 2000
Allocation of Settlement Payments Among Self-Insured Policyholders, Insurance Carriers, and Others Having 'Interests' in Construction Industry Liability Claims
Source: 2000 Construction Law Update
01 January 2000
Federal Circuit Determines That an "Offer to Donate" is Not an "Offer to Sell" Under 35 USC 271
Source: Campbell Law Observer
19 November 1999
Understanding the Trust Responsibility Events
23 August 1999
Network Effects in Telecommunications Mergers, MCI WorldCom Merger: Protecting the Future of the Internet
Source: Practising Law Institute
01 January 1999
Recent Developments in NMB Election Interference Cases and Employee Committees
Source: ALI-ABA
01 January 1999
Insurance Litigation in California
Source: National Business Institute, Inc.
01 December 1998
Have Recent Developments Detracted from The Beneficial Use of Family Limited Partnerships?
Source: Family Business Forum Quarterly
01 September 1998
CVD Diamond for Microwave Electronics
Source: 1998 Elsevier Science
01 August 1998
Real Estate Problems in the Bankruptcy Court – Selected Issues In Single Asset Real Estate Cases
Source: NYU Workshop on Bankruptcy and Business Reorganization XXIV
16 July 1998
Tribal Justice Systems as an Expression of Indigenous Sovereignty: The Experience of the USA Events
01 January 1998
Key ERISA Concepts
Source: North Carolina General Practice Deskbook 2nd Ed.
01 January 1998
Certified Interlocutory Appeals of Claim Construction After Markman Hearings
Source: American Bar Association
01 January 1998
The OWBPA After Oubre: Employer Remedies When Workers Challenge ADEA Waivers
Source: Employee Relations Law Journal
01 January 1998
Implementation Models for Consolidation Plays: Special Complexities of the Simultaneous Combination/IPO Events
01 January 1998
Responses of Several Non-Target Organisms to Aqueous Propanil Exposure
Source: Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
Other Publications
01 December 1997
Software Patents IV of IV
Source: Cambell Law Observer
19 September 1997
In N.C., Marriage Partner is Business Partner
Source: Triad Business News
01 September 1997
Pursuing a Comprehensive Strategy for Defending Class Actions and Other Mass Tort and Consumer Claims in a Hostile Jurisdiction through Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Source: The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
14 May 1997
Quantifying Unilateral Effects in Investigations and Cases Events
12 May 1997
Health Enforcement Activities Events
01 May 1997
Design Patent Basics
Source: Campbell Law Observer
01 February 1997
How Planner Will Be Affected by New Investment Advisor Regulatory Scheme
Source: Journal of Financial Planning
31 January 1997
Employment Law Basics in Latin America: Venezuela and Brazil: Part I The Basics: Hiring, Compensation and Benefits
Source: Latin American Law and Business Report
01 September 1996
New Guidance on Health Plan Laws
Source: North Carolina Lawyers Weekly
01 January 1996
Handel med immaterialrätt
Source: Juristförlaget
15 October 1995
Process development for the production of the (S)-acid precursor of a novel elastase inhibitor (L-694,458) through the lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolution of a benzyl ester Events
01 September 1995
Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase: genetic and physical mapping to human chromosome 9q22.3 and evaluation in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Source: Genomics
01 January 1995
Lethal Weapon: Will Tenth Amendment Challenges Kill the Brady Act?
Source: Ohio State Law Journal
01 November 1994
Of “Ugly Stiks” and Uglier Case Law: A Comment on the Federal Registration of Functional Designs After Shakespeare Co. v. Silstar Corp. of America
Source: Washington & Lee Law Review
07 October 1994
Fair Lending: Compliance After Chevy Chase
Source: The Review of Banking and Financial Services
15 June 1994
Identification of Amino Acid Residues in the C-Terminal Region of the LH/CG Receptor Involved in Signaling
Source: Abstracts of the 76th Endocrine Society Meeting, abstract no. 973, p. 444, Anaheim, CA
01 June 1993
Registration of Scandalous, Immoral, and Disparaging Matter Under Section 2(a) of the Lanham Act: Can One Man's Vulgarity Be Another's Registered Trademark?
Source: Ohio State Law Journal
01 December 1991
Employee Drug Testing: A Constitutional Perspective
Source: Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal
07 June 1986
Recent Developments in Patent Protection for Biotechnology Inventions Events
22 March 1986
Intellectual Property Disputes with Former Employees Events
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