Represented the Ottawa Rapidz in a suit filed by The Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball, Ltd. in the Superior Court of Forsyth County to confirm a purported arbitration award and enter judgment, whereby the League's board of directors voted to terminate the Ottawa Rapidz's membership in the League, enabling the League to draw down on a substantial letter of credit posted by Momentous on behalf of the membership. The Rapidz, Rob Hall, former Director of Ottawa Rapidz, and Shelagh O'Connor, former Alternate Director of Ottawa Rapidz removed the action to the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, but the case was remanded to state court. Once remanded, the Superior Court denied the defendants’ motions to dismiss based on lack of personal jurisdiction (Hall and O'Connor) and failure to state a claim (Ottawa Rapidz, Hall, and O'Connor). The defendants appealed, and the NC Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in December 2010. Can. Am. Assoc. of Prof. Baseball, Ltd. v. Ottawa Rapidz, 08 CVS 9679 (Forsyth County), No. 1:09-CV-93 (M.D.N.C. Feb. 4, 2009), COA10-758 (Appeal to NC).

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Union organizing campaign strategy for one of the largest U.S. forest products manufacturers
Advised one of the largest U.S. forest products manufacturers regarding strategy in a union organizing campaign in Bowling Green, Kentucky by the more
Transit-oriented development venture with Triangle Transit for the development of 13 transit sites for Cherokee Investments
Represented Cherokee Investments in Transit-oriented development venture agreement with Triangle Transit for the development of 13 transit sites in more
Venture capital transaction for two venture capital firms
Represented two venture capital firms in a venture capital and investment fund transaction. more
Contract advice for Eltel Networks Infranet AB
Represented Eltel Networks Infranet AB, a leading European Infranet service company specializing in electricity and telecommunications networks, in more