Manage the extensive trademark portfolio of Spectrum Brands, a global manufacturer of batteries, shavers, hair dryers and other personal care appliances, pet products, insect repellants and lawn and garden products. Since we began representing the company, we have helped the company "rationalize" its trademark portfolio and strategy, which has resulted in significant savings for the company. Currently, we manage more than 1,500 active registrations and applications for more than 450 marks in more than 125 countries throughout the world. We provide strategic counseling about the selection and clearance of new marks, and manage contentious trademark-related proceedings for the company throughout the world.

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Trade secret, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Civil RICO litigation in Atlanta federal district court
Represented Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, a major temporary staffing company, in a lawsuit in federal district court in Atlanta more
Employment litigation for a Fortune 500 retail company
Represented a Fortune 500 retail company in a former employee's discrimination lawsuit, which alleged hostile work environment, retaliation, more
Patent litigation for subsidiary of Redcats USA

Served as lead counsel on behalf of The Sportsman’s Guide, Inc., a subsidiary of Redcats USA, a leading specialty more

Environmental and redevelopment issues for Georgia-based utility
Assisted major utility in dealing with environmental and redevelopment issues related to legacy energy generation sites throughout Georgia and more