The firm served as co-counsel and represented a bond company in a lawsuit against the underwriter and an engineering firm involved in the financing of a waste recycling facility in Crisp County, Georgia, through the issuance of tax exempt revenue bonds. The waste facility failed shortly after the closing of the bond financing, and the client had to step in to make the required payments on the bonds. The client brought federal securities and common law fraud claims against the underwriter and the engineering firm based on misrepresentations and omissions in the documents and materials sent to the client in connection with the client agreeing to insure the revenue bonds. The district court dismissed the federal securities fraud claims for lack of standing and the common law fraud claims for lack of reasonable reliance. The decision was affirmed on appeal in a published opinion by the Eleventh Circuit.

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Procter & Gamble Co. v. Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP
Served as lead counsel for Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP in the defense of our client against a trademark infringement suit. The more
Equity Committee for SageCrest II LLC
Representation of the Official Committee of Equity Security Holders of SageCrest II LLC in Chapter 11 cases pending in the Bankruptcy Court for more
Various engineering projects for a global infrastructure, finance and media company
Advised the infrastructure division of a global infrastructure, finance and media company's project management teams on various projects involving more
Sale of Capstone Consulting Partners, Inc.
Represented Capstone Consulting Partners, Inc., a strategic consulting company in the utility industry, in its sale to a strategic acquirer. more