Worked with the Business Software Alliance on an investigation of online dealers in counterfeit software, including auction site dealers. We obtained an ex parte temporary restraining order and seizure order from the United States District Court in the Northern District of California against four individuals in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Kentucky, and supervised investigations across the United States to coordinate the seizures. After working with U.S. Marshals and local law enforcement officials to implement the seizures, we litigated the cases and obtained judgments for approximately $2,000,000 against the defendants.

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Policy advocacy for a farmer membership organization
Policy advocacy and international market development for a Missouri-based organization that supports 22,000 bean farmers and producers through, more
Regulatory and compliance matters for Waffle House
Assisted Waffle House with ongoing federal and state regulatory and compliance matters. more
Breach of fiduciary duty case against employee of a Fortune 200 company
Successfully represented a Fortune 200 employer in trial and appeal against a former employee who engaged in self-dealing in breach of his more
Transactions for brokerage firms
Represented one of the leading U.S.-based brokerage firms in commercial loan transactions for its brokerage customers; loans secured by real and more