Currently serving as lead discovery counsel for a global action camera manufacturer in a complex design patent infringement matter related to a leading action camera. As lead discovery counsel, assisted the manufacturer in identifying, preserving, collecting, processing and producing voluminous electronically stored data sets (including both unstructured and structured data sets) from jurisdictions throughout the world, including the EU. In addition, provided advice and guidance to the manufacturer about applicable cross-border data transfer and data privacy standards. Further, managed and staffed multiple document review projects.

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Firestar Software Inc. v. Red Hat, Inc., et al.
The firm served as lead counsel on behalf of Red Hat, an open-source software company, in a patent infringement suit brought by Firestar related to more
Restructuring of aerospace and rail transportation company
Represented an aerospace and rail transportation company in its restructuring of parts of its Swedish operations. The matter involved labor law more
Private placement of real estate opportunity fund for Wells Real Estate
Represent Wells Real Estate in private placement of real estate opportunity fund. more
Employee classification audit for university
Audited a university’s classification of all of its employees, working closely with the client to develop a strategy for rolling out the results of more