Kilpatrick Townsend is deeply committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We have the power and skill to impact lives in a positive way.

Since the formalization of our Pro Bono Program in 2001, thousands of individuals and hundreds of community organizations have benefited from the pro bono representation of our attorneys. This totals to more than 270,000 hours of time, at a value of more than $81.5 million. This involvement reflects our firm’s culture where the idea of giving back is a firmly entrenched value.

By fostering public interest legal service that contributes to the welfare of the community, Kilpatrick Townsend promotes the duty of our lawyers as professionals. In a society governed under the rule of law, Kilpatrick Townsend lawyers have an obligation to make sure the legal system works, especially for the disadvantaged. We encourage our lawyers to actively seek out a broad range of pro bono opportunities, and work closely with legal non-profits nationwide to develop meaningful opportunities for our attorneys. Pro bono matters are administered in the same manner as billable work.

Some of our best and rewarding work is not billable.

2013 Pro Bono Stats       

  • 33,274 total pro bono hours       
  • 20% increase in pro bono hours from 2012 to 2013       
  • $14,472,625 - value of firm's pro bono work       
  • 160 lawyers contributed 50 or more pro bono hours       
  • 57 lawyers contributed 100 or more pro bono hours       
  • 50 - average pro bono hours per attorney       
  • Worked on a total of 1,152 pro bono matters       
  • 574 international trademarks for CARE & Habitat for Humanity       
  • 303 total nonprofit organizations represented/ 78 new in 2013       
  • 41 children represented in contested custody cases through the Guardian ad Litem Program       
  • 31 children adopted through the Grandparent Adoption Program       
  • 45 immigrant victims of human trafficking or domestic violence represented
Children's Rights

Children's Rights

Associate Chip Howes receives Council for Children's Rights Pro Bono Volunteer of the Year in Charlotte, NC.

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